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Writing Prompts #466 & #467

Posted by , in Writing Prompts December 18, 2015 · 564 views
Prompts, First Line, Creative
It's time for the last Prompts of the year!!! Normally we'd have at least one more, but with the 25th falling on a Friday and the reveal for the Secret Santa Contest happening on the 25th, there won't be any prompts next week. Don't forget to send your votes to A.J. before December 23rd at 2:00 PM EST. Now, onto the prompts! Hopefully you'll find one of...


Writing Prompts #464 & #465 & Poetry #16

Posted by , in Writing Prompts December 04, 2015 · 402 views
Prompts, Poetry, First Line and 1 more...
Finally, the end of the week and time for a couple of new prompts to inspire you. I hope everyone got in their Anthology entries, as the deadline was yesterday and it is now closed to new entries. If you had thought about doing an anthology, but wasn't able to, maybe you have a holiday themed story for the Secret Santa Christmas Contest . The deadline for...


Writing Prompts Poetry Second Chance

Posted by , in Writing Prompts November 27, 2015 · 518 views
Prompts, Poetry
First, a reminder that the deadline for the Winter Anthology is coming up quickly. We've gotten a few entries, but there is always room for more. Now for the prompts. I thought this week it might be a great idea to look at some of the first poetry prompts that AC Benus has been providing in the forums. If you haven't already checked them out, then now's y...


Writing Prompts #462 & #463

Posted by , in Writing Prompts November 20, 2015 · 286 views
Prompts, List of Words, Creative
Well, it's Friday again and since Comicfan is without a computer right now, and I'm out of prompts, I guess I'm just going to have to wing it. Since Thanksgiving is next week, I decided to do one prompt using it and one not (sorta). Hopefully you enjoy these prompts and if you do, don't forget to share it in the prompt forum. Prompt #462 - Creative


Writing Prompts #460 & #461

Posted by , in Writing Prompts November 13, 2015 · 428 views
Prompts, First Line, Creative
Have you started working on your Secret Santa Short Story contest entry? If you haven't, and are still trying to come up with ideas for it, maybe one of today's prompts will jump start something for you. Also, another reminder, if you want to participate in the Winter Anthology, the deadline to have your story to the proof team is December 3rd. Now, let'...


Writing Prompts #458 & #459

Posted by , in Writing Prompts November 06, 2015 · 410 views
Prompts, Word List, Creative
Happy Prompt Day!!! Otherwise known as Friday. I hope everyone has had a great week and are getting geared up for the weekend. Have you ever tackled one of the prompts provided by Comicfan? If not, what better time is there than now? Each week, Comicfan provides two brand new prompts to help get the ideas flowing. Don't forget to share your prompt respons...


Writing Prompts Second Chance #270 & #271

Posted by , in Writing Prompts October 30, 2015 · 408 views
Prompts, Creative
Hi Everyone :)  Turns out that I'm helping out in a pinch with this weeks Prompt Me! blog entry. Our prompt guru Wayne, aka Comicfan, and Renee are shall we say 'indisposed' for now. :unsure:  Since I'm not an expert here, I thought I would copy a Prompt Me! that was originally posted on October 17, 2013 by Comicfan. I thought why not give t...


Writing Prompts #456 & #457

Posted by , in Writing Prompts October 22, 2015 · 485 views
Prompts, First Line, Creative
Wow! Is it me or are the weeks flying by? Welcome to another Friday, and you know what that means don't you? Prompt time. As usual, I don't want to hold you up, but need everyone to remember that prompt responses under 1,000 words must be posted as part of a collection. Now, on to the prompts. Prompt 456 – Creative Tag – First Line “How did...


Writing Prompts #454 & #455

Posted by , in Writing Prompts October 15, 2015 · 413 views
prompts, List of Words, Creative
Welcome back to another Friday Prompt Me! Yes, amazing how quickly the week seems to pass. Already those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are seeing the cooler temperatures moving in, the leaves changing colors, and announcement of snow. Seems that autumn is flying by. As it does hopefully people are taking time to enjoy things and perhaps even taking a b...


Writing Prompts #452 & #453

Posted by , in Writing Prompts October 08, 2015 · 431 views
Prompts, First Line, The Break and 1 more...
Well here we are again at the start of another weekend. Yes, it is Friday and that means it is time to tempt you all with some new prompts. Now that October is underway, some people might find it nice to curl up with some apple cider, a slice of pumpkin pie, and write! As usual it is time to see if we can encourage new authors, revitalize lagging authors,...