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  1. *trying to stuff some asparagus, ham and hollandaise sauce in the wire to send to you*
  2. I love white asparagus in every way you can cook, grill, bake it. If you need recipes, ask me.
  3. I will try to remember. ;-) I had the first time this year white asparagus. Which is a specially favored vegetable around here in spring. Now spring is here.
  4. lol, I guess we have some places, where you can get rolled spring rolls, but it is more a sign that they are handmade. The ingredients are the same as in pillow spring rolls. I made a few times some with friends, they (rolls not friends) are so delicious.
  5. lol My son loves spring rolls. Especially the tiny ones. And now I am hungry, too.
  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I would call it a spring roll.
  7. Happy birthday!!! I hope you have a good day.
  8. Good evening everyone. I hope you all have a nice day. What is an eggroll? A roll with eggs on it or something made from eggs?
  9. The diagnosis and name are existing since the 1980s like Greame says and I to my opinion people like to have a name for a problem.
  10. uhhh the bad words "doing taxes". *hides behind a bush* LOL
  11. Ahhhrrrrg, I have so no idea what I should do tomorrow with my math class, there are just too many possibilities and none speaks to me... I should go to bed and let myself be surprised what I will teach the kids tomorrow.
  12. Augustinus said, that demons are fallen angels. ;-)