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12 pont


not mine

12 pont

A 12 pont. A list of things demanded by our nation (and most of Europe during the 1848-49 revolutions)
Soon writing a story, and hopefully some poetry too about it, and the events surrounding the revolution.

    Wow, an awesome subject to write about 

    Yeah. :) Hopefully it will be presentable by March fifteen, when we celebrate our fathers and their fight for freedom :)

    Frankly, I don't understand a word of it. But I can say, inspiration is a major thing even though it came from small or large entities. So be inspired and inspire all... :thumbup:

    What they are my friend...The basics of today`s life...No censoring anything because the government doesn`t like it, freedom of speech,

    No differences based on your religion, etc in front of court.

    Every country to have their own government, with no one to spit in their soup.

    Every country having their own army.

    No more "lords and slaves" system.

    Everyone, regardless of title and occupation must pay taxes. etc.

    Come to think about it, nobody has these things today...just the illusion.