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  2. Vampire Smuggling

    Pax is the alpha . Let's see... Pax and Mateo are alpha in the sense of their werewolves natures. But, if we're talking leadership qualities, then I would say that Pax and January are the alphas, Mateo and mate 5 are the betas, Elias and mate 6 are the omegas. January is the oldest, so they go to him for guidance...but even Jany concedes to Pax's final decisions. Therefore, Pax is still the alpha (he doesn't even realize how respected he is). And yes, they are all gems to January...Emerald, Garnet, Topaz, etc.
  3. Entry 17: Boys & Girls

    31st May 1991 You know I wonder what that book was Ross held writing in yesterday. Does he keep a diary too? That would be universally weird right; the boy next door that I adore keeps a journal just like me. Though I have no prior knowledge of such a notebook or if it is, in fact, a diary. Speaking of journals, I'm about halfway through this. I should ask mam to pick me up another one. But don't think for one minute that I'm abandoning you; you have been here at the most awkward juncture of my entire life. All previous journals have never come close to the contents which are stored in this diary. I think you're my most important one; so when I finished all your pages I won't to seal you up in a box in the attic, I promise. And it's official I couldn't help but poke and prod at my dad. The shelves he put up in the shed fell down. I found it ironic; It's funny, I remember the time he put up the shelf in the sitting room above the sofa. I never felt safe afterwards sitting on the sofa after they were mounted. Instead I always just went over to the other armchair in the corner of the room. Though the shelf is still clinging to the wall, it didn't fall, but I'd say it's in its last days. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do today, I mean I didn't want to go next door to Ross because I felt weird about yesterday. I didn't exactly know what to say to him even if I did go next-door. I felt comfortable about the whole plausible conversation that was presumably going to take place. I mean, I tried to talk about it last night, and it didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped; that silence killed me. The anticipation was there in my chest; I was assuming he was going to say we can be friends anymore. Thank God he didn't; he just remained unusually quiet and seemed to be accepting about the moment. So, I helped mam around for a little bit just cleaning up mostly. I guess you could say I was using it as an excuse to escape Ross. I was content cleaning the house, I mean I've no idea what is wrong with me, but that seemed like the most reasonable decision my brain made at the time. After lunch, though Ross knocked, he was all happy and shy and bashful. I was unaware of this little visitation; as naïve as I was I just ran to the door figuring it was possibly a news salesman or some religious freak babbling on about why you need Jesus in your life. Though for some weird reason, I think I would've preferred one of those guys, of course, they are extraordinarily annoying, but I felt excruciatingly nervous. I should've just kept my clothes on or just sat on the beach and protested to the guys that that is not cool. Though my perverted adolescent brain knew no order of balance; all I could think of was how all of us were going to be in the water naked together. But anyway he just stood there at the door and smiled bashfully. I must've looked like a fool from his angle. I stood there plain as day unmoving, and a series of butterflies swarmed around my stomach. It was my mam that had come to the door and said, "are you going to invite him in." I glanced back at her, and I became sheepish. Now don't get me wrong, I love having Ross around; he's adorable- he's cute, and in every sense of the word perfect. So today it felt different, I felt like I couldn't exactly handle him. I know this sounds horrible to write here, but I tried ever so hard to come off as happy when I wasn't exactly happy to see him. Right well, that sounds worse than it actually seemed. I've written this entire entry in pencil, and I can't rub it out. Though I don't want to scribble it out either because that makes everything look messy, and on top of that I don't think I want to scribble it out. This book is the only place I can be honest, and well that's how I felt, why should I filter how I'm feeling. Nevermind anyway I smiled, and I was overzealous for the most part. I invited him in, offered him a drink and tried to make awkward gossip. The worst part is, I think that he could sense it. Well... I believe he did. He was happy, that's the sensation I got from them anyway. Though when he saw that I was trying maybe a little too hard, his confidence dwindled. The happiness that he was displaying turned to a trickle. Now that I write this, I feel even worse because I'm not sure if I put them in a bad mood or anything. The little scratching sound in the back of my head keeps on saying he saw me naked. I taught I would've been more embarrassed, but I'm not. It's not the shy awkwardness of what happened yesterday that's bothering me. It's the elephant in the room scenario type deal; we know something needs to be discussed, but neither one of us is willing to start the topic on hand. Ross stayed for about 20 minutes and left. Sure I felt sad watching go, but deep down a part of me felt relief that he was going. I knew it wouldn't be forever, and I don't understand why am feeling like this now, but I taught it would give me some more time to think of what to say to him. Maybe by tomorrow, I'll think of something because I still haven't figured out what to say to him; and I don't like dragging things out because it doesn't get anybody anywhere. All it does is make people miserable, leaves them sitting at the edge of their seat, and a sickening feeling is brought on by panic and worry which is a stress nobody wants to have. About an hour later I finished with my mam. I decided to go for a cycle on my own. I didn't go to see Carl, Eli or any of the boys in general. I just needed some time to clear my head. I decided to go to the castle considering it is the most secluded place I know of, and I'll have some privacy or least I taught. There I was sitting on the grass overlooking the lake- enjoying the solitude of the birds cawing and the duck quacking. It was happiness on earth for the moment nevertheless; the sun was beaming down my face. I could feel like I was being absorbed up into the sky. I wish it could've lasted forever. My eyes were closed, and I was contemplating when I had heard a twig snap. Glancing over my shoulder, I swing my head around to see what the source of the sound was. Someone was on the dirt track at the side of the castle. When I called out, "who's there?" There was this eerie silence for a couple of seconds until a girls voice called out, "it's me, Adam." And then Emma came out from between the bushes. Now here I was- in this secluded spot with a girl who obviously fancies me, and I'd totally- would not shift her if my life depended on it. That's beside the point, but I felt so exposed, it was just sitting out there, and she had followed me. It felt a little creepy; I was a bit shocked or least I taught I was. She came closer to me, and she honestly noticed I was looking a little sad and gloomy even. The closer she drew the more sceptical and quizzical her face got. Until she got so close that she asked, "are you okay." I just sighed, picked up a couple of blades of grass and let them fumble about my lap. I wasn't in the mood for her or her little flirtatious chases. I so badly wanted to be left alone, but she sat down beside me. While we were sitting there, I kept harbouring on about the idea that suddenly she would just lean across- grapple my shoulders and forced her tongue into my mouth. Though she didn't, and I was grateful for that. I think I'm even a little bit more understanding of her situation. I usually find her annoying, but she was okay today; I opened up to her a bit, and she opened up to me. She said that she was out cycling, ironically. And caught sight of me and decided to follow. I'm not too sure whether to believe her, but oh well whatever. It was good to talk to her; I can't believe I'm saying that, but honestly, it was. I could feel it in the air; this is nervous anticipation coming from her. I got the impression she wanted me to like her desperately, and I was trying to be friendly to her, and for once I was kind to her. I'm not sure if that has helped my cause anymore, but I hope she understands that she's overbearing sometimes. She kept on track with whatever I was saying. Everything was serious at first; we traded mostly one-worded answers, questions. As time dragged forward, we began to have a full conversation. She would occasionally giggle and laugh at something I said, and numbingly it made me feel better. On some weird sceptical level, I felt happy that I was making her laugh. I couldn't explain it, but when I looked over at her, I kept thinking she was pretty. The way her hair fell; the way her eyelashes fluttered every time she smiled. Her smile gave me this queasy feeling in my stomach. I know that the both of us have never seen eye to eye as such. And don't judge me when I say that I wouldn't mind sitting down with just her again and talking. She seemed interesting; in a way, I had never perceived her before. Most times I'm just struggling to try and avoid her. Then when I took the time to get to know her, I felt good and a little vulnerable. There was a moment when she said, "you're not like other boys are you?" I'm not sure what she meant by that, but then again, I don't even know whether I qualify as an ordinary boy. I mean in some weird instincts I feel this gravitational pull guiding me to Ross, yet the same time I felt this warm feeling in my chest, and I was a little nervous. Not in a way that I was with Ross. With Ross, I want to make him like me, but with Emma, it's quite clear she likes me. I don't know what's wrong with me, but my head is spinning right now; just even thinking about it. I felt like I belonged. Is that weird... It felt like a jigsaw know, when you plucked up the missing piece, and it fits snugly into its place without your realising. Compared to Ross; when I'm with him, the emotion feels like climbing Mount Everest. I'm not even sure what love is anymore; do I like him or do I love them, who knows. Or what about Emma, do I want her or do I love her, who knows. Love and like are to completely idioms. I'm not sure what to even think anymore. The only thing I know is that Ross feels like I have to be there, and the feeling I got with Emma today was well this is where I belong. I'm confused; I don't know who I'm supposed to like. What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to like someone for what they looked like on the outside or am I supposed to like someone for what's on the inside? Don't ever tell this to Emma; not that you can because your book, but if I were to rate Emma on a scale from 1 to 10, I'd measure her a seven or eight. Ross is a definite 10; though I feel like Emma has more to offer than what Ross could ever provide. I know I'm stupid; I'm not gay, nor straight - so what the fuck am I. Sigh... I should go to bed now; I'm getting a little tired. Today has depleted my energy reserve levels; I've done a lot of thinking. Despite all the brain-numbing fog that's coating my brain from making an accurate call, I enjoyed my time today with Emma. I have to make things right with Ross. I don't want him to slip away. There's no denying that he is adorable and cute and sexy, I just need to find what I am first. Anyway night – Adam. End Of Entry 17
  4. Chapter 9

