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  1. WOW! Expressive writing and a promising story setup. I don't usually read unfinished stories -- been burned too many times -- but I'm glad I started this one. Nice work Dylan. Thank you for posting this. Can't wait to read more!
  2. Really love the new site!


    1. Reader1810


      I'm getting there too. :)

  3. The ice is gone, the streets are dry and the days are getting warmer. It's finally running season again!

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    2. SolarMaxx


      Hahaha -- only the crazy ones!

    3. Puppilull


      Like us Swedes... Waiting for ice to clear and warm weather...? Wouldn't get much running done up here. ;)

    4. Sasha Distan

      Sasha Distan

      crazy running people. Enjoy!

  4. I don't believe anyone is capable of "choosing" thier feelings or attractions. It seems to be something that's hard-wired into one's being. A just and good creator would NOT have made us the way we are without reason and intention -- and then proceed to punish. It's an illogical notion, possibly blasphemist! I agree that many people wrap themselves in their particular interpretation of scripture to satisfy their own addenda and personal bigatries! A just God will probably punish them for violating the eight commandment!
  5. I have a really good feeling that it's going to be worth waiting for!
  6. I watched a show called "catfish" yesterday. It's about Identity-thieves on the Internet who trick unsuspecting victims into falling in love with them! Really! These retaliation-ships can be really long and last for years -- with people they've never actually met, largely based "borrowed" photos and a lot of excuses "not to video chat or meet in person" I've chatted with lots of people on-line that I've never met, or even seen, and sometime I like not knowing what they look like, but there's a limit to how attached I could get to someone under such nebulous circumstances! I guess I just don't get it!
  7. I am happily married to my college girlfriend and I've never looked back. Still, sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I'd fallen in love with a guy first -- very different, I'm sure! Seems like the term boyfriend would best applied to that point when two guys decide to see each other exclusively. Not unlike many straight relationships. I don't believe in "love-at-first-sight"' but I do believe, and have experienced, an intense initial physical attraction to someone. Some people are just physically striking! Unfortunately, occasionally a few of those same people can be miserable people on the inside.
  9. I'm always up for more Star Trek. From what little I've read, it sounds like it's worth waiting for. I saw some preliminary Discovery (ship) concepts on YouTube, and frankly I think they still have some find-tuning to do on it. But the characters sound exciting -- and there NO limit to the story possibilities. Can't wait to see what they come up with at $7 million an episode. Most expensive Star Trek Series to date.
  10. I'm not sure I've ever made a serious distinction between the terms "cute" and "hot!" For me personally they've always seemed indistinguishable! People can be attractive for a wide variety of reasons. Some people become attractive over time as I get to know them better -- and some have particularly striking features that immediately catch my attention. Either way, if I'm attracted then I've found something special about them. I think most people (male or female) have some " hot/cute" qualities about them, if one takes the time to really look. I really love seeing life is that way.
  11. Thought I would share this link sent to me by my niece: I can hardly believe it!

    1. Reader1810


      Watched the whole clip. It was really quite something. :)

    2. SolarMaxx


      Really glad you enjoyed it Reader1810.

  12. I think ALL people are bisexual -- on a sliding scale. I'm not sure that we find our place on the scale by choice through, but rather by life-circumstances and environment. I think I get the general mistrust many individuals seem to have for avowed bisexuals -- it seems to be a basic human instinct to fear and mistrust what we don't understand.
  13. Happy New Year to all my GA friends. I have a good feeling about 2017!

    1. Mikiesboy


      I hope you're right!!

  14. First snow! This has got to be my favorite season of the year.

    1. Sasha Distan

      Sasha Distan

      i'm so jealous right now...

  15. This got to be my favorite season of the year