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  2. Chapter 9

    TJ just can’t catch a break! Any store that’s open all night and sells alcohol knows that people are going to try to steal it! It’s especially likely to happen in the neighborhood where TJ and Carter live! But I remember a suburban Pak ’n Save (Safeway’s warehouse grocery store) in an average town that changed its hours because of liquor thefts – it had been open 24 hours, but started closing at 2am when the bars close and the alcoholics are forced onto the streets. It shows TJ’s naiveté that he wasn’t street-smart enough to know that you go in large groups and split up to distract the employees…
  3. Vampire Smuggling

    I frikkin LOVE this story! I don't bounce (like Eli does alot) but when I read this story it is like I do mentally going, 'Uh huh! Then what?' a lot in my head. Then when I finish, it's like, 'What? But? Noooooo...' The most interesting thing for me in this story are Eli's markings. Why would he have the shape of the Sun around his eye when his Goddess is of the Moon? Even his colours (from reds to gold) are more like the Sun. Jany as a bat seems SO cute. Tatiana knew they had another Mate or did I mis-read that? Was she thinking Mat still? I love this story. I love it as much as I hate having to now wait...
  4. Chapter 16

    Omg I totally missed chapter fifteen yesterday! How'd I do that no idea. Nope still love Bart though!
  5. Today
  6. That's it, I'm Coming!

    Yes, this one was a bit odd, but full of sweetness. I compiled a little too much into this one upload...for example, the side story about Calum dressing up as a girl to thwart Cean's proposals should have been posted separately, as well as the letters-through-the ages. But, I'm glad you enjoyed reading about them! My two other complete stories are: He's a Bastard (which is quite humorous) and Tuesday Staff Meetings.
  7. Supernova

    It’s all been said.. That instant bond is magic.. Truly magnificent, Mac..
  8. Once Upon a Dragon

    That was so much fun and sweet too.. Loved it, tim.
  9. That poor kid. Makes me sick to think about the people out there, children and adults, who think this okay and look the other way.
  10. Crossing the Moon

    Robin: I'm sorry, all my characters are running in all the different directions and just generally fucking around. And I have to admit I'm kind of enjoying their chaos. Pax, January, Q: Come on, let's focus everybody... Nolan, Mat, Eli: look a butterfly! January: Hmmm, it is a rather nice butterfly, now that you mention it. However, I'm super hot and sexy and will gently nudge you in the direction you need to go. Jany: With my penis. I will do all the nudging with my penis. Nolan, Mat, Eli: Yayyyyyyy Thirdly: This whole story is different directions and fucking around *lmao* that's how we started writing it in the first place…that skit. Robin: *grin* Thirdly: It's going on one of our comments. Robin: What's going in our comments? Thirdly: Your skit, I’m dying laughing. Robin: *dies* omfg…I hope people are as amused by it as I am.
  11. Letter 3-4

    Thank you @Crazyd1965, I am thrilled that you are becoming emotionally attached to the story. I was a little emotional also after I finished writing this story. The next chapter should go live around 3 pm Greenwich Time. Please stick around for me
  12. Chapter 11 Visits and meetings

    Grethe and Mr. Archibald a new friendship or could it be more hoping so. Mr. Archibald sure is enjoying Michael helping him with his Lego's so darn nice. Patrick is learning that people care about him and not for his money very nice! Mr. Wickham another friend he did not know he had and hopeful he can get together with Fiona that would be nice. Love is in the air! To bad it didn't effect the lady next door. Good chapter
  13. Acquainting

  14. Chapter 7: Hot Heads Explode, Part One

    Another great chapter, AC. I can’t help but think that Gordon and Kohl ran from the frying pan into the fire maybe? Lloyd might not be too happy that his ‘artifacts’ are stolen. Which brings me back to our runaways. Why bring attention to yourselves. It’s just asking for trouble and now the stolen goods are stolen. Lol. I can’t even with those two. Also there’s the figurative climb in into bed with Doris too.. oh, my! Tangled webs... Its not a long wait to see how some of it turns around, so I’ll just stand by.
  15. January

    January's 500 or so years old, he's definitely disposed to sex with all kinds of species. Though this story centers around the wolves, vamps, and humans around this particular town, there are other species that we haven't mentioned yet in other areas of their particular world. And once again you are teaching me new things...let's see...found it!
  16. Chapter 9 - Lay Blame On The Young

    Excellent chapter com.
  17. Pyeongchang 2018

    Thank you @deville for your comment. I'm pleased you enjoyed the story.
  18. Chapter 11 - Releasing the Burden

    Nice ending Cynus. I like Clint and Zane. I'll be reading Fearless soon and will review them both.
  19. Chapter 7

    True that. I love this chapter, This is not just sex, but lovemaking.
  20. Chapter 15

    Robert's modest - Have you never had self doubts? Glad you like Monique
  21. Chapter 10

    The mother and brother are totally clueless. Let’s rub Devon’s face in everything he couldn’t have because his mother took one twin and abondoned the other. Look at the sweet new car I got for my birthday while you were getting the shit beat out of you.... Check out this room you could have had while you were waiting on our asshole father.... Awesome pool party I have with all my friends while you had one friend who forced you into it. Oh. And we took you away from her to live here now. I will bet Devon probably never got his drivers license because dad would never let him have that kind of freedom. And now they think he will just adjust and be fine. Anyway thanks for the story and new chapter.
  22. fane

    Thank you for your wonderful comments, Lyssa. I suppose the Disney Store is a sort of fountain of youth. When I wrote that poem, they were new on the scene. Your complex thoughts concerning No. 61 are interesting for me to see. The themes of this poem were much on my troubled mind during this period. I too have come to the conclusion that it's best to go my own way, the way of a poet. I have not looked back since Thanks again.
  23. Chapter 10 Housekeeping and dinner plans

    I have very much enjoyed watching Patrick's transformation. How is now possible for him to have friends which he want's to share with Peter so important. Once again the oh so hot moment's (Would someone open a window) wonderful. I just love this statement it show how much Patrick loves Peter and is so willing to do anything for him “I love the way you can find the silver lining in any cloud and turn my needs into a favour I’m doing you, or something you want even more than me. You’re the most wonderful man I’ve ever met, and I’m proud and amazed we’ve become partners.” Just a great chapter
  24. Liars' Club

    Okay, sorry, my mistake. Stop teasing us, you sneaky squirrel bastard! There, happy now?
  25. Chapter 6 - Trouble on the Horizon

    Eww I like chickin livers and that's as far as I go with thee inside of the chicken
  26. Chapter 22 - Final

    Great story first one I've seen from WV
  27. Hades

    Holy cow. Please update this story. I’ve just sat here and read it through and love it. Shaking my head at your age and the fact you are so talented as a writer. Thank you for writing and allowing us to read it!! ——-stop reading this and go update—— 💚🤣💚🤣
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