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  1. You deserve a break--if fluff or the fantasy novel provide that, I'll look forward to reading them.
  2. bugs

    I can see it on my iPhone 7, latest iOS and Safari, with status "Unpublished"
  3. Author Promotion

  4. . Why are the Danes so short? I thought most Scandinavians were on the tall side with maybe Swedes the biggest.
  5. Not by myself. The person below me has mistakenly texted the wrong person
  6. Christmas

    Usually we put up a fake tree (easy to put up, no falling needles) but this year we'll be out of town for the holiday so we'll be decorating our 6-foot potted Norfolk Island pine instead.
  7. Author Promotion

  8. Well-deserved. Congratulations!
  9. Author Promotion

  10. . Mark sometimes travels after school is out--he may be on a North Sea cruise doing research.
  11. I'm signed up. I mostly use my iPhone 6 both with mobile and full interface.
  12. Gratulerer med dagen!
  13. Author Promotion

  14. . "All fresh beef is aged at least a few days and up to several weeks..." Fine If you buy steak at a good restaurant, it's probably been dry aged several weeks. Supermarket beef is aged with a quicker process.
  15. Happy Birthday Jeremy!