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  1. Well, based on the next chapter title, Dustin may do exactly that. I don't think it's so much that Billy doesn't give a fuck about Dustin, I think it's more that Billy took Dustin for granted and was blinded by his perfect vision of Brett. He never thought Dustin would just leave, and I agree that's stupid and selfish on Billy's part. And in Billy's defense, he probably didn't know just how bad Brett was treating Dustin until that big fight, and he was pretty pissed about it when he found out. Billy's been trying to stop Brett from being an ass, but love impaired his judgement. Of course, Brett will find out, but I think this could be the one time where Billy keeps his mouth shut, and Brett will run into Dustin when he goes to the park to buy more pot as soon as the pills run out. I don't trust Brett to keep his word about that one bit. I don't think we should be so ready to put all the blame on Billy and Brett and defend Dustin like he never did one thing wrong in this whole situation. Dustin also has his share of the blame for this whole mess and acted like an asshole at times too, just not nearly as much as the other two. He should have just kept his mouth shut about the pot when he saw Billy wasn't going to listen to him. I get that Dustin's come out the worst out of the three, but we shouldn't act like he's 100% innocent in all this, because he's not.
  2. I had a feeling Dustin was doing something like that, but thought it was only with Mike. I don't know how Billy's going to navigate through this mess and get through to Dustin, but at least he's not doing this alone. I bet Amanda knows what Dustin's doing and she's been using that against him. I wonder how Dustin's going to react when Mike tells him about their little talk. Brett's going to know about this by the end of the week, Billy just can't help himself. To be honest, I think Brett could help Billy come up with a plan. And now we know for sure that Brett's taking the pain pills. That's not going to end well. Remember your own words, Billy: drug addicts can't be trusted
  3. So Bailey played football, that's interesting. I don't think quitting football was entirely his decision, and I can think of one reason why. Still, he's a lot tougher than he looks and I really want to know more about him. As far as Declan goes, I think he was just shocked at how far Chris was willing to go, and that impaired his judgment. Trying to delete the video was the wrong thing to do though. I do have to wonder if directly confronting Chris and Eric would have been the best thing to do in this case, so maybe Declan did the right thing in the long run. He has to turn them both in and get them punished for what they did, and he needs proof in order to do that. I bet he did end up saving that first video and he's going to do the right thing and show it to the coach or a teacher. What he should have done was save the video and go straight to both the football and gymnastics coaches with it. And yes, it would be great if Justin filmed the whole thing. Then Justin would also know that Declan was trying to help Bailey.
  4. Brett needs a psychologist, at the very least. He needs to vent and find better ways to deal with his issues than lashing out at others the way he's been doing. Maybe I'm wrong, but Brett looks like the type to keep his feelings inside until they explode. Sure, he gets angry all the time but he never addresses the real reasons for his anger. Again, I think a big part of this is he feels his mother treats him like one of her patients, not her son. Billy never took the pills, he's bound to notice some of them are missing. So I guess Dustin's back for Round 3? Things are probably falling apart for him at home and with Mike, but he's showing violent tendencies (from abuse by his family) that make me believe Billy getting involved with him is a bad idea. I understand why he's acting like this, but it still doesn't mean Billy should let him back into his life so easily.
  5. Then the question is, is she sending Brett to a psychiatrist or a psychologist? A psychologist is what he needs, but will Jen agree? Dustin: they're both psychos in their own way, but what I can't get past is that it's like he thinks the betrayal is Billy being gay, not Billy choosing Brett over him. His reaction felt very homophobic to me, and that's why I think Billy should stay away from him. Brett had the same reaction to Billy taking the pills with him than to him flushing down his pot, so that's a big clue.
  6. It's good that Brett is admitting he has problems, but I don't know what he can really do about it. He could always just not take the pills, but it's sad that most doctors take the easy way out and just give pills for everything. And I don't even think the pills would help. At first I thought Brett got drunk instead, but his reaction at the end confirms he's been taking Billy's pain pills. Maybe it would have been safer to let him have his pot after all. I'm worried about this now. Funny how Brett doesn't want to be put on drugs but insists on using drugs to self-medicate. And seriously, Billy, stay the fuck away from Dustin. Just want to be friends again? He's a violent bully, didn't you see that by now? Is Billy waiting for Dustin to put him in a coma before realising that he's dangerous? If I were him I'd just try to back out of the volleyball thing, it's not worth the risk. The guy hates you, just forget about him and move on. (sorry, I still can't forgive the little shit)
  7. Well, for what it's worth, I think Brett's right about his mom. Sometimes I get the feeling she treats him more like one of her patients than her own son, and I can see why Brett would get upset about that. George feels like the glue holding the family together and the uncertainty surrounding him worries me a little. There's just so much that could go wrong, including how he could react to everything. As for Paula, I'm sure she'll come around fairly quickly, but usually people like her will side with religion at first, and I think that's partly why Billy's so afraid of her finding out. What I'm worried about is the initial rejection and the damage it can cause to Billy. I think Billy's a lot more fragile than he lets on, and I'm afraid Paula's reaction could send him into another breakdown. Billy's already lost one of the people most important to him because he was outed (although I think Dustin's a closet case himself and has a crush on Billy) and I don't think he could handle losing another. Brett's really helped Billy go through his issues and sort things out, now it's time for Billy to return the favour, if only Brett would let him.