    I love your stories, Ronyx, but I don't kno that I can finish this one. The ending was at the beginning, and at this point the only people I care for are TJ and Randy's parents. I like drama, but this is a little too dark and depressing.
  5. Vampire Smuggling

    Great chapter. Ceiling sex and a pet bat. January has pet jewel names for them. Pax is Topaz. A color that has shades of all their colors.
  6. Vampire Smuggling

    We are going to try to keep rolling until we finish this one.
  7. Vampire Smuggling

    Awww hate all dis waiting enjoying it too much
  8. Supernova

    It’s all been said.. That instant bond is magic.. Truly magnificent, Mac..
  9. Chapter 9

    Oh boy - poor TJ! Out of the frying pan and into the fire it seems.
  10. Vampire Smuggling

    Well, we're currently working on chapter 12, so I think it's safe to say that there is much more to come.
  11. Vampire Smuggling

    We do and we don't, some of the boys go, others stay behind. They might all get to see her in the future, though. And yes, Eli can be very feisty.
  12. Chapter 9

    Hey how'd you know that? you're more likely to get cried on around me! I hate tjs mom
  13. Vampire Smuggling

    Very, very interesting. I have really enjoyed this story it just keeps getting better and better. Thank you so much. I hope that there is a lot more on the way.
  14. Vampire Smuggling

    Ooh we get to meet Abuela!! I love grandmothers on this site they're always cool and awesome! I'm imagining the bat right now and omg cute! Eli will bite the shit out of anyone won't he?
  15. Today
  16. Once Upon a Dragon

    That was so much fun and sweet too.. Loved it, tim.
  17. That poor kid. Makes me sick to think about the people out there, children and adults, who think this okay and look the other way.
  18. Chapter 9

