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  1. i have friends who do the fourteeners. that's peaks 14,000ft. me-if i go over 5000 ft, i stop breathing even with oxygen. stupid dead lungs
  2. actually it was 5 or 6 different ones. including ones i know are published. i also tried searching for authors
  3. did it with the 1st one. couple times w/o picking the search stories feature. did it with the search stories and still come up empty. figured it was one of those things that would be fixed with time if the bug dept knew about, but wasn't sure if it was known to them
  4. anyone else having a problem with the search feature? it doesn't find stories (0 results found) even when using the whole, correct title. it's annoying moggy
  5. i've made both. i stay away Thai Indian, and Vietnamese. they use a lot of coconut is dishes and i'm allergic. oh, and i hate curry, Hawaiian wontons are the greatest thing
  6. my understand, at least around here, spring rolls are made with rice paper wrappers and egg roll are flour based wrappers. makes spring rolls crispier. a lot a places spring rolls use a shrimp/cabbage/bean sprout filling whereas egg rolls use pork/cabbage/ sprouts moggy. PS thanks for the birthday wishes
  7. mne actually remembered it was my birthday today AND called to wish me happy birthday
  8. at 1st i didn't want the story to end, i want more, but you are right Robbie and Saki are happy. great way ro end the story. maybe Shinji can have his story written. melt his cold heart moggy
  9. i've been mogwai (mogwhy, moggy) since the 1st movie came out in the '80's. i have nothing to do with the German(or is it Scottish?) band
  10. why does everyone always blame me ?
  11. bugs

    my content i follow folder is back, but i do not receive any notifications for them at this time. i hoping the fix is in the pipeline. thanks, moggy
  12. you all know what math is, right? Mental Abuse To Humans