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Lyssa's blog

To The End

Posted by , February 18, 2017 · 58 views

Last part of flash backs Perhaps our life is a journey, I like the picture. Sometimes we take the relaxing one maybe in a spa, getting spoiled, at the beach letting the days passing by while watching the waves and the horizon. Or we choose the place we know since our childhood, which feels almost like home, comforting us with familiarity. There are t...

To R

Posted by , February 17, 2017 · 68 views

Words were always our problem “How can anyone study history of art!“, this were the first words, you ever spoke to me.
“Because I hate biochemistry?“, was my answer.
Our eyes locked. Immediately there was this challenge, amusement spread through us. I should have known from the start, this evening marks the beginning of a fulminant clash. ***

To B

Posted by , February 16, 2017 · 67 views

No need for flash backs, because you are present B. Something personal and maybe to smile about.  Loving a writer You are my past, my present my future.
Every good adjective is relate to you.
I love you since I met you, years ago,
before I knew it, for ever, until our stars burn up.
Love you in the kitchen, at the table, on the floor,

To K

Posted by , February 15, 2017 · 92 views

Something that was rumbling around my head for a while - just some memorandums Flash backs to a different live - one 
The moon sends his silver light through the window of the living room onto your face. Your eyes are closed. Sitting in front of the sofa, I am stroking your hair. Caress after caress is done slowly, silent, with caution not to di...

Memory Lane

Posted by , January 31, 2017 · 109 views

Tomorrow we will start a little journey. I am so full of joy. My parents donated us this trip, because they think B and I look so stressed and need some rest. So they planed all out and booked us a little cottage, we almost visited every year during my childhood and teenage time.
I am so excited to show my kids everything, the forest, the meadow, my belov...

To The House

Posted by , January 28, 2017 · 105 views

House, you never pretended to be more than this.
Not the first place we lived on our own.
The first place we called our home: All the bright big spaces, rays of sunshine,
scent of roses in the garden,
lying in between fields and forest Memories of children`s laughter,
first steps, first words, friends,
climbing-trees and neighbors Hous...

Without Prose – Without Wings

Posted by , January 18, 2017 · 125 views

I had to find emotional grip this morning to go on and rhyming helped to get my brain on track. So sorry for the bumpy poem, but I needed it. Hush, hush little girl
sleep good and tight.
Hush, hush little girl
we guard you at night. Girl you are so my kind
sunny and tough like hell.
A blow stroke from behind.
Can someone ring a bell? It's s...

Thoughts That Rumble Trough My Head – Things On My To Do List

Posted by , January 12, 2017 · 82 views

In the last few days I had a couple of assessments to pass, which each took me 16 to 24 hours work in preparation. And a serious presentation and meeting, which took me over all at least 4 days preparation, finding out figures, pictures and getting every detail right, communicating if someone else sees that I missed something and so on. 

Personal Reflection - The Last Day Of The Year.

Posted by , December 31, 2016 · 99 views

At the 31.12.2015 I never expected 2016 to become this exhausting like it was. At the 13. of January we decided to move back to Berlin. And even I felt torn between my life in this little village in Lower Saxony and my life in Berlin for years, it was not easy to leave one part behind. All in all I think we made the right choice.
We never really fit in in...

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