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Accident Part 2 Omg



So I tried to call my primary care physician for the name of orthopedist. The number is disconnected. Maybe I have the wrong number saved, so I do a google search. In Nov. 2016, 8 area doctors were arrested for a "pill mill", and prescribing fatal doses of hydrocodone. Mine was one of them.


So I have to find a new primary care doctor as well as an orthopedist.


Btw, for those that might remember, I was upset hearing my doctor ordering ammunition, same guy.

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I see these kind of situations, prescribing hazardous medicines, in India a lot. But filing cases against them is rare, unless it leads to death. Sometimes there will be no action, even after the deaths.

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Sounds as though you're better off without him - figuratively and in real life.  :blink:

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Wow, you think this kind of stuff only happens on tv shows and such. But apparently it's all too true.

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