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DynoReads' Blog

Accident Part 2 Omg

Posted by , February 13, 2017 · 101 views

So I tried to call my primary care physician for the name of orthopedist. The number is disconnected. Maybe I have the wrong number saved, so I do a google search. In Nov. 2016, 8 area doctors were arrested for a "pill mill", and prescribing fatal doses of hydrocodone. Mine was one of them.  
So I have to find a new primary care doctor as well as an...

Unintentional Consequences Of St Louis And B'more Riots.

Posted by , February 12, 2017 · 85 views
#political #police
I laid the bike down yesterday when I ran into gravel across the road on a blind curve. Sheriff came, police and ambulance.
One deputy got surly with hubby when he asked why there weren't warning signs out about the gravel. After all the road is a popular route for bikers on their way to Big Slick's Bar and Eatery and The motorcycle outpost. Gravel like t...

Dividing And Conquering

Posted by , January 22, 2017 · 120 views

Sometime in 2009 or before, I was home alone with my son when my phone rang. We had caller id on a huge globe, and the caller was listed as "Victoria, BC" with a number I didn't recognize. I let the answering machine get the call. The message, from a woman, was "Where are you babe? I miss you. I love you." I thought it was a wrong number as my phone num...

Dear Neighbor.....

Posted by , December 30, 2015 · 261 views

I'm sure your child is precious to you. All parents think their child is precious. I know your child is excited about his Christmas presents and wants to show our son. Our son is excited about his as well, and wants to spend his Christmas vacation playing Xbox One with his dad. You know the one who works 12 hour shifts and only gets to spend a day with o...

Unfinished Work

Posted by , September 05, 2015 · 356 views

When someone dies, there is always some unfinished work left. Usually it's something the deceased started. Today I found something I started for my brother when he first got sick 9 years ago. I was knitting a prayer shawl that should end up like this, only in denim blue heather: http://www.ritamille.../we052-back.jpg  
The pat...

Strange Day

Posted by , July 29, 2015 · 290 views

It started with a dream. At first the dream was nice. I dreamt I bought an old farmhouse, a southern one sitting on blocks, to restore. I got some pets, at first tiny puppies, that became some kind of pet rodent that really peed - like rivers. Suddenly there were a few youths at the summer porch door asking to borrow any camping gear I had. I told them I...

When We See You Again - The Final Goodbye

Posted by , June 08, 2015 · 291 views

So my brother's memorial happened, despite mother nature's best effort. The nasty rain here delayed my flight, The unusual snow fall, plus cold wet spring prevent the bush for my brother from being dug until two days before the memorial. Which meant we didn't have the sign ready since we weren't sure what we would be able to get. Rather fitting I think fo...

Games People Play

Posted by , June 05, 2015 · 258 views

Games belong on sports fields or tables. I absolutely abhor games. I was brought up that manipulating people is disrespectful and just plain wrong. 
The one girl I work with plays games. Our job description is cleaning cars, we get $3 more an hour than drivers do because it is harder work in less than pleasant conditions. She will do everything possi...

echos of the past

Posted by , April 12, 2015 · 224 views

Tonight while trying to get a date set for my brother's memorial one of his friends messaged me on FB. I thought it was his first girlfriend, but it turned out to have been someone he dated later.

In the last couple times my brother and I talked, we finally talked about the foster home, what happened, why people didn't listen. I learned a lot. It wasn't...

endless circles

Posted by , February 15, 2015 · 375 views

I've tried to write this so many times, and keep deleting it. I really don't know how to say what's on my mind.

My brother, R, wasn't feeling well at the end of October, but our sister, M, thought he could wait until he saw the specialist in December.
I spoke with M before thanksgiving when she wanted one of our dad's recipes. I suggested getting R to a...

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