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Accident Part 2 Omg

Posted by , February 13, 2017 · 99 views

So I tried to call my primary care physician for the name of orthopedist. The number is disconnected. Maybe I have the wrong number saved, so I do a google search. In Nov. 2016, 8 area doctors were arrested for a "pill mill", and prescribing fatal doses of hydrocodone. Mine was one of them.


So I have to find a new primary care doctor as well as an orthopedist.


Btw, for those that might remember, I was upset hearing my doctor ordering ammunition, same guy.


I see these kind of situations, prescribing hazardous medicines, in India a lot. But filing cases against them is rare, unless it leads to death. Sometimes there will be no action, even after the deaths.

Yikes .. 

Sounds as though you're better off without him - figuratively and in real life.  :blink:

Wow, you think this kind of stuff only happens on tv shows and such. But apparently it's all too true.

Yikes.  How horrible.

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