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      Hey everyone,      We keep getting support requests from readers who are trying to access unpublished chapters. These chapters are supposed to be "invisible" to anyone but the author and staff, but a bug keeps coming back making them visible. If an author has a chapter or chapters on their story with the purple circle/clock and you get an error message when you try to open it, that's because it's unpublished. It's not a bug, site staff don't always know why an author has the chapter unpublished, and you can either ask the author directly or wait for the chapter to go live.   Thank you, Site Staff
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    • Featured Story: Unforgivable

      By Renee Stevens in Gay Stories 29
      Being the start of a new week, Monday's are also a good time to take a look at some of the different stories that can be found on Gay Authors. With so many great works, it can be easy to overlook one and Monday's provide an opportunity for us to help make one of them stand out and maybe catch your interest. Today, we're bringing you a review by spikey582 of LitLover's story Unforgivable. Enjoy!
      Reviewer: spikey582
      Status: Complete
      Word Count: 80,157
      For my first official review for the site, I decided to go easy on myself and pick a favorite GA story from the last year: Unforgivable by LitLover. I discovered this just as Lit started posting in April of last year, and it was actually quite fun to experience a bite at a time, and see how fellow readers reacted to each new chapter. However, if you’re just discovering this story now, you’re in luck as you can experience the whole thing without those agonizing 7 day waits.
      In Unforgivable, we are introduced to two characters, Corey and Jason, and they have a long history together. Corey is the best friend of Jason’s younger brother Drew, and they all grew up together. Very early on in the tale, Jason commits the titular unforgivable act, and cheats on Corey and Drew’s other best friend when they’re all teenagers. 
      This is where the crux of the conflict is driven from. You see, Corey’s father has a long history of cheating on his mother, and repeatedly being forgiven. The lesson Corey has learned from the long years of his father’s serial philandering is simple. Once a cheater always a cheater. Can someone like Jason, a known cheater himself, be forgiven?
      What I particularly enjoyed about this story was that each chapter is told through either Corey or Jason’s perspective. We get a good idea of what each character is about, what they’re going through. So even Jason, who seems like a jerk at first glance, actually becomes sympathetic and likable as we get to know him. 
      Interestingly enough, LitLover, the very “Cliffie Queen” herself, didn’t leave us poor readers hanging from nearly as many cliffs during this story. However, there are still a few that will definitely propel a reader forward to find out what happens next. As I said before, if you’re just now finding this story for the first time, you’re lucky because you can now just plow right ahead and find out. This is definitely a “binge-worthy” story.
      So hopefully I’ve piqued your interest with Unforgivable. It’s filled to the brim with drama, romance, and even a touch of angst. Seriously, go check this story out and get to know Corey and Jason. Once you’re finished with Unforgivable, you can start in on the spin off tale, Choices, that LitLover is in the process of posting right now. 
      Category: Fiction   Genres: Romance   Tags: Adult, gay, anal, oral, friendship   Rating: Mature
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