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      Encourage an Author. Leave a Review!   08/14/2017

      I'd like to thank the handful of members who have really stepped up on writing reviews for authors.  They really appreciate when members take the time to write the review.  Speaking as an author myself, reviews and feedback encourage us to write.  I've heard from several of our authors thanking us for reminding everyone how important this is. Read some of the latest reviews here: https://www.gayauthors.org/discover/74/   You never know when you'll find that next must read story... but those reviews might help guide you in.  And, in turn, your reviews will help guide others.  Everyone benefits.    If you are looking for stories to review, Here's the list of completed stories.  Any story that isn't already showing stars, needs a review.  Give them a try.  Or, go back and review some of your beloved classics.  The authors love hearing from you.   Go through the list and be sure to leave a review! It is really simple. Select a star rating from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. Write a review that is spoiler free that highlights what you think other people should know about the story.  If you are leaving a critical or low rated review, please make your comments constructive so that the author has an opportunity to improve their writing.  We writers usually appreciate this. I know I do. If you are reading a story review and you like it and found it helpful, be sure to mark it as helpful.    That's it!  Check out the video if you need help.  It is closed captioned as well if you can't follow my mumbling dulcet tones:   Remember, you can see recent reviews here: https://www.gayauthors.org/discover/74/ (also found from Activity -> My Activity Streams -> Latest Story Reviews)

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Admin: Cia    19,024

This is for links to topics regarding staying safe online--from tips and reminders about personal information safety to ways to browse more safely.



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SolarMaxx    775

I watched a show called "catfish" yesterday. It's about Identity-thieves on the Internet who trick unsuspecting victims into falling in love with them! Really! These retaliation-ships can be really long and last for years -- with people they've never actually met, largely based "borrowed" photos and a lot of excuses "not to video chat or meet in person" I've chatted with lots of people on-line that I've never met, or even seen, and sometime I like not knowing what they look like, but there's a limit to how attached I could get to someone under such

nebulous circumstances! I guess I just don't get it!

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Author: Arpeggio    1,379

I keep it simple, but it wasn't enough, I'm currently dealing with a very unstable individual. This person has catfished me at least twice and tricked me into adding him on Skype by pretending to be people I know,trying to trick me into divulging personal information like my last name and address, and etc. I've taken preventive measures like not having a Facebook, and I may have to change my email and Skype soon. It's rough. I never gave him so much as my phone number, and he's discovered a lot about me. I was surprised, because I always felt like I was being safe. Only one person I know online has my address and phone number now and I trust him immensely. You have to be careful.

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