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  1. Thank you Dom for a such an amazing story!! I actually feel a little numb now knowing that it's over. I'm very glad that Rory has finally found himself a part of a family again and that Eddie is officially his "dad"!! As for the ending, I have to agree with shadows, it does feel contrived, but I couldn't and wouldn't imagine it any other way. Thank you again Dom!! -vt
  2. A chapter already?! Thank YOU Dom!!!! I'm glad that Rory and Luke finally get their relationship under control. I just hope Luke has someone by the end of DD (or it would make a great spin-off story - of course anything with Luke would be great). As for Grandma Alice I think she'll be staying for a loooong while. Someone posted a while back that they thought she was remodeling to sell her place. I don't think that's too far off now - she did travel with a "rather large suitcase". I wonder what Grandma Alice does when Rory loses his temper in person.......... -vt
  3. Fantastic chapter Dom!! I am now hooked by chapter 2!!! I'm now torn between wanting chapter 3 or chapter 32 of DD to come out next. -vt