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    • By Cia in Gay Stories 2
      Did you catch Monday's blog featuring this month's Classic Author ad choice, K.C.'s Pour Me Another, selected by JayT? If not, go check it out and get your copy of a small graphic that you can use for your personal signature if you want to share the love for K.C.'s story. With well over a thousand comments on the story, it was hard to pick just 3 to feature, but today's feature also shares JayT's favorite excerpt from the story and why he picked it. Read on to find out what it is!
      JayT said: This story is about love overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles, such as the person who is in love with you is straight. Or at least he thought so, and that is why I love this story. This excerpt takes place after Michael, the straight man, realizes he has feelings for Asher, the gay man. After showing up at Asher's in the middle of the night, he finally kisses Asher, only to discover that Asher was not alone when a naked man walks out of the bedroom. A heartbroken Michael then turns and runs away. This part of the story shows us how lost and hopeless Michael's life became after he decided to cut Asher out. When Michael learns that Asher was possibly shot, he drops everything and leaves work to seek out answers. Hopefully, he will find Asher alive and safe. 
      This story shows that anyone can fall in love with anyone. It's the person we fall for, not their sex.
      To read more, check out the rest of the story here. 
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