    I left Carter’s house before he woke up. I took my clothes into the bathroom and dressed while he still slept. It was a quarter to six, so no one was up as I crept downstairs and slipped out the backdoor. I was still extremely upset. I was mad at Carter for what he had done. He knew I liked Randy and that I didn’t want to do anything with anyone else. I felt I had betrayed him. Even though I had been asleep when Carter sucked me, I still thought it was my fault because I had let him finish me off. I should have stopped him. I didn’t know how I was going to deal with what happened. I had really become fond of Carter. He was a friend and the only person who understood me. He gave me perspective when I thought things were getting out of control. He was also my source for some great weed, which I was beginning to enjoy more and more. I was also struggling with the idea that I did owe Carter. He had shared his weed with me, and he never asked for anything in return. Once he did tell me he would ‘take it out in trade.’ Maybe that’s what he did. “There’s always a piper who has to be paid,” I had heard my mother say many times. I guess my time to pay up had finally come. I still didn’t understand why Carter did it. Was he just a horny kid, or did he have feelings for me? You don’t usually suck a guy off unless you like him. I just wish he would have asked and given me a chance to say no. I suddenly remembered it was my seventeenth birthday. ‘Happy Birthday, TJ,’ I thought to myself. This was not how I wanted to spend it. Randy was supposed to pick me up tonight and take me to his home for a small party. When I saw him kissing Dean, I knew they were too close to each other to just be friends. Randy is a touchy-feeling type guy; however, he seemed to be a little more intimate with Dean. I didn’t know where to go when I left Carter’s house. It was too early to go to the mall and hang out. I didn’t want to go home. My mother would probably ask where I had been all night. It wasn’t that she really cared; it was just that I had never stayed out all night before. Butch would take one look at my red eyes and know that I’d gotten high. I would never hear the end of it. I passed by an all-night market and decided I would go in and buy me something to eat. I had five dollars in my pocket that Carter had given me last night. He told me it was a birthday present when I mentioned it while we were sitting in Ricky’s basement. The owner was outside sweeping the sidewalk. He looked suspiciously at me when I walked past him. A younger man was behind the counter. He looked up when I entered the store. I walked through the small store deciding what I wanted to purchase. I figured it would be the only thing I would probably eat all day. I got a large bag of potato chips and some onion dip. I also picked up a small box of doughnuts. I passed a display of Wild Irish Rose, the favorite wine of street bums. I had drunk it before when I found a bottle in my brother’s room. I knew the clerk would never sell it to me. He would certainly ask for ID. The only thing I had was my school student card. The wine was tempting. It was what I needed for a small celebration for my birthday. I could find a secluded spot and have myself a private party. I looked around the store and noticed the cashier busy at the counter. The owner was still outside sweeping litter off the sidewalk. My hands were trembling when I grabbed a bottle of Rose and hid it inside my pants. I had never stolen anything in my life. I had heard my classmates talk about shoplifting items at the mall, and I found it disgusting. Now I was doing what I had sworn to myself I would never do. But I deserved it. It was my birthday, and I wanted to feel good. I couldn’t go back to Carter’s house and get high. I definitely couldn’t do it at home with Mom and Butch there. I walked nervously around the store acting as if I was still shopping. Then I headed to the front and put my purchases on the counter. My hand was trembling as I pulled the money out of my pocket. The cashier studied me as I paid for the items. After bagging them and handing me my change, I hurried out the door. I thought I had made it safely out of the store until the cashier suddenly shouted, “Thief!” The man outside threw his broom under my feet, and I fell flat on my face on the concrete. Before I knew what happened, they pulled me up and held my hands behind my back as they led me to the back of the store. “Why do you want to steal from us, Boy?” The older man asked as he reached behind me and pulled the wine from my pants. He held it up to my face and shook his head angrily. “I work hard for my money, and young punks like you think you can just come in here and take whatever you want from me.” He shouted in my face as the younger man tightened his grip on my arms. “I’m sorry, Mister,” I cried. “I’ve never stolen anything in my life. Please let me go.” I was scared to death. I didn’t want to go to jail. “That’s what you all say!” the man behind me shouted. “Then you come in the next week and do the same thing. I’ve already hit the alarm. The police should be here in a minute.” He twisted my arm behind my back so tightly I thought it was going to break. “Today is my birthday. Cut me a break. Please?” I was trying to make a final attempt to get them to let me go. “I’ll pay for it.” “You want me to go to jail, Kid?” he asked. “I can’t sell you liquor.” I looked toward the door as two very burly policemen came walking in. “Happy Birthday, Kid,” sarcastically remarked the owner. “I see you caught another one, Mr. Mitchell.” One of the police officers laughed as he walked up and took me from the younger man. He threw me up against the wall and placed handcuffs on me. When they took me out and placed me in the car, I saw Carter standing across the street with a worried look on his face. He waved timidly to me when we pulled off. The next few hours were a nightmare. I was taken to the local precinct and booked. I was charged with petty theft. Everything went by so quickly. I was fingerprinted and pictured. Within an hour, I was standing before a magistrate. Since I was seventeen, they were charging me as an adult. He suggested that I plead not guilty, and then I was assigned a court appointed attorney. Bail was set at $1000. Since I couldn’t even afford $10, I knew I would be incarcerated for a while. Happy Birthday, TJ. I had been locked up for about eight hours, when suddenly the door at the end of the hall opened and I heard footsteps approaching. I looked up from my bed to see Mr. Lawrence standing outside my cell with the arresting officer. “Hello, Son.” He looked down at me very disappointedly. I buried my head in my hands; and for the first time since my arrest, I cried. * * * * * * * * * * Dean and I searched everywhere for TJ. We got in Dean’s car and drove to the park near the school. He wasn’t there. I think we drove down every street in the city. We next went to the mall and spent two hours searching for him. I wish I had asked TJ what area of town he lived in. It would have narrowed our search. We went home around eleven at night. My parents were still up. Dean was planning on spending the night, and then we were going back out searching the next morning- TJ’s birthday. I had really screwed things up. Dean and I were only playing around, but TJ had no way of knowing that. Sure, we’d had sex before; actually quite a bit over the years. But it was just a buddy helping a buddy out. Whenever he or I became serious about another person, we had an agreement where we wouldn’t mess around. Neither of our relationships ever lasted long, so there wasn’t a large time interval until we would be back in bed together. We had talked several years ago about being boyfriends, but we knew it would ruin our friendship if we did. We were better off as sex buddies, not lovers. When we passed the den, my parents called us in. They were on the sofa. My father was sitting on one end while my mother was lying with her head in his lap. He was softly stroking her hair. You’d think after almost twenty-four years of marriage they would be past the cuddling stage, but not them. Sometimes it is almost sickening. The next time I bring TJ home, if I ever bring him home again, we’re going to sit on the sofa and make out until we shoot a load in our pants like we did before. That will teach them. My father asked, “Are you boys ready for the party tomorrow night?” I think they were as excited about the party as I was. They’d bought TJ a gift, but they wouldn’t tell me what it was. I found it in the closet the other day, and I almost tore the gift wrap off. “I don’t think there will be a party,” I replied sadly. Dean reached over and put his hand on my shoulder. We sat down and explained to my parents what had happened. They weren’t surprised because they knew Dean and I were close. However, I don’t think they had a clue what we did once we shut the bedroom door. Maybe they did and just never discussed it. Again, I was embarrassed when I had to tell my parents I didn’t know where TJ lived or his phone number. We decided to call Wilson and Trisha in the morning and cancel the party. I was so disappointed. I had really wanted the party to be something special for TJ. Dean and I went up to my room and went to bed. We slept together, but we didn’t do anything. The moment I met TJ, our rule went into effect. Once in bed, though, he did spoon me and held me tightly. It wasn’t breaking the rules. It was Dean showing his love for me. We woke up early and resumed our search for TJ. After eating breakfast at IHOP, we drove around town hoping to see him walking down the street. I was