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Weekly Update
Weekly Wrap Up (Dec 18 - 24)



Well this is an eventful day in many places in the world....


Merry Christmas












Happy Hanukkah




I'm sure many of you have already opened your pressies and getting ready to have a feast! If you don't celebrate either of these traditions, we all wish you all the very best on these happy days to everyone, everywhere!!


So let's look back at the week that was.


Monday we started off the week with Cia doing up the December Signature Feature. We learned the that December is Valkyrie's Alex's Legacy. Valkyrie shared some of her favourite reviews she received on the story. Also, we were given the banner that we can download to our signature if you choose.


Tuesday was a day for Myr to take over and give us another addition of Tech Tuesday. Myr updated us all on the workings going on behind the scenes with the upcoming launch of the new IP Board Software that drives our site. There has been 2 years of updates that we have passed on and now we are getting ready for 4.1.18 to drive our forums. Expect more blog posts as we move even closer to the launch in early 2017. Also a big thank you to everyone who had helped out with the beta testing!


Wednesday the we featured Valkyrie's story Alex's Legacy again! This time it was the Signature Excerpt from this popular story. We learned that she actually got the story started from a prompt. Just shows that Prompts are a great way to get ideas coming to life. Val also shared an except that meant the most to her!


Then on an different Thursday post, we finally found out the much anticipated release of the 2016 Special Anthology "Rewind" was made live! We have 12 new stories that everyone had an option of choosing any past themes. Not only that, Headstall won a prize given out for authors participating. We also learned of another contest running that every story you read, and review, you get entered into another draw for some great prizes. Make sure you check out every one of these great entries as well as leave a review to show how much you appreciate the authors for making the effort to participate! Also, maybe pop onto the many members profile page's of the Anthology team and leave a nice thank you for their work on their profile feed.


Anthology Announcements:


***NOTE: For the immediate future, please copy in Cia on all Anthology PM's to Renee
***NOTE: All Deadlines are for submission to the Anthology Proof Team

  • 2017 Spring Anthology: Jagged Edges / Unintended Consequences - Due April 30th, 2017
  • 2017 Fall Anthology: The Fall Out / Secret Spaces - Due November 15th, 2017

Premium Updates:


Studly Ranch Hands by Renee Stevens *Premium*


Classic Updates:


The Red Wagon by Ronyx


Signature Updates:


Bill's Christmas Gift by comicfan **2016 Special Anthology: Rewind**


Black Widow by Mark Arbour; Book 16 of Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP)


Faeries Anonymous by Valkyrie **2016 Special Anthology: Rewind**


Innocence & Carnality - Part Two by Mann Ramblings; Book 2 of I & C


Maelstrom by Valkyrie **2016 Special Anthology: Rewind**


Mental Games by Bill W


Mine! by Cia


Release Me by Comicality


HMS Valiant by Mark Arbour; Book 7 of Bridgemont


Temporary Dads by Graeme


The Castaway Hotel: Next Generation Book 2 by Bill W; Book 11 of The Castaway Hotel


The Legend of Treehaven Woods by Valkyrie **2016 Special Anthology: Rewind**


Promising Updates:


An Advent Calendar by aditus


Boxed In: A Christmas Story by Headstall **2016 Special Anthology: Rewind**


Daddy Issues by Sasha Distan **2016 Special Anthology: Rewind**


Family Matters by Sasha Distan **2016 Special Anthology: Rewind**


Finding Refuge by Headstall **2016 Special Anthology: Rewind**


Headstall's Reflections by Headstall


Morningstar: The Malaise by Headstall


Of Prophets, Saints and Sinners by AC Benus; Book 8 of Christmas at Famous-Barr


Stepping Through the Mirror by Headstall **2016 Special Anthology: Rewind**


The Egyptian Pantheon by Sasha Distan


Tiger Winter by Sasha Distan


Trade Deals by Sasha Distan **2016 Special Anthology: Rewind**


Voli Me Tangere by aditus **2016 Special Anthology: Rewind**


Don't forget.... Read, Write, and Review!

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Thanks for all those X-mas greetings.

And so many anthologie stories.

Just read the stories from Valkyrie. Loved them.

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