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  2. tor200534


    New Orleans Louisiana
  3. mollyhousemouse

    Chapter 1

    we all need a friend like Vanessa, don't we? that one who'll give us that metaphorical boot to the butt it was a nice tale about recognizing when it's time to say "yes, I'll take that chance now, I'm ready." thank you JayT!
  4. Drew Espinosa

    Last Post Wins #46

    Crazy is in the eye of the beholder, dear brother.
  5. CassieQ

    Chapter 1

    This was delightful. I love it!
  6. Ok, I've got the time..... I'm determined to finish one chapter one each story in the next 24 hours. 💪

  7. TLM280249

    5 Letters

    Grasping underneath Simon's head, Dave..... SUCKD
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  9. TLM280249

    Linked Words

    around here
  10. Ivric

    Miscellaneous Pics

    It is nice to see pictures of Southern CO.
  11. tesao

    Chapter 1

    I read this story several years ago, and just found it again. Now I remember why I liked it so much. What an amazing set up for a gay boy’s fantasy!
  12. FanLit

    Family loyalty is everything

    What a wonderful story. You have a gift for the believable, carnally satisfying, whirlwind romance. (I’m also a fan of “The Cardmaker and the Caretaker”) Will there be another chapter for this anytime soon? I don’t see the “complete” designation on this one.
  13. Sweetlion

    Last Post Wins #46

    my brother is crazy... You should always try to be free.
  14. Reader1810

    The Promise by Mikiesboy

    I said this in my chapter comment, but I didn’t think it all the way through. A widow of a caretaker wouldn’t be able to remarry, because that would mean bringing an outsider to Sanctuary, which would put the safeguarding of its secrets at risk. If I’m right, then it makes it likely that the one and only employee - Nora - inherited her position in the household as well. I mean who else would have been able to alert Sam to the mother’s intention to sell sanctuary or tell Sam where Finn lived? I don’t think Sam is clairvoyant, nor does he eavesdrop at parlour windows..
  15. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.

  16. Reader1810

    The Promise by Mikiesboy

    I suppose one reason is his need to protect his people, so to speak. On one side we have the human caretaker - since only Finn’s dad knew the truth about Sanctuary - and on the non-human side we have Sam being Finn’s equal of this generation. Don’t know why Finn’s dad killed himself, but his death had to be a bad thing for the balance and wellbeing of the two worlds. Sure, Sam could be nicer about things, but I’m betting coming to see Finn in the outside world was a very big deal, not to mention stressful. Things are not as they should be or have been in the past. The two worlds may be connected in some way, but I’m thinking they don’t interact as human neighbours would. They live side by side but lead separate lives, something Finn has not grasped as yet, because he’s thinking like a human. Now, having surmised all that, I could be completely off base...
  17. Lizzydolphin37

    Chapter 21

    Never tried Neutrogena but have yet to find a decent shampoo that doesn't stink like crazy. For body wash, and lotion Aveeno is pretty good like you said still scented but very lite and dissipates quick, but pretty costly. If you come across a decent shampoo though let me know.😁
  18. BHopper2

    The Promise by Mikiesboy

    From chapter 1 to 3, he's been very aggressive, mean-spirited, and manipulative. Yes, in chapter 2 he was all nice and caring for the plane ride, but overall he's just a big bully.
  19. Rambling Robin

    Chapter 27

    I grew up in a minority-majority town that's about half Hispanic. I still live there. I learned more Spanish from my friends than from school. Amusingly, my Spanish is questionable but my accent is apparently pretty good. And I'm the only one in my group at dental school that speaks Spanish, so I get used to translate quite a bit. My sister thinks this is hilarious because I can get my point across, but sometimes I speak Spanish like an idiot who can't remember which word goes where. Everyone I've ever spoken dental Spanish to is excessively kind about it though. They always tell me I did great... Like you say to little kids who are trying really hard but really that picture of a cat looks like a constipated badger on crack. Sorry, I'm rambling. But thank you! I'm looking forward to my birthday tomorrow. I'm so glad you like the story. I'm pretty addicted to it too.
  20. BlindAmbition

    The Promise by Mikiesboy

    What did the poor amphibian do to you? It seems like Sam has his hands tied. In other circumstances that wouldn’t be a complaint.
  21. BHopper2

    Metaphor & Similie

    Another well thought out, and constructive article, Comsie. Thank you, for volunteering your time to this.
  22. BHopper2

    The Promise by Mikiesboy

    I'm thinking I'm gonna have to break out the barbed-wire encrusted baseball bat for Sam... Turn his hide into a leather belt. Really not liking him, but I am liking Finn a lot. Not too keen on the mother either.
  23. Rambling Robin

    Chapter 27

    Woot! Thank you! I can't believe how many chapters it's grown into. I really get into this story. It feels alive to me. It makes me happy other people like it too.
  24. Rambling Robin

    Chapter 27

    Aww thank you! My husband is teasing me with possible gifts. He seems delighted. He does it every time because he knows I want to know but I love surprises so I don't want to ruin it. He's making my cake tonight! I'm so glad you like the story, even though there are some rough parts. Hopefully the rest makes up for it. I'm very glad the conversation came across okay. It was hard to write. And I thought everyone needed some comfort after everything.
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