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  1. Doesn't it figure that the ONE day this winter when there are blizzard conditions in Colorado, I'm driving down to Santa Fe? Whiteout conditions on the interstate. Just trying to get south!

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      How do you make a Kleenex dance?

    3. MacGreg


      Blow on it...?

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      You put a little boogie in it. ;)  :gikkle:  

  2. I'm taking off in the morning for a weekend trip to Santa Fe. Art and music and a chance to relax. I need this breakaway like I need oxygen in my lungs. I'm sorry that I won't have a new chapter of 'Dissonance' ready to post before I go, but I promise it will be forthcoming. There's more rollercoaster to the ride, so stay tuned.

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      There's never enough time in a day :)

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      So effing true.

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      Have a great time! :D This seems to be the time to travel. lol  

  3. I'm with most everyone here that claims to be befuddled by math but enthralled at your ability to create poetry from it. I know that math is integral to art, and so it should be integral to poetry as well. There's meter to poetry - that's mathematical, right?
  4. Both poems had my pulse rising. First the dance of love, then the act of love. I love the last line of 'Tango': "I'll offer you my countermove." One person leads the dance, the other person follows, but this dance isn't over until you've had a chance to show your partner a thing or two. In the second poem, you do just that. Two great poems, that seem to go hand-in-hand.
  5. Sometimes, when the pressure's too high, you just have to breathe through it and let it roll off your back. That's kind of where Ben's at at the moment. Whether he can continue to do that will be the test. Katy is not off the hook yet, and more truths will be revealed. Thanks, as always, for your comments, Lisa! Cheers - Mac
  6. Hi Graeme, thank you for your thoughtful comments on this chapter. I wanted to show that, despite circumstances and the short time they've known each other, Travis and Ben have already made a significant impact on one another. And yes, rather than retreating, the outing of Ben has made him a little more determined. However, you're right that outside forces could prove to be difficult. It's like test upon test with them. Thanks again for reading and following along. Cheers - Mac
  7. Even without reading the title of the first poem, I thought that it embodied the act of (no, the art of) creating poetry. A poem about writing poems, the place those poems have within society and across the universe, and how poets can exploit emotions, both and good and bad, from the inner core of themselves and also of their surroundings - this is a riveting theme. You're right that to a poet (and writers of other forms) words are indeed like brothers, like lovers. We scheme together with them. We manipulate meanings and form the words into the messages we want to portray, and they, in turn, satiate us (at least, that is the case for me...) 'Paranoia' expresses real and honest emotion, and I felt it deeply as I read it. Too many of us have experienced betrayal, loss, jealousy, frustration, anger. The things that make us crazy, the things that make us want to do harm. Finding another point to focus on in those situations can begin the healing - usually. Hope that's been the case for you.
  8. tim, as always, your writing feels honest and real. This little moment in time for Hugh and Evan held a much larger meaning than the short story told. From your descriptions of the characters, to the setting of the park and their interaction together, I felt like I understood events and personalities that fell outside of the parameter of the immediate scenario. These two men, published author and aspiring poet, share an intimate bond, and it's instant and it's gratifying. They are like kindred spirits, blown together by the wind, meant to meet, meant to have that conversation on that day. I know that Hugh's compliments bolstered Evan, who clearly needed to hear them, but simultaneously, Evan uplifted Hugh by giving him a sense of wonder back, a sense of what it's like to be un-rushed and unburdened by the hectic schedule of his book tour and to just be immersed in the personal creation of a written piece. The mention you made of Hugh's hand being cramped and sore in the beginning, to me, perfectly reflected his weariness and a desire to slow down. I think it felt good to him to return a grassroots discussion about the art of writing with Evan. Maybe he saw a little bit of himself in Evan, and that's why he felt so drawn to encourage him and give him his contact info. Okay, I've clearly rambled on here. But that's what your writing inspires, tim... Thanks for this little gem. If you continue on with the story, all the better.
  9. For Guy The rear passenger door of your old Volkswagen Jetta is open, and I’m lying on my back with my head resting over the edge of the tattered seat, feeling the heat of the day on my face while you’re nestled down between my legs playing me with your tongue like you’re playing a musical instrument. Where did you ever learn to use your mouth like that…? My position is awkward. I’ve got one foot propped up against the ceiling, the other pressed against the headrest of the front seat, giving you full access to me. I am exposed and vulnerable, but the sensations you’re bestowing upon me are magical, and because of this, I discover that I don’t really mind being splayed out in the backseat of your car having my ass rimmed and my balls devoured and my cock rubbed and sucked and licked. These sensations are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Your movements, your expertise, are quickly leading me towards the edge of the abyss, where you’re about to push me off. Soon, there will be no turning back. But you keep me on that tether for a little while longer, playing the tunes with your swirling tongue, finding the notes with your deft fingers, wrapping my entire body in a perfect pitch of pleasure. I’m still a newcomer to all of this, but you, my dear one, are fully experienced. You know exactly what you’re doing, where you’re taking me, the heights you have me climbing to. And I can’t help but wonder where the hell you’ve been all my life. An unexpected breeze flows past, cooling the sweat on my naked flesh, sending more shivers through me. Opening my eyes, I notice the sun-touched leaves of the cottonwood tree we’ve parked under rustling in the wind, as though a thousand green butterflies are flittering through the air above us. I want to reach up and touch them with my fingers. I want to never lose this feeling – this here and now and the urgency of your desire. If I could, I would never awaken from this dream. I would lie here with you for an eternity… even in the backseat of your car. If only I could. If only we could. If only…
  10. bugs

    Whew, I was seriously going to flip out if it was gone.
  11. bugs

    I noticed that, too, Gary. I can't access your story from my favorites list...
  12. Thanks, Geron! I'm happy that you're still popping back in to read a chapter or two when you can and taking the time to offer your insightful comments. Yes, Ben had quite the quandary going on at the dinner table. But Travis is definitely the person he had his sights on, no matter what else was going on. He made that very clear in the little bathroom when the lights turned off. Thanks again, buddy. Cheers - Mac
  13. Graeme, how did I miss responding to this review? Sorry, my friend. Thanks for writing it oh-so-long-ago. I think you know now how some things progressed after the dinner party. Thanks for reading and responding! Cheers - Mac
  14. Catching up on coursework today. Finally stopped to make a sandwich, and my cat took full advantage of my absence. #chairthief


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      And I can't "like" any of the comments left. Oh well. Hilarious meme, Val, thanks. :)

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      I think the key confusion arose from the use of the word "my"... You're his human. Or seat warmer. Or bringer of food and cuddles. 

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      True, true, Puppilull. Sometimes I need to be reminded of my place.

  15. Larry, yes, the revelation of the story in the tabloid magazine is a shocker for everyone. The point now is how to deal with it, which is where the next set of challenges might arise. Even so, Ben and Travis have a fairly strong bond forming. It's still new, and therefore tenuous, but sometimes love can be strong enough. We shall see. Thanks for being so supportive of this story, including in the forums. It means a lot. Cheers - Mac