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  1. Hey, I haven't read it in a while but if Matt and Wade know - for my money - I'd guess they found out in The Box. Everyone else on that trip already knew and pretty much the whole family's secrets were revealed. That being said, I'm not sure they do, and I'm pretty sure none of the youngins know. If JJ knows, I don't think he found out in any of the books.
  2. On southwest Airlines, you don't get seat assignments, you get boarding groups. It used to be primarily based on who checked in first (at first at the airport, then online check-in) though A1-13-ish had been reserved for certain types of tickets, now you pretty much have to buy an earlier spot all through A and probably B. There are three boarding groups, A, B and C and there are numbers within each depending on the number of seats on the plane. If you're there, you line up in order (A1 being first, A2, and onwards) and board in that order, if you're not there you can board at anytime after your number would have boarded. Moral of my story, JJ was screwed with that assignment.
  3. I just feel bad for those boys stuck in an elevator with no bathroom. Each time I think of a new chapter, I remember Brad and Stefan, stuck in an elevator - I looked up this blackout, I can't believe I forgot all about that. It would have been summer after freshman year for me so I was either in Boston or Chicago, which appear to be the major cities surrounding but uneffected by the blackout. Good luck, me.
  4. I like "helloo Dolly". I also think "Dilly Dally", like someone who goes slow has some potential, unfortunately, especially if the kids isn't exactly bright. But here's the part that really gets to me... Dally Dalby... say that five times fast (especially after a couple of glasses of wine ). Yikes. At some point stuff like this must constitute child endangerment.
  5. I'm pretty sure he did. In Flux, they met at the graduation parties Darius followed ME back east for "parties". Matt commented that he couldn't be held responsible for having slept with ME as far as Darius was concerned because he did it first. Darius later comments that he spent too much time with her - when explaining to Brad he can't go from 0 - 60 in relationships in no time at all. In Streak, JJ also calls and asks Darius for permission before sleeping with ME. We didn't get the story from Darius POV, so maybe they didn't actually have sex... but I think it was heavily implied.
  6. Fair point, but I think if JJ keeps going for guys he meets through his family he's going to have to get used to guys that have slept with one or more of this brothers.. or fathers... or grandfathers. hehe. I love the the CAP'verse.
  7. I agree with the comments above. I think the point that Zach was to be sacrificed anyway is interesting. What bothers me is that "the plan", as Wade discribed it, is doomed to failure regardless of what Zach does. Say everything goes as intended, he cuts off Will and Will doesn't come slash his tires... Zach knows he didn't do drugs. The moment that test happens zach knows he's getting screwed. At that point he'd have two choices: get help (probably from Frank or Wally) or likely lose his football career. In the former scenario, either Frank or Wally would almost certainly get the story out of him. In the latter, the blackmail is rendered useless without football to be considered and Zach has every reason to tell the whole story. Wade is pretty rigorous, so it's hard to believe that he hasn't also considered that ensuring Zach goes down regardless means Trevor is implicated regardless. On EDs motives, we should probably remember that at this point it seems ME may have more money than ED. To those that have a hard time believing she'd burn assets for ME, I think if ED is doing this for ME, she's doing it for more than the love of her child.
  8. Ok, so I will concede that the end goal would have to be unfathomable at the moment, but how about this: JP. A truly remarkable number of people who've been in relationships with JP are dead. And while I'm not sure if its required in the definition, the term black widow does usually refer to a serial widow (er) . Perhaps he has more on his mind then the war, and he is having a physical manifestation of the stress he's under executing a remarkably convoluted plan.
