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  1. 😁 Ho, you brightened my day!
  2. I should have my daughter Wings pm you! She has been drawing "dream barns" since she was 10!
  3. My hubby laughs at me all the time. On horseback I can go anywhere and do anything, but walking on my own two feet across a nice smooth paved parking lot? Nope, I hit the ground regularly!
  4. lol Think how many I could put in my horse trailer!
  5. I am ok with climbing nice solid things like the ladder built into our loft, but if a ladder wiggles, even a little, forget it!
  6. I am still not getting the trash can. I have cleared cookies and restarted both the site and my entire computer, still no trash can. What am I doing wrong?
  7. So? Did the pot de has the beans or did you sleep on the sofa?
  8. game

    I'm with Lisa! Haven't a clue past the ones I edited!
  9. anthology

    If time doesn't permit there is nothing says you can't publish anyway! I know a couple stories that started out intended for an anthology but either grew beyond word limits or the author ran out of time. They were still great reads!
  10. I've competed in model classes before but that critter is a tad smaller than any I have ever entered in a show!
  11. I was considering the idea. I am really hesitant due to an incident when I was in my early 20's. My then boyfriend's mom was making chicken in an old fashioned pressure cooker when it decided to pop its top and splater an entire chicken across the kitchen through the steam vent. Fortunately we were all in the next room at the time and no one got hurt, but we spent the next several hours scraping and scrubbing chicken from the ceiling and everywhere else. Who would have thunk a whole chicken could escape through an hole smaller than my wedding ring? The only thing left in the pot were the bones!
  12. Be patient dear. The guys are out gremlin hunting as fast as they can. We just have em outnumbered and can find the issues faster than they can fix em!
  13. Hon, some of us can gain weight by LOOKING at food. Reading about it too!
  14. Make the trip north? Are you planning to stay with Mum permantly?
  15. anthology

    I just want to put in that authors should remember that editor's can't always drop things two days before deadline to process a story, especially long ones. Had Sasha waited till even two weeks till deadline, with my current "real world" work load we would never have made it!