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"release Me" Short Series To Start Just Before Christmas...

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The 5th spinoff story to the "Shelter" series (https://www.gayauthors.org/story/comicality/shelter) will begin posting its 4-Part run this coming Friday! It brings a new character, 'Sonny', into the fray, and is the first personal survivor's account of what happened during the Hillside High School Massacre!

Now, I will say that it's been difficult for me to force the stars and planets to align and make sure that I get all the elements of this story right, but I'm really glad that I didn't 'rush' anything and took the time to get it to flesh out the story the way I wanted it to! All of the pieces sort of fit together when you read the entire collection as a whole (There are still THREE spinoffs left, but those won't come until a little bit LATER! I wanted most of the core group to be set up first). And 'Sonny' is a slightly different character from what I'm used to writing, and there are parts of his journey that mean something significant later on in the "Shelter" series. So, I KNOW you guys have been waiting forever, but I'm keeping things straight in my head (and my notes)! Hehehe, promise! It's tricky, but I got the hang of this 'Shelter-verse' thingy long before I got this far!
Since the first trailer I had a plan and I wanted to stick to it. I hope you guys will like the new addition, as well as the continuations/conclusions of the other stories as well! (Now that they can move forward too)

If you haven't read them yet, be sure to check out the first 4 spinoffs, "Walker Road", "Rotting Apples", "Miles To Go", and "Safehaven"! (Yeah, 'safehaven' is two words, not one. But I had already made the title and I was tired! Hehehe, so sue me! :P)


Stories resume on Monday night, starting with "Jesse-101"! Seezya then! :)


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I loved that trailer! I wish I was a Hollyweird producer. It would be fun making this stuff through the Comsieworks studios! :P

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