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  1. bugs

    Added. Thanks for the pointer. Written on a MetaMac ;-).
  2. bugs

    Apologies for my lack of diligence: MacBook Pro, Safari 10.0.3 (12602.4.8), MacOS 10.12.3 (16D32)
  3. bugs

    First: Thanks to everyone for their superhuman efforts! I have a similar issue: I cannot add another story. The "automatic URL" function doesn't seem to work; and my manual input is not accepted ... Am I doing something wrong or do I need to wait for some bug fixes? JAR
  4. Sometimes an idea strikes me, so I gave in and wrote two little prompts ... to be published when the bugs allow it. Prompts. Currently I plan to publish them all together in one book (with sections to suggest at which point they should be READ not necessarily when they are SET). Tried to squeeze them into the main body text, but that made it a bit clumsy. First cover ideas have arrived, but we're still working on them ... JAR (And reviews/like/rants are always welcome; we haven't had a MetaCrisis for quite some time.)
  5. Well, I tried to create a story "MetaDeprivation," but the bugs, the bugs ... Two deprivation-alleviating prompts need to wait until they see the public.
  6. So how do I post prompts set in book 8 without spoiling things for the MetaNewComers?
  7. And all of this because I just wanted to deny this was the upcoming Meta cover ...
  8. You missed the anal but ultimately futile FOB-like desire to create an invincible den as ersatz-Arcadia.
  9. 147. That's what's needed: 1 Entry Song + 1 song for every chapter: (17 chapters + 1 epilogue) * 8 + 3 extra chapters in book 8 - 1 song for chapter 4 of book 5 that I have already chosen: Hymn of the Axciom: = 147
  10. We're still waiting for the the final and complete list of songs per book chapter ... (147 entries).
  11. I love it. CE wouldn't like to be referred to as bear, though, LoL. @puppilull: See comment on Colt. QED i hope as welll the books can be published soon. JAR So the bug helped you to read MetaBattles and some of MetaDeaths?
  12. So when will we get some fanfic? Didn't you want to take Colt's cherry?
  13. Well, if I ever get reborn as dog, I want to be a devil dog,
  14. Does this mean I'm a gay-married dog?