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Premium Content Recurring Payment Issue With Paypal

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I've just sent out an email to all current and previous subscribers to Premium Content.  We are currently having a software issue with PayPal and the server synchronizing payment alerts.  That is, when you are using recurring payments (Subscription in PayPal), Gay Authors is not getting all the notifications of that the payment has occurred. 


The only way to get everything back into synchronization is to start fresh.  Until further notice, recurring payments through PayPal are turned off.  (This means that you'll have to manually pay for the invoice or use Stripe and store your card information with them)


I'm sorry for the issues.  Please see the email for more details or open a support ticket if you do not get that email by Monday 2/6/2017.


Support Tickets:



Once again, sorry for the issues.  We have used this forum software way past its used by date.  We'll be corrected that as soon as we can.


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Oy, I better submit a ticket, looking back ya'll haven't gotten cash from me in many months :/

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