  9. I'm of two minds, I like the tin-foiliness of Brad as the mastermind, but it would absolutely blow my mind. I could see him coming up with a plan that would hurt Zach and Alex, but I don't think he'd want his kids wrapped up in anything public. Not to mention he's out of it. If Brad had gone 'round the bend and decided to make everyone come back to him, I would think he'd do it when he's around and can be seen as the guy who solves the problem and takes care of the family. All this is doing to solidifying their separation. But even something like that would be a huge reach for him. ... One thing both Liza Lou and ABC did well was find well-placed people with separate relationships with their targets who either had issues or could be motivated to use their position. They tend to motivate them differently but they can muddy the issue is they would independently have some motivation. (Think Brian Parnell, Cary Chase, Doug Childers, etc). Along those lines, more than Marc, I'm concerned about his ex. Zach and Will definitely got in his way and took away his control. He had enough time with Marc to have connections for an art show. I can't remember how off the top of my head, but I know he had some money. As for the Duke... I like the idea; this situation has turned out pretty well for him and is interests. I could see him being pretty concerned about ME. If this hadn't happened, Alex would have gone back to Boston, with ME taking up his place in society, she would have been in a great position to make life pretty challenging for him. Now with people not sure about her roll with the gutter press, and the unrefined, hysterical way she was portrayed, she'll be forced to behave very carefully, she can't keep ending up in the press without incurring social harm, so she has to be pretty careful of scandal and Alex doesn't trust her. On top of that Alex is back in London. My current half-baked thought is that maybe blackmailing Zach wasn't supposed to work. I think it would be hard to count on Zach buying Trevor's story without knowing Zach very, very well given the oddity of having Trevor be family's mouth piece, even if you buy anyone in that family being willing to risk incurring Will's wrath. However, it probably is known that Zach has relied on Will in difficult situations - and that Will's first call would be Wade on this. Maybe Trevor is a false flag. The drugs may be a distraction, or a frame-up, or something else. I do think that the connection between Zach and the drugs is what the master-mind is behind - and that it would have happened with or without Will. Let me preface this last thought with saying while I would find this entertaining, I would be amazingly surprised if anything like it were true. Nana has plenty of reasons to want Liza Lou destroyed. She knows about the Trevor issue, she helped with the banker. She knows Will is persistent and would find out what happened whether the blackmail worked or not - that gets Will and Wade on board with destroying ED. The ham-handed removal of JJ may be designed to separate ME from ED. The appearance of a threat to the family get JP on board. I still think ABC's youngest would be primed to play a roll, as may the other son to avoid treason. The former chairman of Triton, the father, may also be willing to payback the black ED provided Brad. Ha... you know who it is? The widow of JJs skating coach! Here's what happened: she decided these guys killed her husband, and we really don't know one way or the other there. She gets her Dad's medical files which gives her, between Brad, Robbie and Wade pretty much all of the information needed to screw with these guys pretty effectively, to find the right people to make their own attacks. And you probably don't need much money if the goal is to get the whole family taking shots at itself.
  10. I wonder if, as much as the attacks, the fact that none of the family cares to pull him in to this crisis will wake him up (or make him go hyper control crazy - which always turns out well). He's going to come home and the following will have happened: Zach will have been blackmailed and drugged, Will will have helped him through with Wade and JPs help; JJ will have been semi-outed, broken up with the earl, taken a year off skating, moved to New York and enrolled in a new school; and his home will be surrounded by something entertaining of Will's choosing (for my money, Matt will also have some excitement in Kenya). For someone who finds his security in his knowledge of what's going on, and at least his chief advisor roll for everyone, if not his control of those closest to him, this might be a bit much. For whatever else people think of Robbie, they both acted as an anchor when they went off the deep end pretty consistently - and gave each other a path to pull themselves back when they figured things out. I worry that without Robbie, Brad is going to have a hard time making his way back. None of the remaining ringleaders tend to have the type of sympathy when angered that Brad seems to need. Maybe Claire will help him out. Complete speculation alert (one of my favorite pass times these days): Maybe Brad is the real target of this. He's certainly the most removed, even Wade and JP in Kenya and the Seychelles were near each other. And with Will being the anchor while everyone was thrown to the winds, and the characters that have been implicated in the schemes thusfar, it's foreseeable that Will would go to Wade and JP, sidelining Brad. This may have real consequences if Brad sees Will's more-or-less innocent scheme to rile him up, and Stef's apparent dismissal in front of his entire family and boyfriend at his Mother and Father-in-law's rehearsal dinner, through the filter of a larger concerted attack.
