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December C S R Feature: My Life Started At The End Of The World By Kuragari129



December is the end of the year, and I thought we could feature another end... Kuragari129's story, My Life Started at the End of the World. This is a story of how things can change, and all too often do, when teenagers are learning their way through life. Of course throwing in something like a rumor of the apocalypse really ups the drama! You'll have to read the story to find out what happens with Aidyn, Noah Skylar, and Greyson.


by Kuragari129


Length: 58,366


Description: Back in 2012 where people feared the doom of the world, Aidyn Scott must face his fears. Aidyn has strong feelings for a class mate, Noah Wesley. Skylar, Aidyn's little brother is just starting highschool and has began getting feelings for others. Specifically a new kid in town named Gresyon Payne, a blind boy whom he guides around the school. How will these four boys find their way through the "end of the world"?


A Reader Said: This is very good, each character is developing and adding to the whole, with several distinct threads of storyline to keep moving forward. ~kagenokami


This month's Discussion Day will take place on Monday, December 26th.

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Sounds like an interesting story.  I'll try to read it by the discussion day.  :)

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I haven't read this, but I will if I can pull some time out of my... ah, yeah... if I can find some time :)  . It sounds good!

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Always good to find stories here ! Another story/author I do not know yet.

Love CSR stories so will start readuing soon.

Thanks for bringing it up here.

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