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  2. VampireMystic


    Quote me as saying I forgot to quote to you. copying and pasting was the only way to fix it
  3. VampireMystic

    Chapter 1

    I was hoping you'd say that. I'm glad. I'll keep putting new chapters up, you keep reading, and we'll keep the guessing game going. Chapter 4 is scheduled for release June 1st.
  4. Israfil

    Paying the Bills

    It’s darkly funny that he thinks David isn’t at risk because “he knows him.” If I were him I’d be pretty hesitant to rely on what I thought I knew about my family at that point. Then again, he probably feels he has no choice but to believe he knows his kids. He’s not wrong though - Jeff does seem at risk himself....
  5. Today
  6. mrbossmant


    Interesting start i'm anxious to see where it goes
  7. Mikiesboy

    The Importance of Discipline

    Did you know my father? He was Jeff just without the booze. Given the time period and his background, im not surprised at Jeff at all. Nice job!
  8. Superpride

    Chapter Two

    Yeah, it'll be nice to get a new perspective on the technical aspect of my writing. I plan on requesting an editor after I post the final chapter.
  9. Superpride

    Chapter One

    Thank you!
  10. Jones

    Sophomore Year - Chapter 8

    'I didn’t want there to be any villains or perfect people in this story—and I don’t think there are.' LOL Better get to work on Carver then. I sense Carver all over this breakup. I did get a little sense of foreboding in the last chapter from Kevin but it wasn't from the discussion about his family you quote (which I read as more about Becker trying to get him to realize that no matter what you don't throw family away) but it came at the very end with the hard kiss and Kevin saying “That’s the kiss I want to remember you by.” Kevin's voice would add so much to their story. Becker is so crippled by fear of coming out that he lives so much by avoidance. Even with Kevin. A spinoff sounds ominous for their love (despite how much I want them to succeed) but maybe they are better as friends. Definitely looking forward to the next chapters, even moreso if you say they're your favorites. This one was my favorite chapter of the story so far. You do heartbreak so well. First read was fast and I paid little attention to posting dates so I had no idea you'd been working on this story for so long. Your labor of love is quite amazing. One of my favorites. Thanks so much for sharing it.
  11. mastershakeme


    While I'm slightly sad I haven't totally won you over, I admit, you do have a couple good points... I'll be the first one to say that my idea of an interesting relationship isn't always a *healthy* one. I agree with you that M and Connor's relationship still needs work. Connor was tested with the unbelievable reality that his bf is pregnant and he DOES see this as a trap. He convinced this was part of the plan from the beginning and it was. He feels like he didn't have much of a choice, but as he becomes more comfortable with the idea, he'll let his anger go... Plus seeing the actual baby... I'm imagining a lot will change in his mindset. And Hannah and Bradley? Their relationship is 100 percent forced! Bradley was going to be a man, but a long-time beta of mine (not on this site) fell in love with Hannah (I don't know why, she's mostly hated here) and since he's an FF writer, he convinced me to give Hannah a little bicurosity. So, while the FF pairing isn't really my favorite, I'm just gonna go with it. Besides, who's to say Hannah wasn't *always* bicurious. Maybe Connor was *her* beard as well! Lol! Idk, why else would an attractive, intelligent female chase after an unintrested male? Maybe cuz she's confused????? I still think Bradley is kind of a throw away character. She hasn't endeared herself to me.... I'm planning on the group going back to Florida for reinforcements so she had some time yet to impress me. The plot is still evolving. I'm STILL learning how to write. I seriously appreciate your opinions!!! I think for sure, Connor has to do quite a bit to redeem himself, only problem is, M is so forgiving in my imagined world he just instantly accepts Connor's lame attempts to kiss and make up. He's got really low standards... I'll have to brainstorm some ideas on how M can grow a backbone, number one being PREGNANCY HORMONES!
  12. Timothy M.

