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  1. Checking on yourself in a picture album is a mesmerising feeling.:wub:  And I am enjoying it right now...:music::hug::D

  2. Really a great turn of events. I liked the kissing part. Was Sam really did this to them? Was she betrayed both of their trust? What's gonna Adam do now? About Seth! About Sam! About his father! About Codey! Rushy, yet beautiful chapter. As usual waiting for more... ~Emi.
  3. I love it too...
  4. ...and back to Emi!
  5. A star fallen on earth With tears brought the joy With smile stolen hearts With emotions mesmerised many With love flattered all Many More Happy Returns Of the Day To The First Official Poet Happy Birthday Sas
  6. Many More Happy Returns of the Day Sas... :hug::kiss::heart:

    1. asamvav111


      THanks Emi! Hope you are having a great day too. :hug::kiss:

  7. Other than that you have got injured, I liked the cast very must. Our site status just got the pink colour on it for Poets and here you are representing pink cast. Wishing for your Speedy recovery...
  8. Life just caught us between concrete and wood...
  9. ...and back to Emi again!
  10. Two untold stories got unfolded here. They both were lovely. But I can feel for Ian. Past facets leave their marks. It's not easy to get rid of them. Another sweet memory of their life, knowing about their love stories. ~Emi.
  11. First I thought Ian might be a conceited in their relationship. But after seeing our PiBoy's comment, I changed my opinion. May be love might makes you vulnerable. Lovelier. ~Emi.
  12. The first word that came into my mind was 'puppy love'. So true, honest and innocent. Never affected by some aggression and silly fights. I loved how you narrated it. And gives heart warming smiles, but they might look silly though. Lovely. ~Emi.
  13. Lol Birdy, you always think about food... ...and back to Emi again!
  14. Not anymore...
  15. ...and back to Emi again!