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Weekly Update
Weekly Wrap Up (Feb 5 - Feb 11)

Renee Stevens


I hope everyone had a great week! Since it was such a busy week this week, I think today I'm going to get right into the Wrap Up for the week.


Have you read the various Harry Potter Fan-Fic by Myr? If not, now's your chance as on Monday, Cia announced that Myr's Harry Potter Fan-Fic is this month's CSR Book Club choice. The discussion day will take place on Feb 27th, but with the numerous stories, you should have plenty of time to get something read before the discussion takes place!


Myr took Tuesday over this week to discuss another new aspect of the upcoming site update. According to the post, members will be able to decide how they want to view the stories they are reading. Want to find out more about this new feature? Check out Myr's blog post.


For Wednesday, we took a look at our currently posting premium story, Negative Splits by Cia. Based on the comments, members are already enjoying her story. If you haven't started reading it yet, and you want to, Wednesday's blog contains all the information you need about premium subscriptions.


Thursday we announced that GA's newest Promising Author is Caz Pedroso. If you haven't already done so, stop by and offer your congratulations to Caz. You can also find a link to all of Caz's stories.


Not only did Friday bring us the regular two new prompts from comicfan, but it was also a chance for authors to share some of their various past prompt responses.



  • 2017 April Fool's Day Short Story Contest - Due March 1st, 2017 *Guidelines*

Anthology Announcements:


***NOTE: All Deadlines are for submission to the Anthology Proof Team

  • 2017 Spring Anthology: Jagged Edges / Unintended Consequences - Due April 30th, 2017
  • 2017 Fall Anthology: The Fall Out / Secret Spaces - Due November 15th, 2017

Premium Updates:
Negative Splits by Cia *Premium*
Dreams of a Father by dkstories; Book 2 of Dreams of Humanity *Premium*


Signature Updates:
HMS Valiant by Mark Arbour; Book 7 of Bridgemont
Mine! by Cia
Temporary Dads by Graeme
The Castaway Hotel: Next Generation Book 2 by Bill W; Book 11 of The Castaway Hotel


Promising Updates:
A Half-Ounce of Gold by AC Benus; Book 3 of The XXX Series
A Man in a Room, and other poems by AC Benus; Book 6 of Verse
Buy One, Get Two and Three... by Caz Pedroso
Confide/ant by Sasha Distan
Fallen Pride by Sasha Distan; Book 7 of The Best Circle of Hell Stories
Give Me Back My Prompts by Sasha Distan; Book 4 of GA Prompts
Headstall's Reflections by Headstall
How I Met Him Here by carringtonrj
Morningstar: The Malaise by Headstall
The Tower, and other pieces by AC Benus
Tiger Winter by Sasha Distan
Walls by Carlos Hazday; Book 6 of CJ







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Well aren't we people in purple keeping y'all busy. Good week guys!

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