also looking for Carter. Maybe he would know where he was. We ended up at the mall because it was a magnet for teenagers on the weekends. We saw a lot of our friends. We asked them if they’d seen TJ, but no one had. It seemed like he had just disappeared. I was disappointed when Dean finally told me it was useless to search anymore. He asked me to go to the movies with him, but I told him I just wanted to go home. He dropped me off, and I went straight to my room, lay down on my bed and fell asleep. Naturally, I dreamed about TJ. I had been asleep for about an hour when I heard the phone ringing downstairs. I have a cell phone, and most of my friends call me on it. It rang about six times and stopped. I thought my mother had answered it, but I realized they were out for the afternoon, and I was alone in the house. Fifteen minutes later the phone rang again. I got out of bed and went downstairs to answer it. I looked at the Caller ID and didn’t recognize the number. When I answered, a boyish voice asked, “Is this the Lawrence residence?” “Yes, it is.” I responded. “Does a Randy live there?” His voice was quivering, and he sounded extremely nervous. “This is Randy,” I informed him. “This is Carter. Remember me?” My heart stopped. I knew he wouldn’t be calling me unless something had happened to TJ. He hated me, so I knew something serious was wrong. “Is TJ alright?” I asked excitedly. “I don’t think so.” He sounded like he was crying. “What do you mean you don’t think so?” I asked anxiously. “I think he’s been arrested.” I let out a sigh. I thought he was going to tell me TJ had been hurt. Being arrested was bad, but the news could have been worst. “Where’s he at, do you know?” “No. All I know is I saw him being arrested at a store at Twenty-second and Maple. “All right. I’ll see what I can find out,” I assured him. “Okay. Thanks,” he replied. “Carter.” “Yeah?” “Thanks for calling me,” I said appreciatively. “No problem. Just make sure he’s alright. Bye.” He hung up. I had a thousand questions going through my mind. Why was he arrested? Was he all right? How did Carter know about it? It wasn’t doing any good to worry about things I couldn’t understand, so I pulled out my cell phone and called Dean. He was knocking on the door ten minutes later. I quickly explained the situation to him. Before he had arrived, I’d called the police station and found out he was at the Third Precinct. They wouldn’t tell me anything more over the phone. Just as we were getting ready to head out the door, my parents walked in. They could tell by my agitated behavior that something serious was wrong. I explained to them about TJ’s arrest. My father stopped me before we got to the door. He explained that there wasn’t anything I could do as a minor. He assured me that he would take care of things. When I told him I would go with him, he refused. He said I was too upset to be of any help, so he made me stay home. We argued for five minutes, but once my father’s mind is made up about something, he won’t change it. I was to stay home and wait. Dean and I went up to my room, but he left shortly afterwards. He said I was making him too nervous. I kept pacing around my room, occasionally walking over to the window and looking out to see if my father had returned. I was a nervous wreck. About two hours later, I heard my father’s car door slam. I looked out the window, but he was alone. I was sure he would have brought TJ back to our house. I ran downstairs and met him as he was coming through the door. He was extremely angry. My father is usually a pretty calm guy, but when he gets mad it is best to stay out of his way. He had me and my mother sit down in the den while he explained what happened. It seems TJ was arrested for shoplifting wine at a carryout. The owners found it hidden in his pants. He was being charged as an adult for petty theft. My father had bailed him out. However, that was not the reason he was so angry. When he arrived at the precinct, the police refused to speak to him because he was not related to TJ. My father even called his friend who was an attorney, and he told him basically the same thing. They did give him TJ’s home address. Dad went to get TJ’s mother so she could get her son released. His face reddened with anger as he described TJ’s family. He said when he arrived at TJ’s house, his mother appeared at the door drunk. She at first refused to let him in the house, but he pushed her aside and walked in. He said the place was a filthy mess. Beer cans were strewn all around the house. Drapes were hanging loosely on the windows, and the carpet looked like it hadn’t been vacuumed in months. When he explained to TJ’s mother what happened, she became abusive. He explained that he was the father of a friend of TJ’s. She began cursing about her no-good son, and that he deserved what he got. My father loves TJ, and it hurt to hear her talk so badly about him. Then his brother came into the room in his underwear and began ranting and raving. My father wanted to leave, but he needed their help to get TJ out of jail. After fifteen minutes of angry words being exchanged, he sobered TJ’s mother up enough to get her to accompany him to the precinct. His brother wanted to go with them, but my father told him that there was no way he was going to get in his car. My father’s attorney friend was waiting for them when they arrived. He had already told the sergeant that he was representing TJ, and he had arranged for his release. My father posted bail and accompanied the sergeant to the cell where TJ was waiting. He said TJ began crying when he saw him. Tears welled up in my eyes when he described how dejected TJ appeared. TJ was released, and Dad took him and his mother home. My father had asked if TJ could return to our house, but his mother began screaming that her son was not going to be going to the home of a pervert. She said I was the reason for all TJ’s current troubles. He had been a good boy until he started school and met me. Now he was staying out all night and getting arrested. She didn’t want TJ hanging around a faggot. My father said he left before he hit her in her drunken face. She was already on her second drink, and they hadn’t been in the house five minutes. He said TJ looked so sad. He walked over and started to give him a hug when TJ’s mother began cursing and asking my father if he was trying to fuck her son, too. She started hitting him and yelling at him to ‘keep his fucking gay hands off her son.’ My father stormed out of the house, almost shattering the door on his way out. My father was seething with anger. My mother tried to calm him, but he wouldn’t stop ranting. Finally, he went into the kitchen and started yelling on the phone at his attorney friend. He wanted TJ removed from his house. My mother sat beside me on the couch while I tried to digest everything my father had said. She put her arm around me and held me tightly. “I know you’re going to be upset with me, but do you think TJ is the kind of boy you need as a boyfriend?” she asked softly. “What did you just say?” I leapt from the couch. “Don’t get upset,” she explained. “It just sounds like TJ has a lot of problems. I don’t think you and him are prepared to handle them.” “Dammit, Mom!” I was seething with anger. “That’s all the more reason he needs me Stay out of my business!” I stormed out of the den and hurried to my room, slamming the door behind me. I threw myself on my bed and hit my pillows with my fists. It wasn’t fair. TJ is one of the nicest guys I know. I knew things were bad for him, but I had no idea just how bad they were. The pieces of the puzzle were beginning to come together. I now understood why he would never talk about himself, and why he dressed like he did. He didn’t deserve the hand that had been given him. Now my mother sounded like she didn’t want me to be involved with him. He needed me, and I wasn’t going to turn my back on him. I loved him more now than I ever did. There was a knock on my door, and my father called out my name. I told him he could enter. “Son. Are you all right?” he asked me as he sat on my bed. “You know your mother is downstairs crying right now. You hurt her when you shouted at her.” “But Dad, she doesn’t want me to see TJ,” I explained. “Did she tell you that?” he asked calmly. “No, not exactly,” I admitted. “She just thinks that maybe TJ has enough problems to handle without trying to be involved in a relationship with you.” “It didn’t sound that way,” I replied angrily. “We’ve always respected your wishes. You know we support you in any reasonable decisions you make. We will support you on this, too.” He put his arm around me and pulled me into a hug. “Thanks, Dad.” I kissed his cheek. “I think you owe your mother an apology,” he suggested. “I do too. I’ll apologize in the morning.” He gave my shoulder a squeeze and then left the room. I lay across my bed and fell asleep, thinking about TJ. I was awakened later by someone pounding on the front door. At first, I thought I was dreaming, but the knocking continued. I looked at the clock and it was 2:18. When I heard my parents’ door open, I walked into the hall and followed my dad down the stairs. He walked to the door and cautiously opened it. He gasped and then disappeared onto the porch. He emerged seconds later carrying TJ in his arms. He had blood all over him, and his face was bruised and swollen. Carter followed behind them with tears streaming down his face.
  19. Living in Vegas, I’ll have to check these out. Vegas has its own unique flair.
  20. It was a while ago for me too.. Enjoyed reading them. Im sure no one will be disappointed.
  21. Crossing the Moon

