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Tech Tuesday

Ip.board 3.1 And What It Means For You

Posted by , in Software & Tech May 31, 2010 · 2,409 views
Tech Tuesday, Site Update, Blogs and 2 more...
I will be updating the Forums very early on Wednesday morning (EDT) with the new version of IP.Board 3.1. There are a lot of new features and some under the hood changes. Not all the new features will be available right away, but will most likely be rolled out over time. Some things will be: What's New
Link Sharing
Easily share links from your com...

Tech Tuesday

From: Replacing Efiction

Posted by , in Software & Tech February 04, 2010 · 634 views
Tech Tuesday, eFiction
I am currently in the process of writing up program specifications for replacing eFiction.
Are there any features that you think eFiction is missing that you'd want?
Are there any features of eFiction that you would absolutely miss if they were removed? Please provide feedback by following the source link below.
Thanks! Source: Replacing eFiction

Tech Tuesday

Ip.gallery, Ip.blog And Ip.content Updated

Posted by , in Software & Tech January 20, 2010 · 1,215 views
Tech Tuesday, Upgrades
Ip.Gallery has been updated to the full release version. This should squash the bugs and it makes things look better.
IP.Blog has been updated to the full release version as well. This has corrected a number of bugs. The list view now works properly with paging.
IP.Content has also been updated with some new features that I will be using. IP.Content is th...

Tech Tuesday

Blogs Now Fixed

Posted by , in Software & Tech January 07, 2010 · 600 views
Tech Tuesday
The blogs are now displaying the proper date and posting properly.
Sorry for the delays. Myr

Tech Tuesday

Blog Date Issue Partially Fixed!

Posted by , in Software & Tech January 02, 2010 · 639 views
Tech Tuesday
The issue that disallowed posting after Dec 31, 2009 has been corrected! Unfortunately, the date is displaying as Jan 2, 2009. Not sure why. 
It was a simple bug and the company has been made aware of it.

Tech Tuesday

Software Updates Coming Soon

Posted by , in Software & Tech December 29, 2009 · 448 views
Tech Tuesday, IPB 3.1
As many of you probably know, I keep a pretty good track of what is going on with the software we use here on the site. The developers of the forum software recently posted an update of what would be in IPB 3.1.
A pretty cool new feature...
check it out:

Site News

2009 Readers Choice Awards Announcment

Posted by , in Site News December 18, 2009 · 419 views
Site News
The Writers Support Team is pleased to announce, it's that time of year again. Nominations and voting for the 2009 Readers Choice Awards will begin in early January 2010. More details will be posted soon.  
There is also a couple of new rules starting this year. 
Since the stories are not available to everyone, Premium Content stories are not el...

Tech Tuesday

What Happened To The Blogs?

Posted by , in Software & Tech December 16, 2009 · 735 views
Tech Tuesday, Software, Update
Welcome to the Beta Test of the new Blog software! 
As you can see, it looks a whole lot different than the old one. It also includes some cool stats in the corner. 
For those that love the "blog list", there is now an option to sort the whole blog list that way on several fields, including last comment. 
Check it out!