  11. I'm totally up for jumping on the speculation band wagon. I've gone on complete speculation safari here, just properly warning everyone. On the drug test, I think in the CAP-verse, arranging a drug test is well within ED's capabilities. If she can get Hammer on the no-fly list, arrange for him to be set up and investigated for child pornography and then in short order get him into the peace corp with a posting ready and be able to stop it all once multiple law enforcement agencies were involved... then I can't imagine getting someone to schedule UCLAs drug tests within a certain date range would be a problem (on that note, arranging the dates of Darius's cruise wouldn't be all that hard for anyone with a strong DC power base, the right Admiral, maybe lower, in their pocket and I would think it would be simple, including Brad's brother). However I'm not sure arranging the test would be required - depending on the time frame, it may not be a consequence of Zach's defection at all, but something that was always suppose to happen. So long as Zach is drinking that crap then sooner or later (I would imagine at least once a season, though I'm not sure) there would be pretty inscrutable evidence linking Zach to that drug. If some plot or frame-up would be more believable if Zach had access to a pretty specific drug, then having the drug test does its work completely outside the world of football. I agree its hard to figure how Zach playing football could really matter one way or the other. However, Julius having access to everything of Zach's, knowing where he is at all times, combined with isolating him from Will and the others, makes Zach pretty vulnerable. He may not have more to do with it beyond having that first bit of blackmail, that he's gay, made him convenient. There are, however, other possible issues at or around the LA area - for which having a fall guy in place may be useful. If someone found out that Jeff is Lark's kid, and they can't find Lark, Jeff may be used to lure him out, Kevin was related to this mess and he wasn't around two chapters ago, though its hard to imagine he'd have anything to do with a nefarious plot, but I suppose if its known that he helped Brad out he could be a target. ED was the one that provided the evidence of ABCs treason, so she could easily have the older of Brad's half brothers under her thumb - though I think there is a limit to what he'd do for his career. The younger brother had some sort of nervous break and hasn't been seen since, so he could be up to god knows what. Now that I think about it, he was connected to Brian, Lark and Kevin, and he lost a lot with the companies and his mother. The west coast cluster could serve his psychosis quite nicely.
  12. woo .. first time contributing a discussion forum, so bear with me if my comment is off-base or out of place... First regarding impunity's question, I believe Brian was Bill Hendrickson's son, via a Ms. Parnell of western PA. So yes any other Parnell, if related and not spawn of Brian would be related via his mother. Or, you know, Bill sired other unknown Parnells. He certainly was a travelling man, so you never know. I've definitely been wondering about the Parnell issue.. it bears pointing out that Elizabeth knows all the moving parts of Brad scheme, she threatened Brad with it when Jeanine was wreaking havoc. So if Brian is connected to anyone, then she'd likely be able to get to them. It seems like there have been a few indications that Elizabeth (or in my mind, Liza Lou) may have something to do with the brewing storm. She was in London for the christening. I was totally sold on ME being the leaker (and yeah she's totally beat a lie detector), but I was totally surprised by how tone deaf that was for revenge. I would imagine the best way to get be kept at arms length in the British aristocracy is to be seen as someone who either uses intentionally or unwittingly gabs to the paps - and if she was in anyway, to any extent, being truthful with Wade then she wouldn't want her revenge to be so public as to earn her a reputation like she had in VA. So maybe she didn't do anything. Don't get me wrong, regardless of who's at fault, I'm really looking forward to whatever JJ cooks up for ME. There will be magic -- really, really, really bitchy magic. I'm envisioning him somehow getting her on the worst-dressed list for every event she goes to for years.
  13. Hey, I'm sorry to hear about this, I know how tough having ill relatives can be. I love your work, so I'll happily read them when you get the chance to post. I wish you the best. Rachel
  14. Hey, I just finished rereading the last couple chapters of Max and Josh and I'm back on edge waiting to see how things turn out! Can't wait for the next chapter, thanks for sharing this story so far! Rachel
  15. Ok, here's my working theory: Instead of hag meaning angry old lady, Arnold meant it like beard. Arnold Bellevue was gay, in a relationship with the first among equals, who wants to start this war because he thinks he'll win - but is in a bind because he can't really leak the tape himself. They came up with this thinking Arnold could run away from Bridget and all the cartels would be after her so they would be rid of her. Any takers?