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  22. Letter 3-4

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  23. The Doctor

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  24. Chapter 11 Visits and meetings

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  25. Acquainting

  26. Vampire Smuggling

    Pax woke up to a slight weight on his chest and over his right leg. Having gotten used to sleeping with two other men, the weight itself wasn't a problem. It wasn't until the golden-eyed werewolf took in a deep breath that he realized that the scent he was taking in wasn't Mateo's or Eli's. He turned his head slightly as his eyes fluttered open. The room wasn't completely pitch black, a small night light plugged into the wall provided light since no sunlight shone through the thick curtains. So, his eyes adjusted quickly enough to recognize the lovely, sleeping face of January. His following breath of air felt a lot heavier, but he knew that it was more of a mental weight than a physical weight. Only a couple weeks had passed since he was first found by Eli's stone, and now their new mate was a vampire. He was the most vulnerable and beautiful vampire that the silver-haired werewolf had ever seen, not that he knew many vampires. When Jany wept, something ached deep inside Pax, and he knew that his other mates had felt it, too. Just how the hell were they gonna bring him home? With a shaky sigh and a slight groan, Pax carefully slipped out of the impressive bed and walked over to the kitchen, buck naked. As he began to look around, he was surprised to find so much food. There was a container full of a mixture of all kinds of berries in the fridge along with a few jars of juice, sparkling water, a carton of eggs, and even bacon. Knowing from experience that his beloved mates would rouse to the smell of food, he began to fry several eggs and strips of bacon on the stove. Everything inside January's house screamed quality and durability. Not a single piece of the eggs stuck to the pan. As the golden-eyed werewolf cooked, he thought about their future. Khonsu stones were never wrong. He didn't even need the stone in order to feel how January was meant to be with them. The redhead was a part of them, and they were all one. But, the way that Khonsu's devotees urged the Omegas to report anything unusual made Pax feel uneasy. What would happen if they found out about Jany? :: The scent of cooking bacon snuck through the rooms, finding the wolves asleep on the bed next to their vampire. Eli woke first, his nose wrinkling adorably moments before Mateo blinked awake. "Hnn, bacon," Elias mumbled. "Mmm," Mateo responded. They both seemed to realize at the same moment that they were either sprawled across or curled around January. Both jerked away, Elias letting out a soft yip. They looked at the vampire with wide eyes. "I've never..." Elias swallowed hard. "Never been so close to a vampire." The Omega blushed. "Last night doesn't count." "I've never woken up with a vamp." Mateo grinned. "There was that one time I banged one my senior year when we all went out clubbing. But, there was no actual sleeping involved." "Pig," Eli giggled, then looked back to January. "He doesn't look dead," Elias whispered. "I thought they were supposed to be all dead when the sun is up." "Yeah, I - Oh, shit, I just saw him breathe." Mateo leaned forward. "Should he be breathing?" The wolves stared intensely at the vampire, anticipation cranking higher as they waited. After half a minute or so, the pale chest rose and fell gently. Eli jumped like a gunshot had gone off. Mateo just kept grinning. The larger wolf reached out, pressing a fingertip on January's bare shoulder and giving a little push. "He's cool, but not cold," Mateo whispered. "This is awesome." "Goddess, don't poke him." Eli frowned. "You shouldn't poke your mate." Mateo caught Eli's eye and waggled his eyebrows. Elias rolled his eyes. "You shouldn't poke your mate with your finger," the Omega added. Mat continued his lascivious look. "Oh, for the sake of Khonsu, You know what I mean." Mateo chuckled in amusement, watching as Elias hesitantly laid his palm against January's sternum. Eli nibbled his lower lip, waiting...and waiting until he felt a gentle thump. "Wow, feel this," Elias said softly, rubbing his hand against January's cool skin. "His heart is beating. It's really slow, but it's there." The Omega smiled gently down at the vampire. "He's really beautiful, huh?" Mateo laid down with his cheek to January's chest, wanting to clearly hear the soft thud of the vampire's heart. Sitting up, he couldn't make it out over the regular tick of Eli's heartbeats. "Yeah." Mateo smiled, throwing an arm across January's waist as he heard the vampire's slow but sure heartbeat. "He's sexy as hell, but he was very sweet with you while you were all stumbly drunk and crawling all over him." "Hey, in my defense, I've never been drunk before," Eli pouted, peeking quickly under the sheet covering January before cuddling up on the vampire's chest. The Omega was face-to-face with Mateo, wanting to hear Jany's heart as well. "I'm glad we found him. He feels lonely." "Yeah, I'm glad, too." Pax found them like that, snuggled against January's chest, counting their mate's slow heartbeats and whispering to each other as though trying not to disturb the vampire's sleep. The sight made his heart clench tightly in his chest. Why would the same goddess whose very power united soulmates become so wary of change? Not wanting to worry his mates with his concerns, the silver-haired man schooled his face into a more neutral expression and softly called out to them. “Come have some breakfast,” he urged. “I made fried eggs, bacon, and sweet potato hash browns. There’s even a loaf of Cuban bread on the counter.” His gaze fell on the sleeping man between them. “We can wake him up after we’ve finished eating.” When the three of them were seated at a round table in the dining room with food on their plates and different drinks, Pax decided to broach the subject. “Not even a day after the Khonsu devotees told Eli to report any oddities,” Pax began. “We find out that we have a vampire mate.” He interlaced his fingers and leaned his elbows on the table as he regarded the other two werewolves. “What are we going to do? Should we report it to the Khonsu devotees or should we just sneak January into the house somehow?” "What will they do if they find out about him?" Eli asked worriedly. "The God of the vampires, Anubis, is the nemesis of our Khonsu," Mateo said with a frown. "My grandmother used to talk about her grandparents' time when there was a lot more fighting between wolves and vamps. Did they teach you about it in school, Eli?" The Omega shook his head, chewing his lower lip. He didn't like where this was going. "Apparently, things only settled down in our town because of a wolf and a vampire who were sick of the fighting and worked together for peace." Mateo leaned forward. "My grandma said her grandfather was close to that wolf and she said there were rumors that the wolf and vampire were close. Very close." Mat's eyebrows lifted suggestively. "Grandma said the devotees of Khonsu tried to have the vamp killed because of it. Not because of them working together, but because of them sleeping together." "We can't tell them," Eli blurted, tears gathering in his eyes. "We have to hide him." Pax reached out to place a comforting hand on Eli's head. "Even if we have to take it up with our goddess Khonsu herself, we will keep Jany safe." "I'll ask my grandma what happened to grandfather and how he avoided getting killed," Mateo added. "There's gotta be something we can do." "Hmm, for the first time ever, I don't mind seeing others talking about me," January greeted with a smile as he walked over and sat in the remaining chair at the table. His red-violet hair was a mess, but it did nothing to take away from his sultry aura. "There isn't much that can wake me up during a bright and sunny morning, but the sound of my name on any one of your lips would do it." He admitted with a wink towards Pax, which actually prompted a slight blush to form on the mocha-skinned werewolf's cheeks. "So, your goddess doesn't like Anubis or his vampires very much, myself included..." Jany surmised. "...and you can't bear to part from me so much that you're willing to smuggle me into your home? Pinch me. I must still be dreaming. I feel weak-kneed at the very thought." Elias jumped up, rushing over to nearly knock January over with a hug. "We won't let anybody hurt you," the Omega said fiercely, looking