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  1. Just finished reading ... I always hate when a good read comes to an end...and hope maybe a sequel is hiding in the wings.?
  2. Happy Birthday Bill!

  3. so I am a wondering if there is a sequel awaiting in the love story of Tevor and Shane?
  4. hummm I wonder if he is teasing us like Sean tease Trevor, causing him to walk into trees?
  5. I am in pain waiting almost a month for the last chapter before the epilog. Did the goat eat the manuscript?
  6. You have started bringing back several of your stories, but then you stop and start with another.
  7. grrrrrr, am I right there are only 3 more chapters? What will I do for my weekly cliff hanger? CJ you need to keep writing ...
  8. hummmmmm? what are this kids going to do now. Joel and Lisa almost stir the hornets to bring out their stingers, now Tervor and Shane? Have to wait to see. Thanks for the chapter.
  9. I was looking through lists of stories by Altimexis and it looks like Legacy is no longer in the list. Did I miss something?
  10. Got to love the twists and turns. Did you blowup the Zodiac? Hope Gary enjoys his wealth for a day or two
  11. Good to see Shane reconnecting with family and friends. Argo Case -- Nut Case? While I know the book will need to come to a conclusion sometime, there are still a bunch of loose ends to weave in to the fabric. Don't want the story to unravel. And that I sure hope you go on to write write write.
  12. ahhhhh, just finished my CJ fix. Another great chapter.... I so want Bridget to get her come-upence
  13. anticipation is making us wait. While I missed my weekly fix, and I went into total withdrawal and the DTs, I guess I will make it another week, with the shakes. . I just hope when you have finished this epic you will start in on the next.
  14. Happy Birthday my Friend, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a GREAT year :)

  15. Mike and I had fun time at Standard Market open house. Drank too much wine bought too much wine, enjoyed the steaks we brought home for dinner.... all in all WOW. If you live in the Downers Grove, Westmont area discover Standard Market. It is worth every penny.