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  1. Monsoon - by tokio hotel ( I love this song )
  2. Wedding dress by tommy c and J.reyez ( its not that sad but this is probably the onl song that i like which makes me cry...well not anymore!) :blink:
  3. omg those guys were so young!!!!! i dont think it was possible not to cry.... : (
  4. Introverted 11% Sensing 38% Thinking1%( what??? ) Perceiving 44%
  5. Dom Luka is a hard act to follow but there are many wonderful authors. Mark Arbour and Comicality, Nephylim and several others that are exceptional. Pick a hosted author and give them a go.

  6. Thaxs for the welcome

  7. And hey, no worries, some of my best friends are straight. Everyone can't be perfect you know. lol Welcome

  8. Welcome to GA! Now sit back and relax, you're in good company. Can I get you something good to read? How about one of my newbie cheat sheets? It'll help you find something good to read while you are learning to navigate the site.