up at the vampire's handsome face. "I will seriously bite the crap out of anybody who even looks at you funny." The smile that Jany gave the Omega could melt chocolate on the spot. "Has anyone told you how sexy you are when you're being fiercely protective?" He practically purred. "I believe every word." "So, are we all in agreement to not tell the Khonsu devotees about January just yet and sneaking him into the house?" Pax asked aloud. Elias nodded, blushing as he stayed close to his vampire. "If he is alright with that plan," Mateo answered before looking to Jany. "But you have to know that we don't want to have to hide you. We're not ashamed of you, or anything like that. And it can't be forever, just until we can figure out a plan, yeah?" Mat grinned. "Although I'm not sure how long I'm going to be able to keep it from my family, but they can keep a secret. Some of them might have some good advice." January actually felt tears welling up in his eyes at Mateo's thoughtfulness. But, he blinked them away and leaned over to the dark-haired werewolf's ear. "I'm going to have to keep a notepad to track how many blow jobs I'm going to give you, cariño." He whispered heatedly. (cariño= sweetheart) Oblivious to what was happening across the table, Pax stood up and grabbed the three used plates to place them in the dish washer. "So, should we wait until night fall?" He asked. Jany shook his head. "I can travel in the daylight. My skin's just very sensitive to the sun. Five-second sunburn, five-minute skin cancer kind of sensitive. So long as I'm covered from head to toe, I should be fine. I actually have an outfit for such an occasion. Though, the mask is a bit...outdated." "We'll dust it off, and we can tape over any cracks that might let in light since it's old," Eli supplied. The Omega turned to his wolf mates, green eyes sparkling. "Okay, so we hafta get him inside quick, right? And without anybody noticing." Elias continued hugging January's arm to his chest as he spoke, not noticing the sweetly bemused look on the vampire's face as he looked down at the little Omega. "We can collect a bunch of blankets and stuff. I'll carry some, too, so it doesn't look suspicious." Eli bounced, warming to his idea. "Mateo, you're super strong, right." "Umm, yes?" Mat answered. "Right, so we wrap Jany up in blankets, and you can carry him inside." Elias nibbled his lip thoughtfully. "It will have to be a lot of blankets so no one can tell Jany's under there, though. Can you carry a fuck-ton of blankets with him buried under there?" The Omega turned to Pax. "Do you want to carry blankets? Or maybe you can get the door...or I can get the door, and you can carry blankets..." "If he's in the car, no one will really see him," Pax suggested. "And though I rarely use it, I can just park in the attached garage, and no one will even see him getting out of it." "Oh, yeah, of course." Elias looked at the floor, cheeks burning. "Forgot about the garage." "Hey, we can still use a couple of blankets to hide him in the car, to be on the safe side," Mateo said quickly. "Yes, and I can lay down on your lap during the drive," January added. "That sounds like a plan. Are we all in agreement?" Pax asked. Elias perked back up quickly, smiling happily as everyone nodded. The Omega very much liked the idea of the vampire snuggled up to him for the drive. "Do you have any boxes?" Mateo asked. "For anything you'd like to bring, January? We could probably fit quite a bit into Pax's trunk." "I'll just grab a small bag with clothes, my phone, and wallet. That's all I need," January responded. "In fact, I'm going to do that right now." He said. He gave the Omega a soft kiss on the lips and then lifted him right up into his arms. "Want to come help me, Eli, my emerald?" "Em-emerald?" the Omega asked, blushing pink as he wrapped his arms around January's shoulders. "Yes, your lovely eyes remind me of the rarest of emeralds," January admitted as he walked back over to his room with the werewolf in his arms. "They're quite beautiful." Just as Mateo was about to walk after them, Pax placed a hand on his elbow. "There's something I'd like to ask before we join them," he explained. "Your grandmother, how do we get in contact with her?" Mateo smirked, fishing his phone out of his pocket. He tapped the screen a few times and held it out to show Pax. The contacts screen showed a picture of a lovely woman with dark, sparkling eyes and black hair shot with streaks of silver. She was blowing a kiss at the camera. A phone number was listed beneath it. "Call or text?" Mat asked, laughing. "Abuela is never far from her phone. She can't stop playing Candy Crush and Plants versus Zombies." "Usually when we come across a new mate, we get another week off from work," Pax explained. "But, we can't report January as our new mate just yet. So, I have to go back to work on Monday. When do you think would be a good time to go see her?" "Tomorrow, if that's not too soon," Mateo told him. "Uh, she'll be out tonight with her girlfriends. Saturday is, well, Bitch's Night, apparently." Mat's cheeks burned. He didn't ever want to know what those women got up to on Saturdays. "Tomorrow sounds great," Pax replied with a smile. "We can ask her about her grandpa and the gods...and how to protect Jany." Mateo was about to speak when he heard a giggle and a soft gasp from Elias in the other room, followed by January's seductive voice. "We should probably head out before Jany and Eli get too...distracted," Mateo said with a grin. "Good point!" Pax agreed as the two of them rushed over to the vampire's room. The four them did end up distracted for a while, but eventually, January finished packing his clothes and suited himself up for the drive to Pax's house. He wore a pair of tight jeans, ankle boots, and a grey hooded sweater that had long sleeves. He had on a pair of black leather gloves to cover his hands, and he carefully pulled on a macramé mask that covered his entire face except for his eyes. "I know, I know," Jany apologized. "I look like I'm either part of the JabbaWockeez dance crew or some kind of Mardi Gras thief. But, it's my best defense for the sun's rays." "I think it's kinda sexy," Elias said, fingertips trailing across the golden swirls of the mask. "Mysterious." Jany's purple eyes glimmered as he wrapped his arms around Elias's waist to tug him closer. "Oh? Ever dream about getting pinned by a mysterious man against the wall at a masquerade party?" He purred sultrily into the werewolf's ear. He then glanced at Mateo. "How about you, mon grenat?" (mon grenat= my garnet) Elias sucked in a breath as a shiver swept him. It was a good thing the vampire was holding him, the Omega's knees felt awfully wobbly. His new mate was so damn hot it was ridiculous. "If I didn't before," Mateo admitted, his voice rough. "I do now." "Hmm, then we should host our own little masquerade one day," January mused aloud. "Right now, our first step is getting Jany home, is it not?" Pax insisted. "Huh?" Elias whispered, gazing at the violet eyes that seemed to shimmer with shades of lilac and deeper purple behind the intricate mask. January chuckled. "How about we go home so we can find a wall to pin you up against, hmm?" He suggested. Elias couldn't hold back a moan, which turned into a squeak as Mateo swept the Omega into his arms, deciding to speed up the process by carrying him to the car. Mat suddenly stopped, turning to his mates. "We went through your portal thing," the big wolf said. "How do we get to the car?" "Like this," January offered as he held out his hand towards the wall and opened a portal to the parking lot of the Black Orchid club, where he assumed that Pax had parked his car. "That was amazing!" Eli chirped, hanging over Mateo's shoulder so he could face January. "How did you do that? Can all vampires do that stuff? Can you do other cool stuff?" "Yes, I can do quite a few things...but, maybe it's best if I explain some of them on the ride?" January prompted as he lifted his bag of clothes in one hand and a quilt with the other. "Agreed," Pax replied as the four of them walked through the portal. "Ah, sorry," Elias said with a blush. "I get too excited about stuff." "We like how enthusiastic you are about things, Eli," Mateo said as he deposited the Omega in the backseat of Pax's car, delighted his little mate had allowed himself to be carried. "You don't have to apologize for it." They tossed Jany's bag in the trunk, Mateo sat in the front seat, and the vampire really did lay down across Eli's lap with the quilt covering him. Elias smiled at the form of