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  1. Happy Birthday Westie!

  2. Happy Birthday!

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      Happy Birthday to you.

  3. I would buy premium membership, but I only make technology or related purchases using bitcoin. It's a hard and fast rule that I have, which does make like harder sometimes with sites that don't accept it.
  4. I'm sure he's just busy. I had mail from him as recent as the 27th June. Going quiet for a few weeks isn't unusual if work gets in the way.
  5. Not at all. He is in this instance a made up character (I think). Prince Genarro (1 n, 2 r) - our character - has no entry that I can find in any of my usual sources. That said, Prince Gennaro Bourbon-Two Sicilies (note 2 n, 1 r in the spelling of the first name), can refer to two people. The first is the eighth child of King Ferdinand (the King we meet in the story). He dies aged 8 of Smallpox, and for historical reasons would more usually be referred to as Prince Gennaro of Naples and Sicily. The second is Prince Genarro, son of Prince Alfonso, Count of Caserta - who was a grandchild of our King Ferdinand and died in 1944. I would suggest he is a composite character that has no place in real history, but has been created to fit in with the overall era. Additionally, I think he was a convenient plot device at the time, but there is little evidence he plays a significant part in the story. I would suggest that as the junior midshipman, we will see very little interaction between him and the captain - as indeed we rarely do with the other midshipmen. Regardless, as Chapter 42 saw the ship transfer to Calvert - headed to St Helena - and the only officer to leave was Clifton, I suspect the Prince will be off stage for some time.
  6. Hey, this is all good news, When we met you in London last year, there seemed to be a disconnect between you and your Ex; maybe it was one you weren't aware of yet, or maybe you were. You seemed like a confident guy, constantly having to restrain himself. You could see a huge amount of excitement in your eyes at being in London and seeing something new. But then I see you here and occasionally on facebook and you're like a man set free. Goals, dreams, that are yours and yours alone. Shared with your loved ones, but chosen by you. I really hope things continue to get better and better for you. West
  7. Good things some to those who.... wait
  8. Hmmmm.... Patience men. Like Granger, sometimes we will spend weeks becalmed on an ocean like glass, but eventually the wind will blow... Usually just in time to fight off and escape a bunch of xebecs...
  9. We should start at the beginning. Not yet mentioned: Bob Jensen in chapter 19 of CAP, Fritz in Chapter 33 of CAP.
  10. Ha!! I've been so busy with work lately (spending an increasing amount of time over on your side of the pond) that I got worried I was neglecting the beta reading. So I logged on to my emails with trepidation, imagining all sorts of gentle or not so gentle ribbing - only to find the only messages were for baldness cures and penis enlargements. Oh, and an interesting email from a Nigerian prince that apparently is going to make me millions....
  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. I always find that some of the earlier stories still stand up quite well on their own. I am about to fly out to Montreal (from the UK) and usually make sure I have a couple of the old stories as ebooks for the flight. Whenever Mark takes a break, I often find myself reading the old books to get my fix.
  13. Westie.... brought to you live from Montreal, for one week only!

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      welcome to our side of the world :)

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      Enjoy your time in North America!

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      Montreal is one of my favorite cities. Have a great time!

  14. Well, its a smooth read - but the de facto authority on English Manners is of course Debretts. Unless you are looking specifically at the aristocracy, in which case you reach for Burke's. I agree though that this is eminently more accessible - debretts books are obscenely expensive.
  15. Ahhh, so in that context, to set "all" plain sails is to set the entire suite of "ordinary" sails on the ship. Most of the time, a ship would be under limited sail, because depending on the wind a larger sail can actually cause more resistance/drag, than it benefits from being set.