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    • By Renee Stevens in Site Fun 40
      Have you been inwardly guessing which April Fools Contest entries were written by which author. With the voting for the contest over, it's time for the GA members to try and guess who wrote what! The "reveal" will occur on April 1st, so try and get your guesses in before then. The only prize for this game is bragging rights, if you guess more right then anyone else. Remember, only one story was allowed per author.
      Author List
      Parker Owens
      Cole Matthews
      AC Benus
      Story List
      Happy Birthday!
      Served Cold
      Fool's Gold
      Suffer No Fools
      Fool Me Once
      The Real Me
      Getting Caught
      Chasing Jayce
      Happy Guessing!!!!!
    • By Cia in Gay Stories 42
      Did you have a chance to read LitLover's scifi vampire novel, Crave? Maybe read it again if you were a fan when LitLover first posted the story? Hopefully you enjoy it and have lots of comments or questions ready to ask! But first, I have an interview with her to share... apparently she's never had to talk about herself that much! LOL
      What action would your name be if it was a verb?
      Hmm, well if my name were a verb it would be daydreaming.  I’m always being accused of daydreaming; while I’m writing, and while I’m reading.  Not that exciting, I know, but it fits. 
      Share one unique or quirky habit you have.
      I don’t know if it’s a habit or a quirk, but I won’t write about a character until I hear their “voice” in my head.  Even minor characters have a unique inflection and tone.  If their “voice” isn’t clear they’re scrapped from the story because I know I won’t be invested enough to give their character the attention it might deserve.
      What are you wearing (and no fibbing!)?
      I just got home from the office, so I’m wearing fairly professional attire: a dark blue blouse, black slacks, and chunky black heels.  If you caught me in a few hours it might be sleep pants with kittens on them and a tank top.   
      What is one story/book/eBook you’ve read and reread and think others should read immediately?
      I don’t really have one favourite book, although I am a diehard Jane Austen fan and reread her books often.  More contemporarily I always recommend anything by Headstall (here on GA).  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read Song and Dance and Cards on the Table.  I’m a sucker for a good HEA.
      What’s the best part of being an author?
      Being able to create worlds and characters purely from imagination.  People can be anything you dream up; any profession, race, or sex, and the worlds you create are only limited by what you picture in your mind’s eye.  It’s a great feeling to effectively sketch out what you see so the reader is right there with you.   
      What’s one location you’d love to go to research for a story (including space)?
      I would love to follow Jenson and Merrick into space.  It would be amazing if some of those places actually existed so I could visit them in person.  One of the locations I’ve had in my head lately was Landin’s home world of Anphilia.  It’s a water planet with areas I imagine look much like the Caribbean ocean.  It would be great to go scuba diving in the Caribbean just to get a feel for that world.  (Not because it’s -17 Celsius in March.)
      What prompted you to combine a science fiction story in space/alien planets and ‘vampires’?
      It was an idea that came out of the blue.  I was having a discussion about the vampire craze in books and movies with a friend and wondered “why are all vampires paranormal?  What if they were created by some natural event instead?”  That thought led to vampires being descendants of humans with altered DNA.  I wasn’t sure the concept would be well received, but when I ran the idea by Gary (Headstall) he encouraged me to take the leap and post the story.  
      Just how many twists did you write in Crave, and how much did you enjoy coming up with them?
      There were several twists in Crave, which led to the nickname “Cliffie Queen” one reader bestowed on me.  I have to admit, I loved writing Crave because, although I tried to keep the story from becoming too fantastical, it was freeing having all imaginable worlds and species at my fingertips.
      Politics is a complicated subject to write. Did you have to keep notes/use a cheat sheet to keep all the differing elements relating to that accurate as you wrote the story?
      As this was my first real story, I thought I could “wing it”, but quickly found out how easy it is to get lost in the details.  I was about halfway through the story when I realized I needed an outline for my own peace of mind.  By the last chapter I had a fairly detailed summary with character names, affiliations, and even a personal history of the major characters.  I will never write another story without an outline, and would recommend the process to all new writers until you figure out what works best for you.
      Can you share something of your current or upcoming work to entice readers?
      I’ve been toying with a few ideas lately.  The first is book two of Crave set a couple of years after the epilogue.  I’m also working on a short story for Landin and Tei that’s in the rough copy stage. 
      Another idea I have brewing is something I haven’t shared with anyone, including my esteemed editor (it’s that new).  The theme is darker than anything I’ve written before, and is inspired by events that have affected people I care about.  It won’t be “based on a true story,” but the subject matter is personal to me.  I don’t know if the finished product will see the light of day, but it feels like an important story to tell. 
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