his vampire hidden under the quilt. "Thanks for coming with us," Elias whispered, feeling the need to be quiet as they snuck January home. "I'm glad you decided to. I'm really sorry we have to hide you. Are you sure you're okay with everything?" Eli was quiet for a moment. "Not just the hiding, but being a mate to werewolves. It had to have been unexpected." Even though his hand was covered in a glove, January made the effort to take hold of one of Eli's hands. "Eli, I've lived and suffered through a lot over the years. But, hiding out in a home with my mates? That doesn't even sound like hiding to me. It sounds like paradise," he confessed. "Good," Elias said in obvious relief, squeezing January's hand. "And you don't have to suffer ever again. We won't let anything happen to you." "I wouldn't mind suffering for any one of you," Jany admitted softly. "And we'd do anything for you, too," Mateo said, turning around in the front passenger seat. "We wouldn't be able to stand to see you hurt, though. Being mates is kind of crazy intense in the whole taking care of your mate sense." Eli nodded in agreement, then paused. "Hey, weren’t you going to tell me all the amazing things you can do?" the Omega asked curiously. "The car ride would end long before I told you about everything I could do," Jany admitted. "But, for starters, I make a very cute bat. At least, I've been told I'm a lot cuter than other vampires as a bat, in any case." Elias covered his mouth, overcome with the idea of an adorable little January bat. "Will you do it for me sometime?" Eli begged. "Oh, my gem, I will do it as soon as we're indoors," the vampire promised. "...in the dark with artificial lighting." "Does the light hurt your eyes?" Mateo asked. "Only direct sunlight does, so if the curtains are drawn, I should be fine," January explained. "But, unless a lightbulb's on, Eli won't' be able to see me properly. My bat form's all black except my big purple eyes." "I can't wait," Elias blurted. "Can you do other things?" "I can walk on walls and the ceiling if I concentrate the power to my feet..." January continued. "And, in extreme circumstances, I can move very, very fast." "Could you, uh, maybe carry something while you were walking on the ceiling?" Elias looked thoughtful, then blushed bright red. "Does it take tons of focus? Can you do other... things while on the ceiling?" Mateo burst out laughing. "Jany, I think Elias is propositioning you for upside-down sex." He grinned back at a sputtering Eli and bobbed his eyebrows. "Can I watch?" "There is a way, yes..." January confirmed. "Two ways, actually...and of course, you can watch, my garnet." "Yesssssss," Mat said, pumping a fist while Eli hid his burning face under the blanket. "We'll just have to be careful not to bump your head to the sealing wall the first time," Jany pondered aloud. "As I usually start mid-way up the wall first..." "I probably wouldn't feel it," Eli muttered, squirming his hips back to avoid poking January with a part of his anatomy was was becoming inconveniently excited with the subject matter. "In any case, it would be better not to have your head bash against the ceiling," Pax piped up. He had been busy concentrating on the road, but it was difficult when his mates were talking about odd forms of sex. "Would you like to watch, too, Pax?" Mateo teased. "I'd like to participate, as well," Pax pointed out. "Perhaps taking you while we both watch?" "Yeah?" Mat asked, feeling his pants suddenly get a bit tighter, but unable to stop himself from continuing to tease his mate. "You gonna be able to compete with ceiling sex?" "I can if I have you facing their direction, so you have a front row seat while I pound into you," Pax responded, the slightest of smirks tugging on his lips. Mateo's breath stuttered in his chest, and he could feel his nipples tightening under his mesh shirt and hoped no one would notice. "Can we watch Pax and Mat fucking while they watch us?" Eli whispered, the sweet scent of Mateo's arousal making his own body respond. "Of course," January said with a chuckle. Not a moment later, Pax pulled up to the driveway of his house and drove his car into the attached garaged. When the garage door was completely shut, the four of them got out of the car. January was urged to stay in the garage while the werewolves shut all the blinds and pulled all the curtains closed. They eventually decided to gather into a guest room that had only one window. They ensured that the curtains on the window were thick and let no sunlight in. "Alright, it should be safe for you to pull off the mask now," Pax prompted after he led the vampire into that room. January did just that and gave a quick glance about as he pulled off his gloves, as well. "Umm," Elias said shyly, fiddling with the hem of his shirt. "Is it okay? How do you like it?" "It's perfect," January replied with conviction as he unzipped his hoodie and took it off. "And it accommodates all of us. Though, to be honest, I don't care where we live so long as we're together." "I can get the light-blocking drapes for the house Monday," Mateo said. "Will that be soon enough?" "Yes, I could sleep in this guest room in the meantime, since it's the darkest," Jany replied. "Is the bed going to be big enough for all of us?" Elias asked Pax. "We can move the beds over here in the mean time?" Pax suggested. "I can help by making a large enough portal, so you don't have to go too far," Jany offered. "We don't want you to waste your energy," Mateo said, flexing his pecs to make his mesh shirt bulge. "I could carry it myself if it weren't impossible to balance." "It wouldn't be that much energy at all, " Jany insisted. "And then we can get in bed faster, Matti." Eli giggled. "I think Pax said something about you and pounding when we were talking earlier, yeah?" Mateo was quickly convinced, and the bed was nearly as quickly situated in the room. Jany took in the sight of his three werewolf mates, who had flopped onto the massive bed. The small lamp on the bedside table was the only light. "As promised," he began as he walked towards the edge of the bed. "I'm going to show you my other form." The vampire then began to glow a purple hue before the top of his head, and the bottom of his feet seemed to quickly shrink until a tiny bat flapped his wings in Jany's place. He slowly flew over to land in Eli's hands, his large purple eyes looking up at him. "Jany, you're so cute!" Eli chirped, holding the adorable little bat close to his face as Pax and Mateo leaned close. January's fur was inky black and soft as velvet. His small, leathery wings were tucked at his side as he looked up at his mates. The vampire's head resembled that of a flying fox than an actual vampire bat. Jany's little black nose didn't have the strange shape of many bats, instead it looked bit like a dog or fox nose. His ears were large, rounded triangles atop his head. The vampire's big violet eyes would have made them immediately recognize him, even without his scent. Eli giggled mischievously as he gently rubbed the top of January's softly-furred head. "Noooo," Elias quoted in a tiny, high-pitched voice. "Stop touching me! I am the night!" "But, I'm not the night," January responded telepathically. "And I want you to keep touching me!" Elias squeaked, nearly dropping his currently tiny mate. "You can talk with your mind!" Eli said, eyes wide with excitement. "And you want me to pet you while you're a cute little bat?" The Omega peeked at Mat and Pax. "Did you hear him, too?" "Yes, loud and clear," Pax replied. "Yes, pet me, mon joyau" January pleaded. "Pet me everywhere." (mon joyau= my jewel) Eli smiled in delight as January leaned into his finger as the Omega gently stroked the bat's furry cheek. Mateo reached out and then pulled his hand back. "You're really small. I don't want to squish you," Mat admitted. "Oh, please touch me, Mat," Jany pleaded. "Don't be afraid. You too, Pax." Mateo's touch was feather-light, stroking down January's back. "Wow, so soft," Mat whispered. "I know, right?" Eli said with a grin. "Cutest thing you've ever seen right?" "You and Jany are tied for that," Mateo said with a wink. Eli blushed so hard, January thought he could even feel the Omega's hands warm from it. Pax chose to gently pet his leathery wings. "Come to think of it, we haven't even shown ourselves our wolf forms," he commented. "You guys can if you want," Eli said quickly, wondering if they meant right then. The Omega wanted more time to explain how he looked as a wolf. "I'm, umm, holding Jany. Someone should keep petting him." "What if I want to see