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  1. @R J Drew I would like to say thank you for being the voice of reason, and yes I would read a book about any colour of person, if it was well written. I find it broadens the mind to read stories which are different and bring with them the author's cultural insights, whether that be a black person's perspective, or any other colour. Whether the author is American, British, other European, Indian, Asian or Chinese, whatever, we all bring something to the party and can all share writing about each other.
  2. Normally you would update your preferences in MANAGE FOLLOWED OPTIONS, so you would set notifications for followed stories and turn off notifications from followed authors. Logically, that would give you what you, and probably everybody wants. But it's not working, the notifications for followed authors gives an error. You will have to hang on a bit until these teething problems get resolved.
  3. Kenton may not be Hollywood or San Francisco, it might be some kind of rural backwater, but there's a hell of a lot of sex in the air... must be something to do with country living. We all know Jason and Johnny are sex athletes, then there's Ernie, the hot twins, and seems like all the girls are getting off on it too! As they said themselves Oh my God! 😍
  4. I would like to be symmetric and not have one ear that is lower than the other, even if you don't notice it. πŸ˜† New question: if you didn't have to work what would you spend most of all your free time Doing?
  5. Physical
  6. And if you turned it around: To express yourself well, think like the common people, but write like a wise man. ~ I Test Oral
  8. It's easy enough to toggle from dark to light so I think the menus are just fine. In any case you know top right is next chapter.
  9. The only way (as far as I know) to get the new software to recognise the code, italics etc. is to edit and save. That process allows the code to be read as code. I have been through every chapter of ever story I wrote and done this, but there were still some codes which didn't work, like highlight background color, and very occasionally something I had to correct manually. Obviously it's not a practical solution for hundreds of comments, but you'll agree it is far more important for stories than comments. I think comments will just have to stay as they are, I guess it's the price you pay for the update. Doesn't look nice, but I can't see a solution unless a technical wiz could automate the edit save process, but that might put the site back into chaos for days or weeks even. πŸ˜• I should have said italics were recognised with edit save and it's nothing to do with your browser because it's the site text editor at work.
  10. I've just finished tidying up the formating of all my stories... phew! πŸ“š

  11. Attack on the government Parlement in London - Prime Minister evacuated.

    1. Puppilull


      Terrible and scary...

  12. I've just discovered that the code formating is restored if you edit and re-save each chapter.
  13. bugs

    When a second story is published which is part of a series the tags (drama, teen, coming out, etc.) disappear from the story description and are replaced by the tag CHILD.
  14. bugs

    After you publish a story a summary of the story published appears on your Profile Status The link to the story, clicking the title and the links underneath, the time after publication, comments, and likes, all of these produce error messages - unable to locate page.
  15. Hi πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—