    Chapter 3

    That was a great talk, and I'm in awe of Peter. His integrity and honesty is admirable. And he's a little psychic, right ? The episode with the waitress was revealing and sad, too. But they managed to deal with it quite well. I hope she achieves her goal of getting the manager fired.
  13. northie

    Food For Thought

    There you go with your suggestions again, drought!
  14. William King

    Chapter 31

    I could never tell you how it would end, although I tried to hint that it would not be all bad and there would be hope. I think there is always hope for things to get better.
  15. William King

    Chapter 29

    @JeffreyL Thank you for you comments. It was written to be real, so I guess if it provoked an emotional reaction, it succeeded. It was emotional to write, and I should be pleased that this came across, although I never set out with this in mind, only to tell their story and do it justice.
  16. JeffreyL

    ATGB V

    Great chapter! Great characters! Great story! Thank you.
  17. Rigby Taylor

    Virtue, Ingenio & Constantine

    He's helpful - you can't be both wise and accommodating. Isn't trouble always brewing?
  18. Butcher56

    Chapter 26

    Another great chapter in the continuing story of the VUN. I hope that you are able to get the cataracts removed before it becomes a serious problem, I for one would miss your stories. I know the rings are supposed to be a symbol of the love you have for one another but I never thought about them having a meaning such as you used for Wayne and Amasis. I love the way you describe the rings with each one having the infinity symbol on them which fits Wayne and Amasis perfectly. I hope that Stan can figure out what his and Mark's rings should be like. I think it's great that Colin and Devon are helping each couple with their honeymoon as well as providing the weddings for all 5 couples at Wentworth Manor as well as having a place for the families to stay while they're staying there for the weddings. It's going to be hard for Stan to be away from Buddy for the 2 weeks he'll be gone on his and Mark's honeymoon. I'm sure it might be difficult for someone else to do the job that Stan does with Buddy and I also think it might just wind up with a bunch of things for Stan to do when he gets back to work. I'm glad that Devon and Colin spoke to George and Kevin about including Dr Bill Canaday into the discussion about what's happening with the venom as well as what happens when a person is bit and becomes a vampire to their DNA. I understand that George and Kev have been studying this for longer than Bill's been alive but he's there and he's a doctor and a scientist as well. It may take some time to get him totally up to speed on this but I think another mind might be a great thing as he may see something they missed. I can't wait to read about what happens next for the VUN.
  19. droughtquake

    Going Home

    We all just read the Reader’s Digest version – it’s included right above! ;–)
  20. Rigby Taylor


    Just start writing - that's all it takes; once you've started, your brain just takes over. Get it written on your computer then put it away for a few days, and then read it as if you've never seen it before, and all the things that could be improved will leap out at you. And then the fun part starts when you re-arrange bits of text to make it clearer or more amusing, use your thesaurus to choose slightly different or slightly different words that express your intentions better... editing is the most interesting part for me to make it read exactly as I want. It's seldom a good idea to leap into publication too soon.
  21. Stuff15

    Forward Base

    We've done something right to get another chapter! I'm looking forward to seeing how the dominoes fall.
  22. JayT

    Chapter 2

    Thank you for the positive comments. Currently, I have too much TJ in my head to work on these two, but they are coming back for more.
  23. Benji

    Chapter 29

    😎………………Taine surprised me, I had no idea he was questioning his sexuality. Especially after he stormed up the back alley like he did like an Indy driver! 😀 He also confided in Sly, I'm not sure he would have done that if Rick hadn't come into his life! I got an idea, Rick's mom who has been pleasantly absent is back, not sure how long she had been gone, but boot camp is 10 weeks long, but if she washed out, could she have done this?
  24. Yesterday
  25. Higster


    Thank god for his Grandma...
  26. Superpride

    Chapter Nineteen

    Whatever it was, I'm sure Doctor Shepherd has an idea of what just transpired and that Maria definitely had some involvement in it as well. Thanks for the comment!
  27. Rigby Taylor


    I can't delete comments apparently, so it has to sit like this. {I'd written the same one twice]
  28. D.K. Daniels

    Young In The Night

    I am delighted that you would love to stick around to find out what happens. I am sorry to hear that you had to experience such a rude person in your life, though I believe that we have all encountered this scenario at one point in our life. It takes a stronger person to walk away from similar circumstances Though unfortunately I have been on both sides of the fence and have witnessed the same happenings. Sometimes, more often than not; the people who act quite hard are actually a lot more genuine that we give them credit for. For instance, one might see an asshole harassing another, though in that bullies off time, they feed the last of their food to a stray. Then again if we were all normal that would make for a pretty boring world, don't you think lol, However, perhaps Andrew can be that sort of guy who works through his shortcomings and get his head straight to see where he want to be in life.
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