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  1. I like a man who can make me blush.

    1. Sasha Distan

      Sasha Distan

      often delightful happening in a day.

    2. AC Benus
  2. It was a year ago today (Valentine's Day 2016) when I uploaded the first chapter of My Last Day Without You. Where does the damn time go?

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    2. spikey582


      But where's the next chapter of your new story Quinn :D

    3. QuinnDK


      Jay - the mind boggles trying to imagine Ezra learn any kind of sport. Fertile comedic ground for the sequel!

      Spikey - wotking on it as we speak, I promise!

    4. JayT


      I can imagine Ezra, swallowed in oversized hockey gear, looking up at Henrik, pissed the eff off. lol

  3. Chapter 5 is now up, marking our first Ellis-centered chapter! I was debating whether or not to include his POV, but I thought a shift in perspective was important, especially for such an action-heavy chapter. Plus, hey, a romance can only feel fuller when you have both sides of the story. Thanks as always for the feedback and reviews so far. What did you guys think of getting into Ellis' thoughts?
  4. Writing can be both an act of self care and rebellion.

  5. Happy Lunar New Year and a happy birthday to you too!
  6. Who figured writing a story set in a world devastated by an alien war would actually help me escape current reality...

    1. Puppilull


      I hear you...

  7. Hey, I'm now up to chapter 4! Give me a little credit, here. Speaking of which, hi everyone, chapter 4 is out! New characters, new enemies, a new wrench in Chase and Ellis' burgeoning relationship, and a light sprinkling of father/son angst... if that's your sort of thing.
  8. Edit: saving this post
  9. Hockey fan myself (go Red Wings!) The NHL is much more progressive than people think. That's a wonderful statement from Brad Marchand. Hopefully, we'll get an out and proud NHL player one day...
  10. [sharedmedia=stories:stories:5591] I don't know if anyone remembers, but my first story on GA was this post-apocalyptic saga called Blue Age. It got a little bigger and more complicated as it went on, to the point where it became too laborious to write. I decided to scrap Blue Age and begin again with something a little simpler, but with a lot of the same themes and concepts (a book-obsessed young man, a knight, their steamy romance, the mystery of the apocalypse, etc). If you have any thoughts or theories or other comments you'd like to share, please do so. Ellis is waiting...
  11. Thanks Hunter, they're all done by me, yes.
  12. I've become a full time student again so please forgive my long hiatus! I'm excited to be working on new things, among them "The Book of Sky and Stars", check it out and tell me what you think. :)

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    2. clochette


      Same as Northie and I'm glad to see you back

    3. Pavlik


      Really glad to have you back! Have missed your writing and looking forward to lots more :)

    4. hohochan657


      Yay ! You're back ! Yay ! Maybe we'll have some stories finished eventually ... :P

  13. The adventure continues...
  14. The image of the two dudes, I was able to poach off tumblr. It's (maybe not unsurprisingly) difficult to find romantic images of men where one of them has a beard, the other doesn't, and it's not pornographic. The text and the bokeh effect are all me, though! Hey hohochan657, thanks so much for reading, and for all your kind words! I'm guessing you found MLDWY on Nifty first? I've been so neglectful with updating on that site, hopefully the readers there aren't too mad. I'm hard at work on my next stories, so hopefully you'll have enough breath until a new chapter is posted. Blue Age is still a little ways off, but you can expect a Fire & Icing update soon! I would love to visit Hong Kong one day - I'm half-Chinese and have relatives there that I've never met.