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tech tuesday

Tech Tuesday: Tagging Tutorial

Posted by , in Software & Tech June 30, 2015 · 312 views
tech tuesday, tags
This week I wanted to talk about the power of the Tag in the forum software. It has been a feature in the software for a long time now. Although we use them slightly differently in our Stories Archive, they function the same with our search system. What is a tag?
It is a descriptive word that you can attach to a topic, blog, gallery image, ebook, st...

Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday: Forum Usage And Layout Questions

Posted by , in Software & Tech June 23, 2015 · 658 views
Tech Tuesday, Updates
Wow, two weeks in a row. I'm still crazy busy along with the rest of our support team, but as I started to lay the ground work last week on a problem we've noticed. In case you missed last week's blog, the staff and members here at GA have noticed a larger than usual drop off in forum activity. It is completely normal for us to have this drop off during t...

Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday: Update On Software, Forums And Personal

Posted by , in Software & Tech June 16, 2015 · 747 views
Tech Tuesday
Hi everyone. Cia asked me to write a quick update on what's going on with the software. The answer to that is kind of complicated and it ties both personal and business stuff together. So I figured I'd just lay it out there for you. :) As some of you may recall, my father passed away suddenly in February. Since that time I have been pretty busy getti...

tech tuesday

Tech Tuesday - Friends vs Followers in the 4.0 Software

Posted by , in Software & Tech February 24, 2015 · 818 views
tech tuesday, software
We're back this week!
If you have been following along, then you know that the software we use for the forums and everything else on site is getting a major update to the 4.0 version. They have just recently released 4.0 RC 1. In software terms, that means they view the software as ready for the public ie, a release candidate. From now forward, they ar...

tech tuesday

Tech Tuesday - Reading Stories In Stories Archive Survey

Posted by , in Software & Tech January 27, 2015 · 610 views
tech tuesday, survey and 1 more...
This week's blog is a quick poll. We are currently planning on adding new controls to the Stories pages, like the font size change you can use now. The first is what I'll call book format. This will indent the first line of a paragraph and reduce the spacing between paragraphs. You'd be able to use either.
The second would be I guess contrast mode. y...

tech tuesday

Tech Tuesday - Staff Volunteers

Posted by , in Software & Tech January 20, 2015 · 550 views
tech tuesday, staff volunteers
As I hope everyone is aware, Gay Authors runs because of our volunteers. We have a ton of daily things going on and a ton more we'd like to do, but just don't have the hands to do it.

So if you like Gay Authors and the content we provide for you and have some extra time, then we'd like you to step up! Now, we are also looking for some different perspecti...

tech tuesday

Tech Tuesday - New Theme Development

Posted by , in Software & Tech January 13, 2015 · 833 views
tech tuesday, site theme
This week I wanted to talk about the new site theme that we are developing. You can view it yourself by going to the bottom of the page and clicking "Change Theme". The new theme is currently called "GA Test Theme". By the end of Tuesday, it will be the default view of the site so that we can do some larger scale testing. If you don't like it currently, t...

tech tuesday

Tech Tuesday 5 - eBooks in the new system

Posted by , in Software & Tech December 23, 2014 · 588 views
tech tuesday, eBooks
Tech Tuesday 5 - eBooks in the new system For those of you celebrating the Festival of Lights, Happy Hanukkah! :wub:
For those of you celebrating the birth of the Savior, Merry Christmas! :wub:
For those of you are celebrating the start of winter, Happy Winter Solstice! :wizard:
For those of you celebrating some time off from work because of some pesky religious holiday, Happy Holidays! :wub:

tech tuesday

Tech Tuesday 3 - Fixing The Author Listing

Posted by , in Software & Tech December 09, 2014 · 565 views
tech tuesday, stories and 1 more...
Welcome to week 3! This week's blog is a joint venture between A.J. and I. It's about our Author pages. For some time now, we've had a bit of a problem when you tried to view the list of All Authors. It would take around thirty seconds to build that page. Way too long. We've finally had a chance to investigate it and A.J. has developed and implemente...

Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday 2 - Updating The Look Of Stories.

Posted by , in Software & Tech December 02, 2014 · 671 views
Tech Tuesday
Tech Tuesday 2 
One of our ongoing challenges here at GA is responding to changing technology. We made a decision some time ago that we'd wait until the new forum software, IP.Community 4.0, was released before updating the look and feel of the site. At the time that decision was made, we expected the 4.0 software to be available within six months. O...