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To B

Posted by , February 16, 2017 · 68 views

No need for flash backs, because you are present B.


Something personal and maybe to smile about.


Loving a writer


You are my past, my present my future.
Every good adjective is relate to you.
I love you since I met you, years ago,
before I knew it, for ever, until our stars burn up.
Love you in the kitchen, at the table, on the floor,
besides the sea, above the cliff, trough every obstacle
and nearly every other preposition, I could use, too.
Almost every verb I like better doing it with you.
Irregularity never bothered us.
Active and passive we got a fix.
Direct and indirect speech works out.
Combinations of all parts done well.
Only the full stop causes problems,
I never want this to end.

Very nice, Lyssa.  I love the sentiment.  :)

Stunning and unabashed. :)

Stunning and unabashed. :)


Just as To K was, this too, is excellent! :thumbup:

Thanks! :*)

Wow Lyssa. This is strong and passionate. Beautiful. 



Thanks! :*)

I had really fun, figuring it out. And the best part, I send it to B and got a very interesting reaction :gikkle:.

I used to hear a song where hero looks heroine where and whom ever he see. Even on the vehicle's front gloss, back of the vehicle and all. It sounds funny but carries pure affection and love towards the other person. Another beautiful poem.

Thanks! It is great, that it worked, like I supposed. I am delighted. :*)

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