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  1. Hi - any idea when the final chapter is coming? Thx!
  2. I am starting to think this delay is a conspiracy. The Goat did say that he wanted more interaction - even threatened to hold the end of the story - and lo and behold. I could be wrong but he is now the post leader so...
  3. Mr James - has gone silent. I hope all is ok.
  4. Taking cliff hanger to whole new level (or depth depending on your point of view). I will be so $%#$%@#$ mad if one (or more knowing Mr James) of them dies.
  5. Really? That *person* has been trying to kill Trev in every way shape form and idea up to and including his head on a platter and NOW it's personal? I truly am looking forward to seeing her get what she deserves. However knowing Mr. James penchant for reviving previously thought dead characters I am banking on nothing.
  6. Awesome chapter - thanks for your work - I can't wait to see how it all turns out!!!
  7. Hey Mark - any chance of a Granger fix during the post-a-palooza?
  8. hope you are having a great vacation. Would love to check in on the Granger clan if you get a chance.
  9. I love this story and am really starting to hate Robbie.
  10. Awesome!!
  11. I guess we are going to be hanging out on this cliff over the looooong weekend?
  12. Awesome chapter. Still hanging out here to make sure they get away but brilliant move. Thanks Mark and to everyone who helps and supports your writing.
  13. Here is hoping Sharon had a pleasant and restful weekend. (and Mark too of course!)
  14. A lot of Granger-aholics are frothing at the mouth. I know I have been driving the GA site count up by constantly hitting refresh. Our best to Sharon and her (hopefully) quick editing skills.
  15. oh man - all that wait for a tantalizing taste and then a cliff hanger. I am sorry I pushed - now I am even going to be in worse shape wondering what happens. Happy Birthday Mark - I hope you get all you deserve