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C S R Discussion Day: My Life Started At The End Of The World By Kuragari129



Wow... the last CSR Discussion day of the year. I can't believe how fast 2016 has gone. Ups, downs, the world has really changed for so many of us. And that's the theme of Kuragari's story, My Life Started at the End of the World. Did you find out how her story ends? Make sure you don't miss your chance to share your thoughts here! But first, as always, my interview with Kuragari.


Do you eat your fruits and vegetables?
Oh hell no, I'm terrible at eating my fruits and vegetables.


If you had 30 minutes of free time, what would you do?
Probably pull out my 3ds and play Pokemon. I basically play pokemon whenever I can so that's probably what I would do.


What brought you to GA?
Originally, I have no idea what brought me to GA. When I actually started putting my stories on GA I had another site ask me to submit my stories on there. And then I got told the story I was asked to submit didn't fallow their rules/guidelines. So I went onto here, looked at the guidelines and put up the stories I was able to put up.


Do you have a favorite story on GA that you’ve read?
Paradox of Friendship by InTheMindOfSunshine. It was the first story on GA that I read to the end and one of the stories that inspired me to write my own. It's a very serious story and has some dark themes in it.


What’s the first thing you do when you start to write a story?
Concept or plot usually. What kind of plot will this story have or what kind of concept the story will bring forth. Every story is a little different.


Was there any particular reason you chose an apocalypse setting for your plot?
I simply thought of one question to myself, “I wonder what happened with gay kids around 2012?” and that turned into “I wonder if they came out in fear that the world was actually going to end.” And that became the basis of my story.


How did you come up with My Life Started at the End of the World as the title?
Oh man, MLSEW was started back in 2014 and I have no idea what exactly happened to get the name. I knew I wanted to start the story at the point where Aidyn came out in front of everyone. So it probably spawned from the idea that your life really starts when you come out of the closet.


Did the characters or the plot come to you first?
Definitely the plot in this case. Like I said before, the story started with asking about coming out before the end of the would. So the plot came before anything else.


Though I think I had Aidyn's name ready right off the bat. Noah and Skylar were also names I wanted to use for a while at the time so I decided on their names rather early in development. Greyson was the only character that needed to be made from the ground up.


Was it a challenge to write two different couples in one story?
My first story actually had 4 couples in it, so having many couples wasn't new to me. The part that makes it easy for me is knowing who each couple will end up with. When I have the endgame planned from the beginning I can play with what happens to each character easier. It helped that Aidyn & Noah and Skylar & Greyson had different relationships to work with.


What are your future projects?
At the moment I have three current projects; My Life Started After High School(MLSAHS)(MLSEW's sequel), Life's Unexpected Surprises(LUS) and Life of Phoenix(LOP). I am just finishing LOP and that will let me focus on MLSAHS and LUS.
With that in mind I have had a story idea in my head for a while and just haven't had the time to do it with all my active stories, so maybe I'll finally get to writing it! For right now like I said, I'm focusing on my current projects in the works.

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I love how the story was born out of a random thought.  Inthemindofsunshine's Paradox series is one of my site favorites too. Great interview.  :) 

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