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    Ice Fairy 2: Decisions

    Sam is at a crossroads. At one end he has the defeat of not going to the Olympics; his life’s dream. On the other end however, is Brett; who has taken command of his heart.
    Right in the middle is a myriad of decisions to be made. First and foremost is college or the agonizing option of trying for the Olympics again. Both would be grueling and both would not allow Sam much time with his Brett.
    Will things heat up just to cool off and go down in a blaze of glory for Sam? Or will they stay the course for the young figure skater?
    It’s time to make some decisions.


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    Ice Fairy

    Samuru (Sam) Ogawa is on track to be in his life’s dream…the Olympics as a figure-skater. All is gliding along smoothly until he literally bumps into one of the biggest bullies he’s ever met; a hockey player named Brett Zephyr. He’s well known for being a brash, hot-headed, caveman who thinks about nothing but hockey and his bimbo girlfriend.
     Things are tense and the walls between them build until unforeseen events begin to break the ice between them. But as the coolness melts away; other players come in to build them back as quickly as they fell. Family forces, friends, and secrets threaten to destroy all they’ve created.
    Can Sam and Brett make things work or are they just too opposite? Can a figure skater find true love with a hockey player?


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    A New Life

    "A New Life" is a gay 'coming out' story based in Woodland Hills, California, and around a group of four musicians and their families. The original series of posted chapters are presented in eBook format.


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