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February C S R Feature: Harry Potter Fan-Fic By Myr

Posted by , in CSR Book Club February 06, 2017 · 17 views

CSR Book Club Feature Harry Potter Fan-fic Myr

You might have seen his tech updates here in the site blog, or talked about video games in the Lounge, or just know the name of the all-powerful Myr. But it's been a while since members and readers have gotten a look at the man behind the magic that is GayAuthors. A lot of the content on GA is original, but we have a fanfiction category and part of that is Harry Potter fanfic, and Myr has several. You get to pick and choose which ones you'd like to read for this month's CSR feature. Don't forget to come back for the Discussion day on February 27th.


Myr's Harry Potter Fanfiction


Bad Boy Harry ~ 3,158 Words
This is a Harry and Draco single shot story. Harry is powerful and Draco is interested. Harry's not as golden as he should be.


Harry Potter and the Rooftop Encounter ~ 2,267 Words
Harry and Draco are angry at each other, as always. They bump into each other on top of the Astronomy Tower one night and thier fight turns into something else.


Harry Potter and the Shrieking Shack ~ 2,225 Words
Harry wants to try gay sex and he turns to his closest friend Ron Weasley. They head out to the Shrieking Shack to give sex a try.


The Sky Full of Star ~ 3,380 Words
Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy have always been at each other's throats. After an especially tough day, Ron retreats to the rooftop to get away from people and calm down. Draco finds him and thier fight turns into something else entirely.


Three-Edged Sword ~ 15,480 Words
This is a short story involving Draco Malfoy and George Weasley and takes place during the 5th year (for Harry and Draco).


A Reader Said of Three-Edged Sword: Thanks, Myr for a delightful story. I have enjoyed re-reading it every bit as much as I enjoyed it the first time. I had a good chuckle several times, but broke into a rather loud guffaw when you had poor Ron put his two knuts into the conversation! ~ BrianM


Don't forget to come back for my interview with Myr and to share your story thoughts on Monday, February 27th.

I haven't read any of these, but will be sure to check them out before the discussion day.  I look forward to reading the interview with the great and powerful Myr.  :gikkle:  :) 

I don't think I've read any of these, but I'm still waiting to hear of a sequel for A Bad Day to be WET  :) . I loved reading about Jammer and the AI... just a little hopeful nudge, Myr  :yes:  . Anyway, it's time I checked out these HP Fanfics by our great and powerful Wizard of GA.

I've read all these, but it was a while ago. Will have to read them again before the discussion day. 

Oh, these sound like fun. I'll be having a peek or two.

I'm kinda weary of fan fiction, but I'll gladly give these a read. :)


You know what, on top of Myr's fanfics, I'll make February a Harry Potter marathon and read all seven books and watch all eight movies! :D