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  1. I meant to say I'm happy for Brad.
  2. The story seems to be picking up steam for me. I like Kevin. Cameron kinda comes on a little strong for me. Great story!
  3. I think we could probably say Harley is the Joker in the Squad. I love that it kinda annoys CJ every time someone says it. Unhappy for Brad.
  4. I was thinking that too
  5. Interesting so far
  6. I thought they were called faghags?
  7. Wiash I could have more than one like
  8. I ythink the be careful line was meant to be a sarcastic remark. Erik is sort of a wise-ass.
  9. Could this story get any hotter? Whew needed a cold shower after that imagery. Love this story can't wait for more I'm addicted
  10. Dammit liam juast run to him and tell him you love him. My heart is breaking for them. I'm a sap for this story it gets a fire burning in !me. Can't wait for more
  11. Awesome chapter! Danny you go boy! Although I can see where Raymond was coming from. His only mistake was the spanking comment. That sheriff iis gonna have a helluva time trying to work over these guys. Can't wait for more. The new format does take time to get used to.
  12. I hope this conversation is a good one. Graham seems like the only one who was able to get Scott to really feel something. I hope at least they can be friends if nothing else.
  13. Damn at least Scott had the decency to tell him the truth
  14. Dane is an ass. Who does that to someone. A person is at their lowest and you drop that crap on them. I would have kicked his ass. And that dick who took him away from me wouldn't be walking too easily either. This Kevin guy sounds nice.
  15. Oh I love his stories. They are great. It is difficult when reading multiple stories. I do it all the time☺☺☺