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December C S R Feature: My Life Started At The End Of The World By Kuragari129

Posted by , in CSR Book Club December 05, 2016 · 221 views

CSR Book Club Feature My Life Started Kuragari129

December is the end of the year, and I thought we could feature another end... Kuragari129's story, My Life Started at the End of the World. This is a story of how things can change, and all too often do, when teenagers are learning their way through life. Of course throwing in something like a rumor of the apocalypse really ups the drama! You'll have to read the story to find out what happens with Aidyn, Noah Skylar, and Greyson.


My Life Started at the End of the World

by Kuragari129


Length: 58,366


Description: Back in 2012 where people feared the doom of the world, Aidyn Scott must face his fears. Aidyn has strong feelings for a class mate, Noah Wesley. Skylar, Aidyn's little brother is just starting highschool and has began getting feelings for others. Specifically a new kid in town named Gresyon Payne, a blind boy whom he guides around the school. How will these four boys find their way through the "end of the world"?


A Reader Said: This is very good, each character is developing and adding to the whole, with several distinct threads of storyline to keep moving forward. ~kagenokami


This month's Discussion Day will take place on Monday, December 26th.

Sounds like an interesting story.  I'll try to read it by the discussion day.  :)

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I haven't read this, but I will if I can pull some time out of my... ah, yeah... if I can find some time :)  . It sounds good!

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Always good to find stories here ! Another story/author I do not know yet.

Love CSR stories so will start readuing soon.

Thanks for bringing it up here.

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