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Posted April 23, 2010 - 12:25 AM


Gay Authors Staff Directory

Site Administrators - Oversee the smooth operation of the site and have the final say in all matters.

Myr - Site Administrator, Administration Team Leader.
Cia - Site Administrator, GA Stories Lead. PM (United States PST/PDT GMT -8/-7)
TalonRider - Site Administrator, Moderation Team Deputy Lead. PM or Email (United States EST/EDT GMT -5/-4)
Renee Stevens - Site Administrator, Anthology/Blog Coordinator, Promotion Team Lead. PM or Email (United States MST/MDT GMT -7/-6)
wildone - Site Administrator, Moderation Team Leader. PM or Email (Canada MST/MDT GMT -7/-6)

Site Moderators - Monitor forum and chat activity, handle disputes, and provide general assistance.

Graeme - Site Moderator. PM or Email (Australia EST/EDT GMT +10/+11)
Slytherin - Site Moderator. PM (Europe CET/CEST GMT +1/+2)
Gene Splicer PHD - Site Moderator. PM (United States EST/EST GMT -5/-4)
Reader1810 - Site Moderator. PM (Canada EST/EDT GMT -5/-4)
drpaladin - Site Moderator. PM (United States CST/CDT GMT -6/-5)
Mikie - Site Moderator PM (United States EST/EST GMT -5/-4)
Dayne Mora - Site Moderator PM (United States CST/CDT GMT -6/-5)

** Please note that the timezones indicated does not necessarily mean the time all of the volunteers will be online. Each has varying online hours.

Author Promotion Team - Evaluates authors for the various promoted author levels.

Renee Stevens - Site Administrator, Author Promotion Team Lead. PM or Email
Myr - Site Administrator, Administration Team Leader.
Mann Ramblings - Author Promotion Team, Signature Author Representative. PM
Graeme - Moderator, Signature Author Representative. PM or Email

Cole Matthews - Author Promotion Team, Signature Author Representative PM

Review Team - Helps promote stories by writing reviews for the blog.

Renee Stevens - Review Team Leader, Anthology and Blog Coordinator PM
aditus - Review Team. PM
Timothy M. - Review Team. PM
Puppilull - Review Team. PM
LitLover - Review Team. PM

spikey582 - Review Team. PM

Lisa - Review Team. PM

Last update: January 20th, 2017

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