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  1. I don't know, what i would write. But this is another great chapter from you for us. Thank you Bill. I look forward for the next chapter, oh, this will be over a week ... :-)
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. sure, my posts are my suggestions about the castaway hotel, but you can always surprise me. Thanks Bill
  4. The first 8 chapters are great to read. I think you make a great job about the Currie-Family. And in the Chapter of Christmas, there will be another boy age near to Noah or will there be the boys of bennys forster parents? I can't wait to read the next couple of chapters.
  5. Thank you, i've read the first chapter and can't wait to read the next couples of chapters of the new book.
  6. oh, i hope that on Thanksgiving the new castaway hotel book is available on gayauthors, than i can read it in the cold european winter month with hot glühwine, lebkuchen and candlelight.
  7. I think, the other projects are equal to the Currie clan, Don't make a race to write a new story for us, we like the good old fashion, how you write. You have the time of your live to write a new chapter, and we can enjoy it together.
  8. today, i have looked in the story secton of bill w's books, it is almost over 4 years that the last part of the next generation was published. I hope that i can read in the year 2016 a new story of the curries. I can't wait anymore and have read the books again. Bill W, please release us and write a new book ... Young Joshi will be a teenager soon ... and the other boys will be out of highschool... there are many things that can be possible...
  9. I've read the complete castaway stories also the first writen story. I hope there will be more in the next future for me to read. The characters are very well described and i love them all. How BigBearPaul has written, there are many lines to make the Castaway Hotel worth to write more books of them. Sorry for my bad english, but i'm from overseas an not a native speaker.
  10. thank you, i will translate it and put your name and e-mail address on too.
  11. WELCOME TO GA!!!

  12. welcome to GA. Now sit back and relax. Here have a Newbie Cheat sheet to find some good reading material until you find your way around.

  13. Welcome to GA! :)

  14. Thank you for the great story about suicide! I would like to translate your story into german, because you have made in my eyes a very good impression about suicide. Please, let me know if it's possible to translate your story. kind regards