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  1. Thank you for an Epic read! I have enjoyed reading it fully this last year and a half.
  2. Thank you for a well written story with a protagonist that mostly survived a protagonist. :-) And yeah, I'm also looking forward to the final epilog. I'll miss the characters... as well as finding out how they liquidate the huge chunk of gold which at today's prices is about $2200.00 an oz. (and no I'm NOT gonna ask about troy ounces versus regular ounces). TY again.
  3. I'm not complaining - really. Yes, I am... If I have additional thoughts on a chapter, I'd really love to be able to post them. I mean, you have asked for feedback. And when I feel 'compelled' to give that to you, it's frustrating when I can't follow up with an associated thought or thoughts. It's just the way my mind works... It's how I draw order out of chaos. ANYWAYS, I was trying to give additional feedback on chapter 155 in Circumnavigation and the system wouldn't allow it. I didn't see anyway to input an additional response OR append my initial response. ):
  4. You have become very adept at weaving tangled tales of intregue. I've followed this story line for a couple of years now and enjoyed even the 'slow' parts. While Trevor has matured and no longer seems like such a protagonist, he till seems charmingly vulnerable. While it's not germane to the story, Id like to ask if Trevor is versatile in his role with Shane. I ask because I know several gentlemen that are Bi and like to bottom. Just curious. Again, thanks for a well and detailed alternate reality which I can escape into while relieving my now dull existence.
  5. I do like the turn-about-fair-play use of Gray's tracker where the video tape is concerned. Most of the story has been about a protagonist taking his licks and just survivng. It's nice to see Trevor taking a pro-active role in his own defense. I'll love reading his uncle Greg's response to his no longer being a pawn in this drama, but an active paladin himself capable of moving any direction necessary to protect himself and his lover. thnx!
  6. hahahaha... The 16 inch gun can propel a projectile of 2200 pounds 22-28 miles, and when it hits, each one creates a hole 50 feet deep and 500 feet across. BAD NEWS INDEED for the opposition!!! Those guns sank an island off Vietnam many years ago when they started shelling at dusk and stopped at sunrise. There was NOTHING left of the island.
  7. Of course, if 'I' were to go the around the world cruise on a private catamaran I kinda like the weapon the U.S. coast Guard likes to use on their boats. It's a 60mm motar... :-) Although it is expensive to shoot. *giggles* The .50 cal is like $3.00 a round to practice with. ouch!
  8. The 30 '06 Mauser rifle overall is a good choice simply because of its long lived popularity and the extremely wide range of cartridges available. I was surprised though at your choice as I would have expected a British .303 rifle using the mauser action since we are talking Australia here. As a side note the BEST sniper rifles are still made in Great Britain in the .303 calibre. Next in line is the U.S. made sniper rifles in Winchester .308 (or, if you will .308 NATO). Both the British and the U.S. also make .50 calibre sniper rifles which are very accurate out to 3000 meters. The British came out with a titanium barrel .50 calibre that is lighter (11 pounds lighter), but kicks a great deal. Let’s see… Oh yeah, ammunition. Too much hype has been given to the Teflon coated bullet. The original armor piercing bullet, whose performance has never been surpassed, is the bronze bullet. It is made from mixing (by weight) 10 parts copper with 1 part tin. It’s what is called canon grade bronze. Thank you for continuing Circumnavigation.
  9. You asked for feedback... so here it is. I picked up on your story when the 8th or maybe 9th chapter was posted. I've followed and enjoyed much of Circumnavigation and your tour of Australia. However, your protagonist (Trevor) did an about face by being so terribly open with Gray (a total stranger). This is really out of character, unless of course, you are having Trevor working two or three levels deep in this story. Now THAT would be more in character, especially after the boy had experienced the pirates murder attempt upon him. You can keep the ending a secret if that's what you want. I've enjoyed the story line so far and it would not hurt my feelings to end it now. I'm satisfied where the two lovers' are right now - enjoying life and each other. I can't ask more than that even in real life. Thanks for listening. Rick
  10. Happy Birthday my Friend, I hope you have a FANTASTIC day and a GREAT year :)

  11. hahahaha Well all I can add is that I've followed the story for quite some time and while sections of it ARE SLOW I've enjoyed it immensely. Besides, I've enjoyed the maps and links. I do want to visit the southern hemisphere. It's on my list of things to do before I die. I want to see the Milky Way looking toward the center of our galaxy. Here in the northern hemisphere all we can see looking out toward the rim of our galaxy is maybe 10% of the stars you see in the south. But I digress. I'd like to see the characters grow and develop more open feelings for one another. And again, that's just me. I'm a romantic at heart.
  12. I've followed the series with much interest over many months and just wanted to thank you for a compelling story for me to read. Sometimes, it's slow, but you set up the next chapter well. I never had the emotional support Trevor has growing up and there is some envy on my part. The bottom line is that I'm enjoying this story and the awesome photos as well! Thank you. I do some editing for friends and I know how much work is required to produce a polished product. I've done technical writing on my own, and maybe, someday I'll try my hand at writing fiction. Character interaction for now is my stumbling block. Keep writing! Hugz!!! Ricky
  13. I have followed this series chapter by chapter ever since I discovered this awesome odyssey. I want to express my love of the characters and the way they have evolved over the course of the series. I WOULD like to see Trevor be MUCH more open about his sexuality. I mean, the ones that mean the most to him have already expressed their support and acceptance of him. The rest? Well they really don't matter1 the world is a big place full of people with both love and hate. Seek out and surround yourself with the ones to love and support you! Avoid, and as necessary, protect yourself and the ones you love from those that would harm you and yours. Thank you for an incredible adventure in a wonderful setting as a young man comes of age and learns what it means to evolve into his own loving, caring man. Trevor is no fool, but still is naive in the ways of intrigue. He is learning quickly though, and I suspect Shane has a major role yet to play out. Again. Thank you. Ricky (aka Ricky_writer, emoRicky)
  14. Thank you for a really well written fantasy and mystery combination story. It could have been applied to a gay or straight format, but I loved the ending scenes involving the two boys and their honest responses to the love and caring they demonstrated for one another. I enjoyed you work! Thank you again. Ricky.
  15. Welcome to GA ~!!~ To reply to comments left for you, click on the person's name and leave your reply at their profile.