your wolf form?" Jany asked Elias. "I'll go first," Pax suggested as he pulled off his clothes and began to shift. If werewolves shifted with their clothes on, the clothes would disappear in the process. Legend told that there was another dimension that held nothing but miscellaneous werewolf clothing. Pax’s shift was smooth and fast, as if he just morphed into a wolf before their very eyes. His pelt was pure silver, the golden-hued eyes were a stark contrast. There was an inner ring of darker gold in the canine eyes, as well. "You're very pretty, Pax," Mat said, leaning forward to run his fingers through the wolf's thick silver ruff. "Very, very," Eli agreed, holding January in one hand so he could stroke Pax's side. The Omega grinned, setting January's tiny body atop Pax's head between the wolf's triangular ears. Elias kept smiling as he rubbed his face in Pax's smooth fur. Pax kept perfectly still so that Jany wouldn't fall from the top of his head. He didn't realize how much willpower it took not to flip over to his stomach to have his mates pet his underbelly. His tail swayed as he let out a soft bark of invitation to Mateo. Mat scooted back on the bed, letting the change take him. He closed his eyes as he felt a tingle of magic flow through him. When his deep brown eyes opened, he was a massive black wolf with tan markings on his chest, paws, and one ear. "Oh Goddess, you have little brown socks!" Elias said with a happy bounce. "That's so cute." Mateo's tongue lolled from his open mouth in a wolfish look of amusement before giving Eli a big, wet lick to one cheek. Mat snuffled at the diminutive bat who was now hanging upside-down from one of Pax's ears. Pax carefully gave Mat a lick along his muzzle in affection and then turned his golden gaze towards Elias expectantly. "Umm, okay, so...I'm not a very good wolf," Elias began nervously. Both canine heads tilted, causing January to swing gently from Pax's ear as the three mates watched their Omega. "I mean, like, I'm pretty small and I'm not all burly like a wolf should be." Eli fussed with the tip of Pax's tail. "And I've got weird markings..." "Oh, my beloved Elias," Jany called out, since he was the only one that could communicate that way in animal form. "Size means nothing to me. I'm certain you are as gorgeous in your wolf form as you are in your human form. I am quite eager to see it." Elias smiled gratefully at January's encouragement, and let his body shift. As a wolf, Eli was small, as he'd said. He was nearly half the size of an average werewolf. It was small, even for an Omega, who tended toward being petite. His legs and body were slender, almost sinuous, flowing more like a fox's than a wolf's. His large fluffy tail added to the resemblance, though it was nowhere as full as a real fox's would be. He was a wolf, certainly, but next to Pax and Mateo, Elias looked practically dainty. The Omega's fur was red and gold, darker red around his face and body, flowing to shining gold at his ear tips, feet, and tail. A golden circle with waving lines coming off it surrounded one eye, looking very much like a sun against the dark red fur. Elias whined softly, gold-tipped ears pinned to his head. His family had always made a big deal about how different he was in this form, how strange it was. They never meant to make him feel bad, like an odd-looking runt, but he'd heard so many times how small he was…how the lines of his body were too slim and delicate, how out of the ordinary his coat and markings were. It had left him painfully self-conscious. When his pack had run in the woods, Eli had always tried to stay hidden between his parents, head down and tail low. A small charge of electric energy was felt as January dropped off of Pax’s ears and he transformed back into a vampire. Unlike when werewolves shifted, vampires did keep their clothes on the shift back. He laid an arm on Pax and Mateo to help right himself as his wide purple eyes gazed openly at Elias. "My emerald, you are the most beautiful wolf I have ever seen," he gasped as he reached out to gently pet his face and the top of Eli's head. "My topaz and garnet are gorgeous, as well, don't feel like you're any less. But, Elias...you are breathtaking." Eli's ears flicked uncertainly, but were no longer pressed tight to his head. He peeked up at the vampire, seeing nothing but sincerity and admiration shining in January's violet eyes. A shiver traveled from the Omega's head and flowed downward, making his red-gold tail floof even more. Elias let out a soft yip before jumping into his vampire's lap, The sun-kissed wolf nuzzled enthusiastically under January's chin, occasionally stealing a lick to the vampire's cheek as Eli very nearly vibrated with happy relief. January let out a trill of joy as he reached out to gently tug Pax and Mateo closer, as well. He rubbed his face in each of the wolves' fur. "I adore each and every one of you. I would never have guessed that I would end up with so many mates!" He admitted. Pax shifted back into his human form in order to speak, once again naked. "Actually, Jany...there is still at least another mate out there. Eli's bonding stone isn't fully opaque." Mateo's tongue lolled happily, excited about meeting their next mate, before he leaned forward to begin licking Eli's furry face, the motions causing the Khonsu stone still around Eli's neck to swing. The Omega hopped out of January's lap to nuzzle under Mat's muzzle, his gold-tipped wagging tail threatening to smack January in the face. The size difference between Mateo and Elias was obvious with the Omega's position. Eli could have walked underneath Mat's and would only have needed to duck his head down for clearance. Mateo chuffed softly, resting his muzzle on top of Eli's head. The Omega sighed in contentment, his fear and anxiety ebbing away. Both January and Pax were distracted by the two wolves' tender displays of affection. Then, January gently took hold of Eli's stone, noting their intertwined colors. Pax's yellow was speckled from top to bottom. His purple seemed to be in clusters near the bottom and the top. Mateo's was heavily clustered near the bottom. But, the amount of color was equal. The more he gazed at the clear spaces, the more he wondered. "What if we have two mates left?" He questioned aloud. Eli yipped, falling over dramatically to express his surprise at the idea. Mateo stepped so he could stand over the Omega's smaller body. The big wolf licked the tip of Eli's nose, making the wolf sneeze. Elias shifted back to his human form, giggling and reaching up to rub the soft tan fur on Mateo's broad chest. "You know, if you'd asked me before I met Pax how I felt about maybe having, shit, five mates..." Eli shook his head but continued smiling. "I would have lost it. I mean, Pax can tell you, I fainted like some chick in a romance novel. But now...I dunno. Seeing you guys, I think maybe it's gonna be amazing. If they are like you all, it's going to be the best thing that could happen." The phone ringing startled their peaceful thoughts. Pax reached over to answer it. "Hello?" He greeted. "Good morning, this is Tatiana speaking, head devotee of our Khonsu temple," Tatiana responded on the other side. "I apologize for interrupting your bonding time with your new mate, but our goddess Khonsu has felt a disturbance in regards to her Omegas. We would like to remind all Omegas to report anything suspicious." "Understood," Pax replied. After he hung up the phone, he turned towards his mates with a frown on his face. "That was Lady Tatiana. She said the goddess felt that something's off and wanted to remind all Omegas in the area to report anything odd. I think it's time we give your grandmother a phone call, Mat." Mateo stole another lick to Eli's, now human, nose, making the Omega sneeze again before the wolf shifted back. Mat grabbed his phone, quickly sending a text to his grandmother, receiving a response almost immediately. "She said she's free now," Mateo announced.
  27. Chapter 7: Hot Heads Explode, Part One

    Another great chapter, AC. I can’t help but think that Gordon and Kohl ran from the frying pan into the fire maybe? Lloyd might not be too happy that his ‘artifacts’ are stolen. Which brings me back to our runaways. Why bring attention to yourselves. It’s just asking for trouble and now the stolen goods are stolen. Lol. I can’t even with those two. Also there’s the figurative climb in into bed with Doris too.. oh, my! Tangled webs... Its not a long wait to see how some of it turns around, so I’ll just stand by.
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