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  2. I think the scary part about being able to write drama and sad pieces so well is that I'm drawing from my own negative energy.
    I dish out good tear-jerkers but it just means that I'm so in-tune with my inner sadness that it tends to be visceral.

    I mean, I look at my happy fluffy stuff and they're all half-finished or half-baked. It's sort of surreal. :D
    Does anyone know any fluffy, happy, tooth-rotting pieces of happy to recommend me?

  3. A Little Reunion

    Being introduced to another circle of friends puts some things to perspective. A follow-up/sequel to the short story Can't A Guy Visit A Friend: Story Link:
  4. LolCats

  5. Chapter 8

    So are things less rigid in the Shade? Max's father didn't seem the least bit fazed by Max's interest in Styx, and of course Max and Styx interacting, they didn't seem to have any weird hangups about their attraction. There's a bit of homophobia upworld? I'm very interested to see where things with Kirra lead. I have a feeling the current state of the Knights is a reflection of the kingdom in general, and Kirra and company are going to be shaking things up quite a bit.
  6. Last Post Wins #44

    There's a security camera in it, I assume? I mean, how else would you watch us, unless... you plan to watch in person?
  7. Last Post Wins #44

    **Send Valkyrie over to the UK and buys her, her own KFC franchise** http://abcnews.go.com/International/kfc-closes-uk-due-shortage-chicken/story?id=53213136 Let's see how long she lasts when people come into a chicken joint and only see a penguin
  8. Resized_20180220_162641.jpeg

  9. Last Post Wins #44

    Ingrate. No pizza or fish for you.
  10. Last Post Wins #44

    Excuse me while I go hurl at the love fest going on between the lickspittle and the deposed despot. Get a room already! I have a perfect one all ready for your use. A nice oubliette where no one will disturb you.
  11. Last Post Wins #44

    Anchovy Pizza and Fishsticks, I just see everyone running over to your side
  12. Last Post Wins #44

    LPW is part of the Tsar's Empire! And sorry to disappoint, but Tsar Steve is the perfect example of benevolent rule, not you.
  13. Last Post Wins #44

    Amen, Your Majesty!
  14. Last Post Wins #44

    Who cares if the ousted "czar" wants to rule over Hobbiton? He can ply his tyranny there all he wants. I'll rule benevolently in LPW land. Pizza and fish sticks for all!
  15. Last Post Wins #44

    Well Drew, she is showing that she is a sore loser. Are we really surprised?
  16. Mastershakeme's newborn!

    May she grow to be a phenomenal woman!
  17. Chapter 7

    A great story I await with baited breath the next chapter.
  18. Last Post Wins #44

    Nope! As I stated before, the Empire is the universe. And what you call 'delusion-ville' is in fact called Heaven-on-Earth, the capital of this glorious empire!
  19. Last Post Wins #44

    Too late, deluded despot. You can't regain broken trust.
  20. Last Post Wins #44

    i feel so lonely and unloved. so i'll just take the shiny and go away
  21. Last Post Wins #44

    The deposed despots empire is delusion-ville? Way to prove my point, lickspittle
  22. Last Post Wins #44

    Ah... so you admit life is nice in the Tsar's empire! I'll use this quote to convince your army to defect to the Tsar's cause!
  23. Last Post Wins #44

    You mean the the video of two penguin defectors trying to get laid? Please. You can clearly see the whole contingent in the beginning of the video.
  24. Last Post Wins #44

    Yeah, scroll up a bit and you will see why no one is skared of your armies
  25. Last Post Wins #44

    It must be nice to live in delusion-ville.
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