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  1. Yeah, it will carry as much weight as your halo does
  2. Says an 18 year old Good advice, Tammian....
  3. Hey... what about Nodie?
  4. I always have stuff like fresh spinach in the fridge... if I don't feel like cooking, a can of Healthy Request soup and a handful of spinach, microwaved for 5 minutes, and I have a meal... I add whatever's in the fridge to canned soup all the time... leftover baked potato... chicken breast... mashed neep... whatever
  5. Good day, all... have a good one
  6. I wrote 3600 words today... yay... that's enough....
  7. Yeah. I get it from my mom... and my childhood too, I guess
  8. Yeah, he is, and that was my whole point... I needed to get over myself... my oldest son just left five minutes ago... his girlfriend called him for a booty call hehe...
  9. Perspective is everything isn't it? My younger son came by this morning to pick up some mail... cooked himself some bacon and eggs, spent time on his phone... talking to him was like getting water from a stone... to be honest I felt sorry for myself... my boy doesn't need me boo hoo... anyway, he left to go to work... then my older son, who's on vacation, came upstairs and we talked about last night's Leaf game for half an hour... Later, I'm watching CNN, and there's a father on there who's disappointed in Trump because there are no provisions in the new health care bill for people with drug addictions, like Trump had promised there would be... he was a strong supporter for that reason... his son died of an overdose at 24... and if the paramedics who tended him had of had a dose of an anti overdose drug, he would have been saved, but it's not in the budget... he talked about what kind of man his son was ... shoveling an elderly neighbors driveway for free, and getting a baked apple pie from the old woman, etc... anyway, the father was crying, and I ended up sobbing like a baby as they showed pictures of him and his son. Who cares if my son sort of ignores me... sometimes they have time for me and sometimes they don't ... at least they are alive and healthy and happy, and they don't cause me heartache. I am a lucky dad... four times over... and that poor man is left with nothing but anguished memories... wished I could have hugged him... yeah... perspective....
  10. Hopefully one of those temporary gremlins that are running around
  11. See... more BS ... those aren't clouds, Drew... they're flames... clouds are blue
  12. Hello... Hello... Hello... Sorry, Drew... can't hear you all the way down there