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I got a haircut

I got a haircut

And this is how Jamie did it. I'm not sure on it. Don't expect me to keep this posted, I'm so self conscious! Lol

    I really like it.  I think you look great!

    You look great, this is a good look on you :)
    Love it!

    Suits you... looks great!

    Cute, Lacey! :heart:

    Aw thanks, maybe it's not sad bad after all! ^/////^

    You look lovely  :)

    It's great, Lacey! And it's very trendy with the hair combed back like that.


    You look terrific! :)

    You are very beautiful and I don't just throw that word around. Your hair compliments this.


    I am humbled and enamoured. 

    <-- I'll just go over here and be shy now. :P

    Lol thanks! I'm going to strut now.