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Weekly Update

Weekly Wrap Up (Dec 25 - 31)

Posted by , in Weekly Update January 01, 2017 · 13 views
Weekly Update
:music: :music: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :music: :music:  
Well I hope everyone had a great night bringing in the New Year. I know I did ;) The great thing about celebrating the New Year is not to forget everything that has happened in the past year, but also to look forward to what will come in the New Year. We will all be experiencing some changes co...

CSR Book Club

C S R Discussion Day: My Life Started At The End Of The World By Kuragari129

Posted by , in CSR Book Club December 26, 2016 · 97 views
CSR Book Club, Discussion and 2 more...
Wow... the last CSR Discussion day of the year. I can't believe how fast 2016 has gone. Ups, downs, the world has really changed for so many of us. And that's the theme of Kuragari's story, My Life Started at the End of the World. Did you find out how her story ends? Make sure you don't miss your chance to share your thoughts here! But first, as always, m...

Weekly Update

Weekly Wrap Up (Dec 18 - 24)

Posted by , in Weekly Update December 25, 2016 · 182 views
Weekly Update
Well this is an eventful day in many places in the world.... 
M e r r y C h r i s t m a s       Happy Hanukkah   
I'm sure many of you have already opened your pressies and getting ready to have a feast! If you don't celebrate either of these traditions, we all wish you all the very best on these happy day...

Weekly Update

Special Announcement And Weekly Wrap Up (Dec 11 - 17)

Posted by , December 18, 2016 · 394 views
Weekly Update, Site Changes and 3 more...
**Special Announcements**  
Many of you have spoken and we have listened. Have you ever had to decide how many of your likes to use within an 24 hour period and were limited and unable to like everything you wanted? Well starting today we are happy to announce that there is no limit on the likes you can use in a day!!! The only exception will be t...

Weekly Update

Weekly Wrap Up (Dec 4 - 10)

Posted by , in Weekly Update December 11, 2016 · 146 views
Weekly Update
Not sure where in the world you are, but Winter has finally arrived here :( Temperatures reaching highs of -20C / -4F has kept me in a lot and doing a lot of reading instead. Enough about the weather, lets see what happened on the site this week. Monday we had Cia introduce us to the December CSR Feature . This month we are going to look at Kuragari1...

CSR Book Club

December C S R Feature: My Life Started At The End Of The World By Kuragari129

Posted by , in CSR Book Club December 05, 2016 · 219 views
CSR Book Club, Feature and 2 more...
December is the end of the year, and I thought we could feature another end... Kuragari129's story, My Life Started at the End of the World. This is a story of how things can change, and all too often do, when teenagers are learning their way through life. Of course throwing in something like a rumor of the apocalypse really ups the drama! You'll have to...

Weekly Update

Weekly Wrap Up (Nov 27-Dec 3)

Posted by , in Weekly Update December 04, 2016 · 199 views
Weekly Update
Renee will be taking a bit of time off from the Site Blog but will return soon. I will be doing the weekly wrap up for the immediate future, so lets hope I don't mess it up ;) Monday we started the week off with the November CSR Discussion Day of Comicality's Between the Lines. Cia had a lengthy interview with Comicality about not only the story but...

CSR Book Club

November C S R Discussion Day: Between The Lines By Comicality

Posted by , in CSR Book Club November 28, 2016 · 278 views
CSR Book Club, Discussion and 2 more...
The year is almost over, and the time has flown by! Did you find the time to read Comicality's contemporary story featuring one young man's journey as he experiences his first year at college. If you did, make sure you share your thoughts on Comsie's story, but first, everyone can enjoy his answers to the questions I posed in his interview! If you we...

Weekly Update

Weekly Wrap Up (Nov 20 - Nov 26)

Posted by , November 27, 2016 · 366 views
Weekly Update
Well, it's the end of another week, which means it's time to take a look back at what has gone on in the various GA News Blogs. Don't forget that tomorrow is the discussion day for this month's CSR choice: Between the Lines by Comicality. If you haven't finished reading yet, you still have a little time. UPDATE: First let me apologize. I have a lot...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by , November 24, 2016 · 273 views

We just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone celebrating today a very Happy Thanksgiving. We hope that wherever you are, and whoever you're spending it with, whether it be Friends or Family, that you have a wonderful day.