  8. Some additional thoughts on the latest chapter: The whole therapy thing should turn out to be good for Brett. Not just because he needs some help with his anger issues, but because, as bad as it may sound, I think that Dr Reilly will be more receptive to Brett's arguments if she hears it from one of her doctor friends. If Brett's therapist says the same things he did, she can't just dismiss it as easily anymore. But that whole episode shows where Brett got his attitude from, Jen also refuses to take any responsibility for the situation. And he shouldn't just blame Billy for "taking her side", Billy's just out of his depth and doesn't know how to react so he'll trust Jen's judgement since she's a professional. I do think Billy will be there to support Brett in any way he can during this whole thing. I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at Brett's desperate attempt to get his pot back, and the disappointment when Billy just shut him down. That conversation with George felt a bit weird to me, especially with the coin box. George can really read Billy like an open book, perhaps because they're so much alike. There's something about that coin box that feels off. Obviously there's more than a coin collection in there, something he probably doesn't want Paula to know about. And the way he said "you and Brett" basically confirms he knows they're together, and George either thinks they'll stay together or that he'll die soon (hopefully not that last one). I have no clue what Brett could help him with, so now I'm really curious. It's nice to have a few chapters without any Dustin drama, but I suppose it won't last. I'd say it won't be too long before Mike gets busted and Billy gets blamed even though he's just minding his own business. Finally, I must say that I like Paula less and less as time goes on. Those religious types don't sit well with me at all. Ever since that fight where she spent all her time ranting about how she'll have to kiss up to Joey's parents instead of at least listening to her own son, I haven't liked her. She's just the typical religious hypocrite who's more worried about what the neighbours will think than how her son feels. I'm sure that as soon as she hears rumours about Brett being gay she'll forbid Billy from seeing him, and if she finds out Billy's gay before George comes back home she'd probably throw him out too. Paula showed signs of that judgmental, bigoted attitude and she just rubs me the wrong way. Great story Jeff! I try to review as soon as I read the chapter, but I always find myself spending the following week thinking and analysing and turning things over in my head for clues on what's going on.
  9. Yeah, I think what Billy needs right now is a good talk with his dad to help him sort out his problems. Unfortunately all the things he's having to deal with are connected to his being gay, and Billy just isn't ready to take that step and come out to his dad, even though George probably already knows by now. Although it's a good sign that Billy is acting more mature when dealing with Brett's temper tantrum and the whole Dustin situation, I think he could benefit from hearing George's take on things. Speaking of Dustin, while I don't want to see this little jerk again for a long time, I get the feeling he's going to try and weasel his way back in soon enough. And while I'm sure they'll end up with some sort of friendship again, I hope Billy gives him the cold shoulder for a while and makes it clear that he won't let anybody treat him this way. That's still more than Dustin deserves at this point, it it were me I'd make detours to avoid having anything to do with him. There's still that volleyball thing though, that should be fun. I wonder if Dustin is enough of a jerk to out them, and how much difference it would make. Billy's nowhere near as discrete as he thinks he is and Brett is almost shouting it out as it is, so it's not like the people at school don't already know, as do Jen and George, most likely. And since those two seem to be pretty supportive, that just leaves Billy's mom. Would she love and support Billy and Brett or will she join Team Joey as I half-expect her to do? Only time will tell.
  10. Personally I think this is what's going to get the boys to look at what they've become and do some much needed growing up. Billy's going to think about where he went wrong with Dustin, his dad, etc. while Brett will try stop being such a vicious and mean-spirited person, if not for himself then to be a better boyfriend for Billy. As for Dustin, he'll soon realise what his little outburst cost him and he'll have to live with that. I really hope things get better for all of them, but I feel Dustin's gone too far this time and he doesn't get to just say sorry and be Billy's best friend again. I believe that Billy will soon see that Brett really does care about him and things will get better between them, but if Dustin thought Brett hated him before, he's in for a surprise. By the way, don't they have to go back to school for a few days, or did this happen after the last day?
  11. I was too angry at Dustin to post all my thoughts in my review so I'll try again here. For the record, I've always been on Team Find-Someone-Else-Because-They're-Both-Terrible but I've sided with Dustin up until he pushed Billy in the lockers. Dustin deserved better than constantly being pushed aside and forgotten because his best friend was too caught up in Brett to pay him any attention. But the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, and the way he completely turned on Billy and did what he did after finding out he's gay crossed so many lines for me that I can't bring myself to feel any sympathy for him at all, and I don't think I'll feel sorry for him when his little safe space with Mike comes crashing down. Yes, he came to see Billy first, but once Billy admitted to being gay Dustin just shut him out completely and didn't listen to anything he had to say. I hope he enjoys being alone after kicking away the only person who gave a damn about him. Still, I can't help but wonder if he's angry at Billy for being gay or for making Brett his boyfriend instead of Dustin. Brett sounds like someone who's insecure. It feels like being a dick is a front he puts up to hide his own weaknesses (every insult Dustin threw at him, basically) and he only lets his true self show when he's with Billy. He feels threatened by Dustin's close friendship with Billy so he's willing to do anything to get him out of the picture. I don't know what happened after Billy left, but I bet Brett was really shocked and hurt by Billy walking out and didn't put up much of a fight after that. Whatever his reasons, it doesn't excuse what he did to Dustin and the damage he did to Billy. One thing I'll say, though, is this: it didn't end exactly the way he planned, but Dustin fell right into his trap and he managed to push him out of Billy's life like he wanted. I really hope he can change and become better. I still have some hope for Brett because it sucks to know that one of these two will likely get Billy when neither of them deserves to have him. I honestly can't really find fault with Billy this time. He really tried everything to defuse the situation and was really just a spectator in this mess. He only brought up the thing with Mike because Dustin backed him into a corner, so I can't really blame him for that. Besides, threatening to out someone is even worse in my opinion. I still think the best thing for Billy at this point is to go back to his mom and step back from this mess for a while so he can think things through. I expect that at some point Dustin will get his head out of his ass and realise that Billy was sticking up for him and trying to get Brett to back off, and that he only lashed out when his boyfriend was attacked, but it's already too late for that. Some things just can't be taken back.