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  1. The largest and biggest coffee shop in Canada (an a lot of the border states now) have Tim Horton's. It could easily be called a national institution up here by the way people love it. The have a new ad campaign for perfect pairings. It is to promote things like a soup and sandwich, a coffee and doughnut, etc. Well they have different couples that are on the screen that are 'perfect pairings' as well. The two senior citizens, the sisters, the two best friends, the two gay guys......... Wait, yes, two gay guys. Then they start giving each couple a bit of time to say how they met and why they meet at Tim's. Finally get to the gay couple and they say their first date was at Tim's and that the one guy knew it was something. There is also 15 second commercials that feature just the one couple or another, but the gay guys don't have their own 15 sec commercial
  2. bugs

    Noticed today when I went into other chapters that were posted from Google Drive (Doc's), that all the chapters published with black as the default, not automatic. So none from Google Drive appear to allow contrast to work.
  3. bugs

    Yes, like Cia said, I had that problem with it when I first logged in and determined it was a Firefox issue. Using Chrome/Safari/Edge/IE all work better. Sorry, can't fix it
  4. Very appetizing
  5. bugs

    Muhwhahahahahahahah It's like the Hotel California; "Relax" said the night man. "We are programmed to receive. You can check out any time you like. But you can never leave!" We will get this look at seriously though!
  6. bugs

    Hi droughtquake, Not sure which part you are referring too, for updates on the latest chapter posting there is on the main Forum page: Then if you go to the Stories tab on the Red Navigation Bar on the Main Forum Page: If you are referring to the Newest Stories button in the stories page: Then I see this message: If you want to know more about indexes, make sure to visit @Gene Splicer PHD 's topic on Indexes, Schmindexes, or why isn't stuff showing up? Or, I might totally be misinterpreting your question, which wouldn't be out of the realm of possibilities
  7. bugs

    Thanks Renee. Hi all, I can confirm that in my inbox, it does list all my other files, when I click on them the screen kind of refreshes but it still only shows the inbox folder.
  8. bugs

    YAY!! Thanks Myr!
  9. I think for safe keeping, until everything is under control, I better keep this to myself
  10. Great topic on indexing and what is going on right now by Gene!! Helped me understand a bit better. Indexes, schmindexes or why isn't stuff showing up

    1. Reader1810


      I hadn't seen this topic, so thanks for letting us not in the know, know. :) 

  11. bugs

    I was just looking at my profile and it looks like my favourite stories are all loaded up again!! Then clicking on See All, I get all the 181 stories I'm following:
  12. bugs

    Thanks @Boyke77 This is something that we will look into. Part of the issue with me is I have some of the permissions to do certain things, but don't know what everyone else has. Thanks for letting us know about this!!
  13. bugs

    Hi RPM16606, we are aware of the bug with stories. Just sharing Myr's comments from the blog here: Hoping to have this cleared soon, but no definite ETA. Thanks for bringing it up! We've added it to the list
  14. bugs

    Hi Sanmariano, It looks like Myr has posted about this in the most recent blog, I just went to check it out myself I would say give it a bit before going in. Edit to add, I cross posted with Myr, I'd not edit, like he said
  15. bugs

    Hi theschnauzers, I'm pretty sure that is a browser setting that you are going to have to fix. GA shouldn't be asking you about notifications. I had it pop up myself on Firefox when I first logged in but it has since disappeared. Edit to add, when I loaded it up on Chrome, I did not get the popup.