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  1. I think that hot steamy sex should be included into a story as well we are talking about 'gay erotica' hence sex has to be included somewhere right? BUT, I think that characters in a particular story, especially if they are in a budding relationship or you know friends, etc. should not just jump in the sack and do the wham, bam, thank you sir right in. Personally, I like the build up of their relationship, the twists and turns before it leads to that moment. Then, you can go all out and make out the hottest, steamiest sex scene possible with two guys that have true meaning to it. However, it also depends on the type of story too - I picked it out as a very long story where you have time to develop the characters and have readers to connect with the protagonist(s). I guess it is subjective, and you are the author so you have the last say in what happens in the story. Good luck!