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  1. What do I have to do to get to live in a house that does the dishes and laundry for me? Being around flowing magma and hot lava seems almost worth it! OTOH, there are some pretty strange folks there, too; not at all sure I want to deal with them. And apparently no trees. I need trees! It will be very interesting to see how Su Yin gets on with his new neighbors, but I have a feeling that he will be more than able to hold his own in any confrontations. Great stuff, thanks Sasha!
  2. Latin is Greek to me...
  3. This ending works out much better than having the two of them circling each other with no resolution while still in school. Even though their future isn't defined here, either, at least we can comfortably leave them, knowing that they have both matured into functioning human beings! And there's a good possibility of them getting together now. I loved this story; it rang a lot of bells with me. Thanks Sasha!
  4. Sasha Distan

    Hey. It unpublished itself again, apparently. Says so on my iPad, anyway. 16:34 EDT Monday... and I haven't read the last chapter! *sobs* oh wait! Now it's working! Yay!
  5. Sasha Distan

  6. Sasha Distan

    Yep, notification popped up this morning...
  7. Sasha Distan

    Huh. In the list of chapters, chapter 8 has a character count of zero. Perhaps that's why I didn't get a notification that it had been posted until JeffreyL put up his review. There are definitely more than zero characters in this chapter, and both of them are still circling around each other, looking for both opportunities to attack and ways to fulfill their mutual lust. So much energy expended! Exhausting! :-)
  8. Does Jian and Emmett's cooperative dreaming work over transatlantic distances? That would be worth looking into!
  9. Cooking for one is very important to me! I learned to cook from my father, grandfather and a great-aunt who had trained at Cordon-Bleu in London. When, just as life was wonderful in every way, I found myself on my own and all alone (in the space of months cancer took both parents; heart attack took my boyfriend and husband-to-be). I lost interest in caring for myself for a time, until good friends gave me a shake and a reason to shape up. I abandoned the hateful city and moved back to rural Quebec, living all alone for now, and slowly getting back on track. And part of that is insisting on three sit-down meals every day, finding new recipes and trying new stuff. To me, it is part of re-establishing my self-respect, as well as reclaiming the things I used to enjoy doing. I don't want to slide back down that slippery slope again!
  10. I didn't see this thread until today. I am devastated by this news. Skinny, I've been re–reading 18 Weeks and enjoying it even more than the first time. And there's not been a day that I haven't thought of you. I wish there was something I could do, more than just wishing for a miracle. Hugs, xxx.
  11. To see a full-on Hunt go by must be a very impressive sight. I doubt I'll ever get closer than reading about them in period British novels. Hunting here in Quebec is a mainly solitary endeavour, requiring much patience and the ability to sit still for long periods of time, and the goal is to fill the freezer for the long winter. Not the same thing at all! Plenty of foxes here, too, but farmers have long ago learned how to protect their flocks. Mainly, they serve to help keep the rodent population down. I bet Dashi could outrun any of those foxhounds!
  12. The Pantheon Reference Document is very useful indeed! My nephew (8yo) has a book about mythological gods, including these, and it didn't mention half of what Anubis and his cohorts get up to! :-) I also read Trade Deals first, because it was listed as having been posted first. So now on to Daddy Issues. So much great stuff to read! Yay!
  13. Oh. This explains why so many stories suddenly appeared at once! I really should look into the forums more often! :-)
  14. book covers

    I have just one source of gay fiction these days, and that is GA. As a long-time user of Photoshop (since version 4!) and occasional writer of plugins for it, I am offended by the sloppy, thoughtless, thrown-together artwork that is the norm for gay books, and I stopped browsing Amazon and others long ago.
  15. Good to hear that things are going well. Can you visit with Copper on occasion? Did the girls borrow the chickens as well? :-) Such a pleasant surprise to see the restored wolf avatar amongst the notifications! I hope it will be sticking around for a while.